Alibaster K. Abthernabther Gets a Real Job — Sorta

Talk about a meteoric rise. Whoever invented this Abthernabther ruse launched his blog about a month ago. Now he’s got a weekly column in Quick. For my money, I wish his debut column had been something more than a mere introduction. But kudos to the folks at Quick for signing Abthernabther. Smart move. I know I’ll be checking it out every Monday.


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10 responses to “Alibaster K. Abthernabther Gets a Real Job — Sorta”

  1. DoubleT says:

    Is it just me, or does he read like he’s Gordon Keith’s not-so-alter ego?

    His recent post about Nu-Image sounds straight out of one of his columns, and then there’s the Jeff Crilley/Victoria Snee post which is also classic Gordo.

    And now I see that Gordo mentioned Jeff Crilley during Ed Bark’s first show.

    Just coincidence?

  2. The 2one4 says:

    Why do i hear the voice of Stewy griffen when I read this person’s blog?

  3. BP says:

    “Sorta”? Hmmmmmmmm…..

  4. Dearest Timothy,

    Remember, it’s not a “ruse.” It’s a charade.

  5. likety split says:

    obviously this is a gordo stunt. his writing for sure. if i am wrong then gordon should sue him for replicating his style… peace out

  6. HR Director says:

    I do believe that Mr. Abthernabther provides Quick with something it has been lacking: Paragraphs of more than two sentences!

  7. ChrisS says:

    Gotta be GK. At first I wasn’t sure, but lately, AKA has been sounding more and more like GK “alter-ego”. Good times.

  8. Marcus says:

    Alibaster can’t hold Marty Cortland’s jock.

  9. Dirt Monkey says:

    I didn’t think GK could write that well. I think it was a viral marketing bit by the DMN to get the blog a local following. Yeah, that’s it!

  10. DA says:

    Well, now that we know the Belo nameplate is attached, it won’t be long until AKA has been managed into mediocrity.