Re: Disconnected at Cafe R&D

I’m taking a cue from the Bubble People and starting a movement to outlaw all behaviors and habits I don’t approve of. First up: From now on (and with thanks to a wag on Fox News Channel), no one will be allowed to have a tattoo unless they’re a sailor or an ex-convict. Meanwhile, on the no-cellphone front, an accomplished FrontBurnervian recounts a similar unpleasant experience at Cafe R&D in Preston Center:

Don’t wear a ball cap there either on a Sunday afternoon. That’s verboten too, along with cell phones, reasonably priced meals and a fresh dining concept. (How much more like a Houston’s can that place be?)

(The cap was brand-new from the Four Seasons in Austin.)

I took it off at the request of the greeter, held it in my hand for about two seconds, and then said, “Ah, screw it. Let’s go somewhere else.”

Which we did.



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14 responses to “Re: Disconnected at Cafe R&D”

  1. amanda says:

    Soon, they will outlaw domestic cars and semi-precious jewelry…

  2. G. Joesph says:

    Cafe R&D is part of the same ownership group as Houston’s so I understand the same rules.

    I too was asked to remove my cap on a lazy Sunday afternoon at Houston’s. How lame! I guess its better to be shoolzed at the bar with your funbags hanging out of your top while sucking face with a gray hair.

  3. MNS says:

    We ate there yesterday and had the opposite experience. Food was good and servers very accommodating. All three of us were on cell phones at one point or another during the meal and no flack. Maybe you cant have a cell phone while wearing a ball cap?

  4. Lakewooder says:

    I wouldn’t usually go that far north for a meal (is this a chain?) but I applaud the restaurant’s policies against hats inside and cell phones.

    Aren’t y’all from the South? Didn’t your mama and daddy teach you any manners?

  5. JB says:

    Sounds great. I think making laws about cell phones are stupid, but if a restaurant wants to etablish a little class and make a policy against cell phones and ball caps…..more power to em! I’d welcome a place that didn’t try to look like an Abercrombie catalog.

  6. Anne says:

    No ball caps?? No cell phones?? What is going on here people??? The return of manners??? It is impolite to wear a cap or hat in a restaurant. Gentlemen take them off. As for cell phones..can’t you go one hour without it? It’s rude to make other people listen to your conversation. We’re captive and we don’t care about you or your life.

  7. Bobby Ewing says:

    Even a ballcap that says “75219” was rejected?? Golllllyyyy.

    I got a new ballcap over the weekend which was welcomed at Mama’s Daughter’s Diner: F.(emale) B.(ody) I.(nspector)

  8. RLS says:

    On a more serious note, the foregoing post leaves me with a few provocative thoughts:

    Does the unmannerliness of men wearing hats in restaurants extend to Hasidic Jews? And wouldn’t we be therefore banishing these Orthodox religious to the breadth of kosher ourdoor eateries here in Dallas?

    Moreover, it is impolite to have an at-table conversation with your meal companions audible to others within such restaurant? (And what about the assessment of manners of the eavesdroppers to such conversations?)

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  9. Gwyon says:

    Those aren’t hats, Reid.

  10. Bobby Ewing says:

    I think fun hats such as yarmulkes, turbans, monk hoods, crowns, zucchetti, skufias, burqa, and anything with a propeller on it are off limits to Ms. Manners. It’s a Bobby rule!

  11. Dirt Monkey says:

    Interesting. I wore my urban sombrero to CRD and didn’t have any trouble whatsoever.

  12. Pinky Tuscadero says:

    There is no conversation you need to have while stuffing your face. Is your head going to get cold in a heated restaurant? People see you and think inconsiderate, jerk, idiot, douchbag all rolled into one. I don’t care if it’s the North, South or the freakin’ cayman islands on the last day of vacation…it’s RUDE and idiotic!!!! Please get a clue…such a Dallas cliche

  13. Dianna says:

    I love their policy!!!!