Frosty the Snowman Abducted

Kudos to the Associated Press writer who penned the last line of this story about a 42-foot-tall snowman that was stolen in Tyler (and kudos to the alert FBvian who spotted it).


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6 responses to “Frosty the Snowman Abducted”

  1. dave little says:

    Do you mean “abducted”? I don’t mean to get all marty cortland on you, tim, but come on.

  2. dave little says:

    no fair changing it now.

  3. Doc JB says:

    True. When one ADducts ones arm, one brings it towards the body. When on ABducts the arm they draw it away, as in a clockwise motion. Just a litlle FYI.

    ab·duct·ed, ab·duct·ing, ab·ducts

    1.To carry off by force; kidnap.
    2.To draw away from the midline of the body or from an adjacent part or limb

    ad·duct·ed, ad·duct·ing, ad·ducts

    To draw inward toward the median axis of the body or toward an adjacent part or limb.

  4. Maggs says:

    Yeah, but how do you know he’s really male? 🙂

  5. Amanda says:

    Maggs, you have to check for snow balls.

  6. Marcus says:

    Or the large carrot.