Has Tribeca Lost Its Liquor License? (UPDATE: Nope)

That seems to be the case, according to a strange-fax-receiving FBvian:

I had a fax this morning from Tribeca, no clue how they got my fax number, but they have lost their liquor license and are now unloading all of their booze this weekend…free after 9pm!

Going out of business and leaving a void in the cool rooftop patio arena.

Anyone from Tribeca out there with your ears on, confirm or deny at your leisure.

UPDATE: Check out the comments for the story behind the fax. Long story short? It was a prank, and apparently it’s been happening a bunch. No free drinks. Bar staying open. Nothing to see here. Sorry Tribeca. Print out this post; it’s redeemable for one stern look of admonishment and maybe a purple nurple.


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20 responses to “Has Tribeca Lost Its Liquor License? (UPDATE: Nope)”

  1. AC says:

    I got that email, and then I got this one:

    As Frankie Carabetta and Tribeca do more and more business in Uptown, competitors find the only way they can compete is through slanderous false statements, e-mails and faxes. Frankie, and the entire staff, find this comical. We are NOT closed. We are NOT having an open bar all weekend (sorry!). We will ALWAYS be open. Tribeca is a staple and a well-liked neighborhood bar for Uptown residents (as well as visitors). In fact, as you may know, we’ve been so busy lately that the Fire Marshall has paid us a few visits! We have taken steps with the City to fix this problem at Tribeca, and soon, we will be adding two new major bars in the Uptown area on McKinney, so we will have plenty of space to keep our customers quite satisfied.

    We deeply apologize for any inconvenience that the e-mails or faxes have caused you. And even though we know who sent them, we refuse to stop to this level of “business”. Just like we refuse to price gouge on drinks and bottle service. Frankie has always felt that a huge part of his success comes from giving good service and fair pricing.

    Again, we apologize for the bogus info that was sent out as a ploy to spread erroneous rumors about our establishment. Frankie has been taking calls all day (and really enjoying it), so feel free to call him with any questions you may have: 214.882.7174.

    Thank you all for your understanding and patience through this matter, we’ll see you this weekend!

    Frankie Carabetta & the Tribeca Staff

  2. dave little says:

    I just got a fax from Chili’s saying they will no longer have their waitstaff tell customers their name while they’re handing out menus. To me, that was the charm that is Chili’s.

  3. Bob Stoller says:

    “To me, that was the charm that is Chili’s.” What a tragic life you must lead.

  4. dave little says:

    Bob Stoller, you, my friend, are quite insightful. I can only imagine the giddy looks of glee you provide your significant other. Because you, Bob Stoller, understand that the charm of Chili’s is the bottomless basket of chips. We’re all gonna die, Bob Stoller. But you’ll be going to the grave with a headful of knowledge and a side order of wisdom. And when you, Bob Stoller, get to Heaven, you won’t have to tell God your name. He’ll already know it.

  5. GB says:

    As of 4:30 p.m….

    There are folks still believing the hoax per two e-mails I received.

    It sucks that this hoax happened. But who on god’s green earth would announce something like that in a fax? Who uses faxes anymore?

  6. the amanda says:

    Dave, brilliant on all levels. My name is Amanda, and I will be your server today, have you tried our extreme fajitas or our Asian lettuce wraps?

  7. the amanda says:

    Do I sense a whiff of Frankie pissing someone off? Get over it”dallas concerned” or hire an attorney, okay? Not the proper forum for your vendetta.

  8. dave little says:

    can’t we all just grab a table at Chili’s and raise our glass to the goodness that is Bob Stoller?

  9. the amanda says:

    Yes, we can, Dave. And, today’s soup is split pea. Have ypu seen our specials? How about some skeletons in the closet? Or some unpaid personal loans (fries come with that)? Would you like me to start a tab?

  10. dave little says:

    please. we’re gonna be here awhile.

  11. the amanda says:

    Have you tried our defamation? It’s great…

  12. dave little says:

    can I get that with guacamole?

  13. Just Noodlin Inn says:

    So, anywhoo, when did Marty Cortland start doing his shtick under the name of “Dave Little?” IJS

  14. Larry says:

    I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Tribeca was going out of business. I’m normally very skeptical of forwarded emails, but I guess I was suckered in by this one.

    Alas, apparently it was just a publicity stunt.

    Thanks Frankie. Thanks alot.

  15. Just Noodlin:

    Given the choice, I would have preferred that you thought that I had started doing my schtick under the name of “the amanda.”

    Mildly hurt,

  16. dave little says:

    Not as hurt as me.

  17. the amanda says:

    Bob, “Marty”, Dave, and “Dallas Concerned”, set aside those bad feelings…may I get you a menu for just desserts? Live a little, Dave Little. And let’s all raise a glass house to Bob…

  18. HBIC says:

    I heard it was Lotus Lounge who put out the faxes. Turns out the two owners were arguing over whether or not to do this. I guess the bad business minded, Dallas, A-typical, thirty-year-old millionaire won out. Tisk, tisk. It’s all such a pissing game these days. Poor him…

    A lot is spelled “a lot” – FYI. Come on, you’re a smart guy, if you’re normally “skeptical” of e-mails, then why believe this piss-poor, OBVIOUSLY regenerated logo-wielding, piece of propaganda? I mean, to everyone I know, it LOOKED fake at first glance!

    You wouldn’t be that Lotus Lounge employee that came to Tribeca Friday night and dished about your owners now would you? J Ha! Oh you boys and your games!

    PS: Karma: What you put out will come back times 3. I hope you all read the Observer…there’s a REALLY good article coming out about this whole shenanigans.


  19. sheileen says:

    Lotus…what a joke! If there was a place for fat chicks and washed up male bartenders, this would be the place to apply! Are you kidding me, I’ve seen a better looking staff at IHOP!!! I live in uptown and Lotus doesn’t hold a candle to Tribeca! Good luck buddy’s, uptown patrons don’t want you here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Uptown Resident