An Apology, Shout-Out, and Thank You to Stuart Sikes

The Apology: I’m sorry I’ve known about your Elmwood Recording Studios since the early, early stages, yet never wrote about it or you in D Magazine proper (other than a brief mention in the brief profile of Jeff Ryan). I had every intention to, I swear. I think I even told you that the last time I saw you. Sorry.

The Shout-Out: Nice write-up on you in today’s DMN. Thor Christensen seemed to hit all the high notes.

The Thank You: You might expect me to thank you for producing some of my fave albums by some of my fave bands (Walkmen, Modest Mouse, Cat Power). But thank you even more for introducing me to Kronenbourg 1664. You’re right: It’s way better than Stella.


5 responses to “An Apology, Shout-Out, and Thank You to Stuart Sikes”

  1. the amanda says:

    A fellow Cat Power fan. You complete me.

  2. dave little says:

    adam, maybe you should start doing what you say you’re going to do. then you wouldn’t have these blog tear-jerkers.

  3. the amanda says:

    Dave, you pipe down lest I tell tales of Bike Mart circa 1986.

  4. dave little says:

    ohh, i’d love to hear stories about how i got dropped every saturday.