Brett Shipp Laughs Maniacally, Raises Arms in Air, Points Two Rigid Middle Fingers in Our General Direction

Back on November 21, we posted an email from a loyal FBvian questioning Brett Shipp’s report about a South Oak Cliff player and the possibility he was ineligible to compete in the state tourney, which SOC won. Today, DISD indeed found the player ineligible and SOC will forfeit its title. In related news, crow is not, repeat not, on the Turbulence Training diet. But I’m a man, I’m 40, and I’ll eat it when necessary.


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11 responses to “Brett Shipp Laughs Maniacally, Raises Arms in Air, Points Two Rigid Middle Fingers in Our General Direction”

  1. Nobody wins here, this sucks.

  2. Rod Davis sucks says:

    But only because it happened in South Oak Cliff. I’m sure your opinion would change if it had been Plano Senior High.

  3. the amanda says:

    Question: even so, was it legal to have confidential student information in the first place?

  4. J-No says:

    And as he lowers his arms and quiets his cackle, his squinted eyes turn toward Byron Harris. I’ll show you DuPont.

  5. Andrew says:

    “Nobody wins here, this sucks.”

    I bet Fort Worth Dunbar disagrees with you.

  6. ^^^ I don’t live in Plano, so no, I wouldn’t care. I also wouldn’t care if it was Southlake.

  7. naivete says:

    Maybe those who believe that cheating to let a kid play does neither him nor his community a favor, and think maybe this will discourage the practice, win.

  8. ^ Saying that nobody wins doesn’t mean that I support grade-fixing. Anybody that knows me understands that I don’t condone bad behavior. But really, who wins? The school looks bad, the district looks bad, and the new champ surely doesn’t want to win a title this way.

  9. Guilty Bystander says:

    Yeah, well, so Shipp and Channel 8 took down a high school basketball team that apparently cheated to win. How about taking some of that investigative energy and pointing it toward the $1 billion DART short fall or the Trinity project? Hmmmmm? Guess that only happens if someone hands over the smoking gun evidence (as happened in the SOC grades/eligibility story).

  10. 3x loser says:

    The principal of SOC at the time of this grade change was a p-card offender who somehow lost all his receipts. The school under his leadership also sunk to an all-time low academically. The question that ought to be asked is why said principal was simply demoted when all these infractions piled up.

  11. buck says:

    Go Dunbar! Yet another state championship for the winningest coaching family in the history of the sport of basketball — the Hugheses.