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7 responses to “Honor Killing”

  1. Peterk says:

    glad to see that Front Burner has caught up this just as UnFair Park as also

  2. Harvey Lacey says:

    If you go to the comments section on the Dreher roasting at UnFair Park be sure and read PeterK’s explaining the purity of modern Christianity.

    I wouldn’t do so on a full stomach but you might be more jaded than I am.

    I’ve offered a little update on his/her history lesson for those so unfortunate as to get all their news from the televanglists.

    Am I the only one that finds this Christian/Muslim pissing contest ridiculous?

  3. Peterk says:

    harvey thanks for the kind words. didn’t realize that I was saying that Christianity was pure, just pointing out that over the centuries Christianity has done something. I enjoy your confused response.
    I was able to read your response on a full stomach 🙂

  4. Harvey Lacey says:

    Peter you seem to share the fog that confuses so many theists. They believe that their faith defines them. The truth is we define our faith.

    If Christianity was as good as you believe or as bad as I argue then it would be simple for all of us. We could look at Christians and see either pure good or pure evil.

    The logical mind with it’s ability to reason sees that we create gods and not vice versa. A close look at our positions will confirm this even for the fog impaired to the umpteenth degree.

    If we look at slavery of Africans here in America we see Christians on both sides of the discussion. Those on both sides were willing and in fact did die for their position.

    So we can’t say that African slavery was about Christianity because, reason here, take a taste, both sides found Biblical support for their believing slavery of Africans was good or bad.

    We have to assume then that African slavery was about the person and they found in Chrisitanity support for their belief on slavery. Since both sides found support for their faith in their faith then we have to assume that both sides ignored the Biblical support of the other.

    I don’t hate Christians or Christianity. I find it silly. Just like I find Islam and Scientology silly. Silly is as silly does and all religions act, well, the only word that fits, is silly.

    Did you read Rod’s article in Points today?

    I have a friend who has first and last names of childhood telly stars. Not the same first and last name of any one star if that makes sense. I mention that because this friend told me some years ago Rod was okay.

    I’ve given Rod a lot of slack because my famous named friend said I should.

  5. Bill M. says:

    Come on, Wick. Aren’t you just a little bit sorry you started this?

  6. Peterk says:

    yes I read Rod’s piece today. so?
    you miss my point about Christianity and slavery. If not for Christian leadership we would still have slavery today (and in fact it still exists in some areas). Slavery was well accepted.
    But then since you consider religion to be silly I guess Christianity had no role at all in ending the slave trade. What then was the precipitating factor for ending it? Can you provide another explanation?

    good for your friend

  7. Harvey Lacey says:

    I think we need to leave my friend out of this. He’s in as foul a mood as Cowboy fan can be at this point in time. I’ll bet the cavity against the tooth that he’s not alone.

    Let me make this simple for you Peter. Some Christians believed slavery was right and proper and Biblically supported.

    Some Christians saw slavery as a crime against God’s law and had to be abolished from the face of the earth starting in the United States of America.

    For slavery or against, being a Christian was incidental.

    Let’s update this scenario a bit. Right now there are some Christians praising the current President and his warmongering ways as divine design.

    There are also other Christians protesting his policies and demanding change because they see his warmongering ways as very un-Christian.

    They’re all Christians. How they feel about the President and his warmongering ways isn’t about Christianity. It’s about the kind of people they are in their heart.

    Warmongering people can be Christian, heck, they can be Muslim, even Sikh or a scientologist for gawd’s sake. The truth is they’re warmongers and hatefull by nature.

    This is where the silly comes in. The fact that they might claim their warmongering ways is based upon Christianity or Islam or scientology is just plain silly. Anyone who knows them more than a minute knows they’re a warmongering type and religion has nothing to do with it, besides the silly part.