Who Deserves Credit for “Yoko Romo” Moniker?

Not Big Bob Wilonsky, as stated by Ed Bark. From best I can tell, honors go to Jennifer Floyd Engel, ESPN talker and Star-Telegram columnist. On May 17, she wrote:

A smoking hot edition of Yoko Ono has landed in Cowboysland, if public opinion is any indication. Beware of this Carrie Underwood character. Younger, blonder and crooning about exacting revenge on cheating boyfriends as opposed to peace-love-dope, Underwood apparently is as dangerous as Yoko because — gasp — she is dating Tony Romo.

Yes, the Cowboys QB has a girlfriend, a good-looking (or so Mr. Hate informs me) and semi-famous girlfriend and, as a result, the local sports world as we know it is about to end. Can we please calm down with this Yoko-Romo talk for just a second?


Is it Christmas yet?