What a Difference Four Dozen Years Make

us75_central_walnut_hill_looking_south_2_1959.jpgApropos of nothing, here’s a shot from above Central Expressway at Walnut Hill looking south, taken in 1959. That building near the top, in the dead center of the photo, and along the east side of the road is the Meadows Building at Lovers Lane. The cloverleaf just below that is Northwest Highway. This is the landscape Ray Nasher saw when he visualized NorthPark Center.

(Hat tip in-house to Cynthia who sent the pic.)


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15 responses to “What a Difference Four Dozen Years Make”

  1. Lee, Dallas, Texas says:

    Just south of Walnut Hill can be seen the path through the tunnel under Central for the golfers at Glen Lakes Country Club, which occupied most of the open land in the foreground.

  2. GAYL says:

    I think that is the Dr. Pepper Plant in the upper right hand side?? Wow, those were the good ole days!!!

  3. Rawlins says:

    This archive photo was scanned and emailed to me by an old friend fellow Dallas native several weeks back and I sent it on to Mike Orrens at Pegasus News (that offices at that Walnut Hill/Central I-75 corner) who posted it on the site.

    PS to my friend Rod Dreher who wrote about the mals that ate Christmas in yesterday’s DMN: Note that NorthPark Center had yet to be built.

  4. Don says:

    Does anyone know of a website that includes more photos like this?

  5. peterk says:

    this photo has been available for quite some time on the TXDot website. find it hard to believe that it was scanned by someone else as it looks just like the one on the TxDot website


    here is another view of the same location


    and for more highway photos check here

  6. Rawlins says:

    Peter, it was my understanding that Bill who who was a photographer at the old Dallas Times Herald had the photo himself. In any case, these are all great links. Thanks for posting them!

  7. peterk says:

    no problem. Bill very well may have a copy. one can also search the Dallas Public Library’s online photograph collection

    what is online is but a very small part of the over all collection

  8. Bill says:

    The golf car tunnel was never removed underneath Central during Central 2.0 construction. It is still there. Before the entrances were covered over, a golf cart holding a set of golf clubs and a case of beer were left behind.

    The treeline along Northwest Highway west of Central contained a number of small rental homes. They are where Northpark is now located.

    Of note in the photo you will see the Caruth North and South Pastures. They owned a lumber yard which can be seen in the photo between Central and Greenville just south of Southwestern along the railroad tracks.

    The only really interesting thing that is shown in the photo is an old pioneer cemetery in which many stillborn, newborn and infants of early settlers were buried. This was at the SE corner of Walnut Hill and Central. This cemetery was bulldozed without the remains being removed. There are other small graveyards in North Dallas and Preston Hollow where small family plots were bulldozed over and homes built on top.

  9. AMY V says:

    man, that would be a great one for one of those “landscapers challenges” on HGTV to take on. Imagine asking them to re-landscape and stand back while the horror show began!

  10. RLS says:

    Jeez. I sent this same pic to some FrontBurner Staff a couple of weeks ago and got a big SoFrigginWhat?

    Trey Garrison rocks. QED.

  11. Puddin'Tane says:

    Too funny! I work for a well know commercial real estate company here in Dallas and this photo was sent to me by our head of marketing a couple of weeks ago. I decided to forward it on to several friends…..and now it’s on FrontBurner.


  12. pak says:

    What I find even funnier is that this photo and the others on the TxDot site have been available for years online.
    You should go down to the Public Library and see what they have in the Historic photo collection you’ll be blown away

  13. Pat says:

    Bill’s discussion of cemeteries may explain why the property on the SE corner of Walnut Hill and Central never seems to do great business. How many tenants have been through that building in the last 10 years. Toys R Us has kept its location going, but the other stuff is a rotating door.

  14. Lakewooder says:

    Now maybe you can see why those of us who grew up in Dallas are so reluctant to embrace anything ‘up north’…