Barbara Vice-Staples Did Not Have a Nice Trip And She Won’t See You Next Fall

At a gas station owned by Dallas’ Vishal K. Enterprise, Barbara Vice-Staples was going about her business, presumably paying for her gas and perhaps a snack. When she turned to leave, she tripped on a hat rack. What next? Does she:

a. Turn red in the face and hurry out the store, vowing never to return again.
b. End up finding a hat that is the perfect gift for a distant relative.
c. Blame Scientology.
d. Sue.

The answer can be found here.


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13 responses to “Barbara Vice-Staples Did Not Have a Nice Trip And She Won’t See You Next Fall”

  1. the amanda says:

    I trip over my husband’s shoes almost every day. Should I: a) put the shoes away, b)adopt men’s shoes as a fashion statement, c) blame the born agains, or d) sue. I’m gonna sue him, and Nike.

  2. Puh-leese says:

    I can’t believe our courts allow such frivolous law suits to be filed. Such a waste of taxpayer dollars!!!

    Oh, and “the amanada”, I hear you girl. Word.

  3. Lee, Dallas, Texas says:

    I bet it was because of illegal immigrants that the hat rack was there. Need to stop them from ruining everything and hurting people!

  4. TGS says:

    So ridiculous. But unfortunately, our legal system encourages such suits. There is no down side for her. Worst case scenario for her, she gets nothing. Her attorney has the case on a contingent fee, so she only pays if she wins.

    A “loser pays” system, where the losing party in a lawsuit pays the prevailing party’s fees automatically, would stop suits like this.

  5. Bethany says:

    You never know. She could get all that and a bag of chips.

  6. Bethany says:

    Maybe they’ll pay her out of their slush fund.

  7. Brandon says:

    1 – David Yates and his editor need to proofread his article.

    2 – July 2006? Has she been building this case for a year and a half?!?

  8. Appreciator says:

    Good for her. These stores cram so much crap into aisles and corners that it’s a wonder more people aren’t at death’s door from being trapped under an avalanche of stupid caps, hat pins, idiot displays and cardboard cutouts of NASCAR drivers.
    Convenience stores and filling stations ought to be safe. If you can’t go in there sober, think how dangerous it is for a drunk.

  9. Anne says:

    This reminded me of a hilarious routine Paula Poundstone did in Dallas many years ago. About some woman who ripped her face open by falling on a lube rack at a garage. Doesn’t sound like a funny topic, but Poundstone turned it into one!

  10. PuddinTane says:

    Hmmmm. I can’t help but wonder if Staples had any kind of history with this gas station. I mean, I have a tendency to patronize the same stations and stores. It would stand to reason that I might be familiar with the lay out of places I frequent. No duh?

    I know the article doesn’t say, but if Staples had been in the station on other occasions and avoided tripping before…..

    Just a thought.

  11. Daniel says:

    I tripped on a hatrack once. It had like pink and green highlights and started breathing.

  12. BV says:

    How the hell does a case involving a Dallas gas station owned by a Dallas entity get filed in Jefferson County?

  13. houston says:

    well, the insurance company will settle w/them
    probably offer 50K just to keep it from going to trial. . .I hate to think of all the dollars I have wasted over the years when I tripped over objects.