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8 responses to “Gerald Ford Picking Up SMU’s Next Coach?”

  1. Vann says:

    Or, maybe he’s going to watch Monday Night Football

  2. Brandon says:

    As an alum, I find it so funny the fascination with this search. Then, once it’s over – nobody could care less! Thanks to FB nation for covering it as if you really care.

  3. BubbaPony says:

    Let’s hope that Orsini has a better hire than Paul Johnson……can’t wait to see the “three yards and a cloud of dust” offense. This sends a clear message that SMU will continue to recruit the same marginal college athletes that they have for the last 20 years!

  4. Scott Farrell says:

    There are a number of alums-boosters-fans who think Johnson is a great choice, and will modify his offense to the talent at hand at SMU. Just like he did at Hawaii, Georgia Southern, and Navy. The guy’s a winner, and winners find ways to win. SMU could do far worse.
    That plane, by the way, could also be headed to pick up Rick Neuheisel with the Baltimore Ravens. Neuheisel doesn’t fit the SMU coaching mold, but he’s an accomplished coach. Latest reports say he’s not SMU’s guy, however.

  5. BubbaPony says:

    Doesn’t Neuheisel have a game tonight? Hard to believe that Johnson is “the best coach in America”….according to Orsini. Then again, it’s not Steve-O’s $10 million that is being spent on this gamble. Steve-O will be leaving for greener pastures for himself within the next year or so anyways………..

  6. Scott Farrell says:

    Bubba – name one coach in the country that wouldn’t be a gamble coming to SMU right now. You think any coach is going to come here and see a QB who has thrown for 50 TD in two years, and chunk the passing game? It’s more misdirection than option in his offense, and it’s a defensive game-planner’s nightmare.
    Yes, Neuheisel’s got a game tonight. Just saying that there are two potential candidates in the BAL area, not just Johnson.

  7. Bill says:


    Q1 = Is Navy going bowling this year?

    Q2 = Is Navy a service academy?

    if(Q1 == true && Q2 == true)

    He knows how to win, and He’s coming from a place where it’s hard to attract real talent. If he can win with our marginal athletes I’m A-OK with him.

  8. Dave Thomas says:

    I’m just impressed that we can see where a private jet is going and when it’s going to take off and land. 🙂