The Mysterious Disappearance of Greg Williams

For nearly three weeks, The Ticket’s Hardline co-host Greg Williams has not been on the air. The station’s official stance is that he’s taking some personal time, and that’s all the station will (or can) say. If you’re looking for the mystery’s resolution here, sorry. You’ll have to keep looking. Based on Mike Rhyner’s rather forceful, on-air declaration yesterday that rumors of Greggo’s replacement are totally unfounded, I do not suggest you go looking here. That forum suggests an official announcement will be made today concerning the hiring of Ralph “Razor” Barbieri from San Francisco. But again, Rhynes was adamant that any such rumors of any replacement were false, false, false.


  • Steve


  • jamesn

    Sigh. Even the original posted admits he made the entire Ralph Barbieri rumor up to get a “rise” out of KTCK management. Look here:

    The original troll is here:

  • Don

    Look, if Greg is out for a death in the family, illness, rehab, whatever, the station owes the listeners some sort of explanation. We don’t need specifics, just something besides “personal time”. I’d also like an anticpated return date.

    For a station that owes much of its success to its transparency and bunker mentality, they sure seem to be hiding something.

    Stay Hard, Greggo.

  • John

    If you can sift thru the junk posts, there is some substantive discussion on this subject on the UnFair Park Blog linked below. The radio silence narrows down almost any and all speculation to a health-related leave of absence, and based on his history, it’s all but impossible to not speculate that Greggo is back on the sick…and back in rehab.

    The only other question at this juncture would be to ask if you have ever thought about it?

    That wasn’t the question.

  • Chris

    I agree with Don,

    I hate this argument, but they will gladly discuss rumors of athletes with dope, or hoes… But when it comes to their crew, nothing.

    They owe it to the P1 to tell us whats up.

    If he is in rehab, I hope he gets better. If there has been a death in his family, I am sorry. If he has been fired, quit, leave of absence, TELL US.

    And why isn’t this a bigger story in the media? The #1 station in the market, has declined to comment on their #1 show, who is missing half the hardline.

    baby arm.

  • Mansfield Bob

    People: if it’s a health-related issue, they CAN’T talk about it on the air. He’s an employee covered by privacy rules. Unless he gives them explicit permission to discuss it, they can’t talk. Even if it’s a family issue, Greggo deserves whatever privacy he needs. That’s not for you or me to decide. There are a lot of arrogant P1s out there who think they deserve an explanation. Get a grip.

  • Rawlins

    How ’bout a mystery ‘Ticket’ hardline play on words contest in lieu of a Steve “Blow”-a-thon pun-ting match. Like, “This Greggo ‘Ticket’ outta town should be more air fair minded”.

  • Don


    I don’t want them to tell me Greggo’s blood type, his withdrawal symptoms, or his reaction to treatment. (not saying he is in rehab)

    What I want is someone to say, “Greg is fine. He is having health issues. He is not leaving the show and should be back before the end of the year.” If it’s arrogant of me (a listener of 10 years) to desire to know the status of someone who I have grown to care about, so be it.

  • p1 chick

    Found this today from the Ft. Worth Star Telegram:

    Hardliner missed

    Greg Williams, a co-host of the popular Hardline radio show on KTCK/1310 AM, hasn’t been on the air in nearly three weeks. Jeff Catlin, KTCK’s program director, said Williams has taken some “personal time off.” Catlin said Williams would return, but wouldn’t speculate when. In the interim, Catlin said, Hardline would rely on Mike Rhyner and Corby Davidson, as well as “friends of the station.”

    I agree with those who have said that Greggo seemed “off” the last few months. I really hope he is ok…he’s brought me lots of laughs through the years. I am not a K. Scott fan at all…he tries too hard to be funny. Let the game come to you buddy! Stop interruping Mike and Corby with stupid comments when they are trying to talk! I am afraid if Greggo doesn’t return, this will be his replacement. I’ll adjust because I love everyone else on the show but I really hope Greggo makes it back eventually. Stay hard Greggo!!!

  • pt_in_dallas

    Get well sweet, clean, Greggo!!!

  • pt_in_dallas

    Could he be having the operation to turn him into little girl Greggo? It has to be asked.

  • Mike Johnson

    Several possible reasons for Greggo’s absence come to mind:

    1) Rehab. The demon Vicodin may have again reared it’s ugly head…

    2) Back surgery. Norm had to do the show from his house when he had a monkey spine implanted into his back…

    3) Nuptials. Could he have found the female version of Rhynes?

    4) Physical altrecation w/ Dan. Wasn’t the Hambonita genuinely pissed at Dan a few weeks back during the mix-n-mingle?

    5) Something happened to Clyde. Wataburger overdose? Getting some advanced training at Man’s Best Friend?


  • Scott in Corinth

    I can see both sides of the fence on this issue. On on side, you have the station (KTCK) wanting you to invest your time and dedication into their Ticket personalities. Therefore, I have listened since day 1 and feel a kinship towards them, especially the Hardline and D&M. Therefore, when Greggo disappears for 3 weeks or more, I find it very hypocritical for them to not provide any info. It is not that I think I deserve an explanation, it is I am concerned about him.

    Also, I believe that tere is certain info that should remain private unless that person in question wants that info published.

    Either way, I hope Greg gets everything in order.

  • Sprig

    .. maybe he doesn’t like his job anymore. Well, I don’t mean his job, I mean gig. Well– you know what I mean.

  • Jerry

    Greggo has certainly been “off” lately … sounds like a very old man sometimes. The positive side of Greggo being gone is that Ryner is actually trying again and for me that makes the show worth listening to again. In my opinion, the show with Greggo and Ryner the last couple years has progessively gotten worse b/c of lack of effort. When Greggo returns, I hope Ryner stays on his A game.

  • P1 Thad

    As a long time P1 of the Ticket and the HL I am more curious than anything about Grego..but whatever the cause for his AWOL status I hope he is well, healthy and happy. I too agree with Jerry that his “game” has been off prior to his leave of absence…he seemed to be taking a back seat in all the muckings and bits during the show…just not Grego style to sit there and not fight back or chime in…definitely seemed out of it..on the other hand Corby seems to be taking on a stronger personality in the show even when Greg was there and now with Grego out…he is really assertive (as I am sure he has to)…he seems more part of the HL than ever and I am not sure I like him in that role…he is better as a “color guy or mediator of the show…i also heard a rumor the FCC had some issues with some of Grego comments which i heard led to a suspension…i am sure just rumors but he did spout off some pretty borderline material when he was going strong…stay strong Grego and come back soon!

  • sharon

    Yesterday when Danny was answering the phone calls about the Cowboy game.Rhyner asked if that was all and Danny said just calls wanting to know about Greggo. Rhyner then said that they had just addressed the Greggo issue, but I missed it. Did anyone hear what was said?

  • jackie

    Hey Sharon…..You didn’t miss anything at all. Right before that, when Ryhner was introducing the show, he simply said that Greg, the Hammer is out taking personal time and “that is the only thing we are going to say about it. Nothing more, so don’t ask.” Then they went right into sports talk.

    I stopped everything I was doing at that moment thinking that they were finally going to tell us something, but nope, nothing.

    Have a great day! 🙂

  • day 1 p-1

    He is in rehab for a bad cocaine prob and will not return

  • day 1 p-1 has it correct. and the addiction is spot on! got it from the inside…

  • Debra

    Look, I want to know what’s going on as much as anybody. I listen daily and I’ve met Greggo and the gang many times at road shows over the years. He’s a nice guy; hell, they all seem very nice. But I don’t pretend to truely know any of them on the family level which allows me access to their very personal information. He doesn’t owe me an explanation of his personal problems or demons, any more than I need to share mine with him. And the company he works for has to CYA, so don’t expect anything from them. If he returns, all the better. If not, I won’t loose any sleep over it. The world just keeps on turnin.

  • jackie

    It just amazes me, really, how NOTHING has leaked about this. In this day and age of “celebrity” (I use that term loosely) nothing is secret anymore. I can’t believe that they have been able to keep this thing quiet for this long… Think about all the sales reps, secretary’s, minimum wage producers, etc. at that station.

    How are they able to keep this sooo tight?

  • All I’ll say

    It is cocaine. As for being back, not sure. As of right now, not being planned.

  • Steve

    As I see it, Greg has been way off the past few months. Almost like he’s forgotten how to broadcast. They kept playing the drop of him screaming “I can’t do it!”. I think they sent him back to broadcasting school for a refresher course.

  • Doubt It

    I doubt it is a cocaine issue. Greggo’s biz is his biz but damm I would like to know something! A little surprised gordo’s web site hasn’t mentioned anything.

  • Clyde Thadogg

    What about Rhyner getting divorced?????????

    Maybe Greggo ran off with Mike’s soon to be ex-wife.

  • P1 Day1

    The concaine prob IS A FACT!!!!!!!!He is in rehab.Management is tired of his act and they do not want him back on the air.

  • sharon

    Rhyner’s getting a d-i-v-o-r-c-e? Isn’t this about his third marriage?

  • jackie

    Cocaine?? Isn’t that a little far fetched? Where’s the (your) proof?

    I only ask because that is a VERY strong accusation to make & throw out there on a public forum without any facts. And if you do have proof, state it. That’s only fair to him.

    Everyone knows about the Vicodin thing because he admitted it. Don’t tarnish his character over something none of us know to be true. The Hammer doesn’t deserve that from anyone.

  • P1 Chick

    Rhyner is getting a divorce?! How did I miss that one?

  • Sprig

    … maybe Craig Miller ran him off like he ran off Chuck Shekner.

  • Sprig

    … by 02/14/08 your afternoon drive will be BAD radio (unless D&M opt for that slot — in which case BAD would take the AM)

  • P1Daddy

    Sprig has it right….the Hardline has run it’s course. When your bag is just an opinion of baseball you are done. New lineup: BAD, Norm, Rhyner & KScott, D&M.

  • losing it…..

    if it’s not blow…….then that was one HORRIBLE case of allergies/ head cold he was sporting the last couple of weeks?

  • sharon

    I like some of the spots BAD Radio does, but for the most part Bob and Dovovan are the only ones worth keeping. Dan is horrible. It they put them in the drive times, I’m changing back to music!

  • day 1 p-1

    A line up change would make sense. If there is no more Greg then you would have to end the Hardline. Does someone have an inside woed on that change? Let us know!!!

  • Doubt It

    You would think that the coke rumor has made it back to the station and that if it were NOT true they would issue a statement saying that so his reputation does not suffer.

    Where is Gordo for all this? He usually will put up something….

  • Silk

    The sooner Whyner stops getting pissed about us asking him via email on the show, the better off we will all be. Whyner pretty much runs the station and he knows that if Greggo doesn’t come back, it will be the end of him and the Hardline. Snake simply doesn’t fit in with the show without the Hammer. Come On! Tell us what is up!!!!! He he had a Vicoden relapse tell us. Hammer wouldn’t risk his job on doing coke…Come On!

  • Silk

    Also, there would be no more Hammer drops if he wasn’t in good favor with the station!

  • cocaine. rehab. WILL NOT BE BACK! friend at the station told me. so everyone get use to it!

  • Doubt It

    Hey Silk we still hear Rocco drops and he isn’t in good favor with the station! I don’t think ‘in the know’ is in the know, his friend is probably some promo spare who doesn’t know jack. Greggo liked this gig and IF it were drugs he would come back after he was well. The station would welcome him back because the ratings have been consistantly great for the hardline. In other words Greggo means $$ for KTCK and that is all the bosses care about.

  • day 1 p-1

    In the know is right!!!I have contact at the station as well. He has a very serious coke prob and in rehab. He will not be back. Management at the station is very upset. They can not say anything public because of legal issues. I want to know what they are going to do with the Hardline.

  • jackie

    They at are saying that the above changes will occur on Thursday.

    The board sounds legit. Go check it out. Those guys seem to really know what they are talking about.

    GOD Speed, Hammer….If in fact this is true, you will be missed terribly.

    Stay Hard and Keep Jammin,

  • Scott

    If you were listening yesterday around 6, they told you everything you needed to know, albeit in an inadvertent way. They played a song from Amy Winehouse called “Rehab” (I believe that’s the title) coming back from commercial, and during the chorus of “I ain’t gonna go to rehab/I say no, no, no”, they would play Greggo drops saying “No, NO, N-O!!

    I think they were telling us that way because they couldn’t any other way, for whatever reason, be it legal or internal policy.

  • Doubt It

    Jackie look at the date that was posted. Then look at the other posts. Ryner dismissed that rumor on the air. There are people out there (and on this board) who will make stuff up in hopes that they start a fire that gets mentioned on the air. The staff at the Barley House probably know more than the posters with “friends at the station”.

  • jackie

    Thanks “Doubt It”…

    I HATE that this is happening to him, whatever it is. I just wish that The Ticket would Man Up and say something. I know that they can’t say much because of legalities, but heck, what’s worse, just having Grego issue a statement that would put rumors to rest or let the public continue to run crazy with rumors?

    Have him issue a statement already!!!!

    I agree it’s none of our business to a point, but I have listened to the Ticket for a while and have come to care for these guys and their well being. Not a stalker or anything like that, just a big fan!

  • Doubt It

    We want some sort of ‘official’ statement to put things to rest. I am hoping that something will get said on a round table tonight.

  • joel

    They can not force him to make a sstatement, and IF he is in rehab he is not in a position to be making a statement. Who knows this could be one of those60 to 90 day rehab things. Last I saw Greggo was on with Doocy a few weeks back and I remember saying then that he looked/seemed different.

    Anyways I am just a Ticket fan and Greggo though u will likely never see this I wish and pray that you make it through whatever you are dealing with as I do for all of us other folks who have our own issues to deal with.
    Godspeed Greggo

  • joel

    I think if it was cocaine he would be fired, as that would surely be a violation of some policy, whereas the lorcet/prescription pain killer addiction due to back injury would make it easier for an employer to not fire the employee.

  • Where is Greg?

    Joel, it is really hard to fire anyone for a substance problem, now a days you got to try to help a person before you kick them to the curb. The HL is money for KTCK, without Greg there is no HL and less money. Maybe Greg quit.

  • jackie

    I sent the Hardline an email just now along with the program director, etc. and this is what they sent back to me….. REAL QUICK RESONSE!! I got this within 30 minutes of the original. Titled it, Dammit Hardline, Issue a Statement Already

    Copied and pasted so it is word for word from Rhynes

    “there are legal ramifications with this one that prevent us from saying too much….all i can tell you is he’s taking “personal time off”…..we don’t know when or if he’ll be back….that’s all i have to say about him

  • jackie

    Here is what I sent:

    I know you guys are getting TONS AND TONS of these, but c’mon guys, issue a statement about or from Greggo already.

    Long time P1 Chic here who is genuinly concerned about Grego like I would be about a family member. This is getting ridiculous. I know that you guys have to be aware of the serious and damaging rumors out there about him and they are getting more intense by the day.

    We love Grego just as you all do and miss him greatly. You have asked us to be patient for long enough. We gave you guys a couple of weeks but unfortunatley for you, we care too much about Grego to ignore his absence and move on every day.

    Blessings to you all,

  • Where is Greg?

    WOW. Ryner only refers to Greg as ‘him’. Curious what you might get from The Catman of the Americas.

  • day 1 p-1

    It sucks but Grego is gone and has a very serious prob. I hope he gets the help he needs. Where can he go and work in radio? Is his career done with radio? He will not be back at the ticket.

  • Tom

    Has anyone noticed when ticket tickers are being wrapped up instead of saying “Remember the time you spend listening to the Hardline” they are now saying “Remember the time you spend listening to Afternoon Drive”. Even Rhyner is coming out of commercials introducing the show as “Afternoon Drive” not the Hardline.

    What’s up with that?

  • jackie

    I’ll post it if I get a response from Cat…I emailed these kinda late so I’m sure the office staff is gone for the day, but you never know, I guess.

    They MUST be getting tired of all of this. I just keep thinking that if they really did care about Greg coming back or his reputation, they would squash these rumors. It’s almost as if they just don’t care anymore.

    I did also tell them that I was posting these responses on message boards.

  • day 1 p-1

    Tom is right!!!! Mike is calling the show afternoon drive not the Hardline. Are they playing the Hardline theme anymore?

  • Tom

    Havent heard it at the normal coming out of commercial break at 6:20 pm spot. Havent been tuned in for the start or end of the show lately though, so dont know if it’s being played.

  • TJ

    Well I for one don’t really need to know all of the details, but I do hope Grego is getting the help he needs. I was told some info today that is right in line with what “day 1 p-1” is stating, so I guess it is probably true as the source is directly related to the station. It is a sad situation and it probably will change the ticket as we know it today. I do wonder if the D&M show will return to the afternoon.

    Thanks to all who have posted on this thread as it has been the most helpful.

  • technicalfoul

    no way I can do bad radio. I already switch over to espn at noon. Sports Bore Sturm and his run on questions that he answers himself make me puke. his pre-game contributions ruin an up and coming Larry Brown. how he got this far; he must have pictures of someone.

  • Grant in Mesquite

    As a P-1 from the moment Skip took the air and someone has followed the ups and downs of the Ticket, I feel compelled to say this. I feel that some of the things being said about Greg Williams are sickening. Alot of the people on here have no idea what is going on with Greggo. I dont either. I will say this. I have looked forward to spending my day with the little Ticket since day one and Greg Williams has and hopefully will be there. If he is not, I as a fan of his since he was with Galloway wish him nothing but the best. If it was not for his hard work, along with Junior, Rhyner, George, Gordo and almost from the beginning, Corby, this station would not be what is is today. People, feel lucky that you have the little Ticket. I moved to Florida for a short time and can tell all of you this is a very special station. There is not another one like it and never will be. The reason are the people that built it and the people on the air now. Greg Williams has been one of those people. Appreciate the Ticket and the people there. Enjoy the fun and dont be mad if a person there fails us as fans. They are human just like the rest of us. Greg, whatever is going on I as a fan wish you good luck. I look forward to hearing your voice again on the Ticket. If that does not happen, thank you for a great run. It has been a blast. Take care-Grant in Mesquite

  • “losing it…..” wrote:
    > if it’s not blow…….then that was one HORRIBLE > case of allergies/ head cold he was sporting > the last couple of weeks?

    I was thinking the same thing listening to Greggo lately. Actually I thought he had a serious sinus problem and might have been out having some kind of surgery but now it makes sense. At least we know for sure it wasn’t any Wise County bathtub crank. Since they make that out of Sudafed, it actually keeps the nasal passages clear, unlike coke which clogs up your nasal cavities like a dead rat in the shower drain.

  • jason

    Greg has admitted that he used coke in the past, so it is not far-fetched that he is just an addict and is in extended rehab. I say just bring on K-Scott permanently.


    I found this on wikipedia:

    The Hardline – Mike Rhyner (the Old Gray Wolf), Greg “The Hammer” Williams who is currently on maternity leave, Corby (Snake, Cobra) Davidson, Producer Danny (The Afternoon Cloud) Balis, Board Operator Michael “Grubes” Gruber, Ty Walker with Ticket Tickers, and Barb Smith with “Stick it up your tailpipe” traffic.

  • day 1 p-1

    Wishful thinking!! He should be out of rehab soon. When the ticket lets him go who will make the departing statement? It sucks but it is the TOTAL TRUTH!!!!!

  • Doubt It

    day 1 p-1, I think it is going to be a bit difficult to fire him. In this day and age you almost have to kill somebody to be let go. And I bet that if they fire him his noncompete clause will be void. The Ticket management also know that with Greggo gone you lose a big part of the chemistry that made the hardline work. I think he will get one more shot at it and if he screws up again he is gone.

  • losing it…..

    can you say Jim Dent starter kit?????????????

  • marginalP3

    Scott – they have played the “Rehab” song before and I want to say it was when Greggo was still there in which they all got a laugh out of it.

    I too have noticed the “afternoon drive prgramming” or whatever he says but thought he was just being funny like when Gordo does the “B1 C3’s” and “AM sports broadcasting Ticket” bit.

    Something that really struck me was during the concert calender came up with I believe Skynyrd and they did the whole blood-pact bit in which Mike said something along the lines of “I would like to see him get out of what hes doing to go to that.”

  • Greggo II

    Why not create a Web site,, post false rumors about what’s going on with Greggo, get local media pub and essentially force The Ticket’s hand to “nut up” regarding Greggo’s mysterious, ubber-secret disappearance? Isn’t that the way it’s done today, where we live, sports/information age? If you want the truth then you have to lie. I would compare what the Ticket is doing to the sweet, clean P1 with this Greggo mystery to that of a parent telling a child whose dog has passed onto the next plane that the pet is just away in obedience training but will be back. If Greggo is truly gone to never return then why keep insisting that he’s on a personal leave of absence when the issue arises everyday? If indeed the station cares about its listeners then it owes us all some sort of explanation about the Hammer.

    Fax Fodder!

  • My selfish side says they should tell us what the hell is going on, but then I realize he is a person with his own private life. If he is in rehab or has some medical problem, is it really any of our business? Wherever you are hambonita, holding a good thought for you.

  • Where is Greg?

    Greggo II, I thought about doing that, but then remembered (you have to go way back) that Sideshow Bob got shut down (P1’s will need to go back to before Gordo was arrested in GB to remember SSB).
    Leave Coach, your right, he is human. But even the local celebrities get talked about on the air. My issue is that The Ticket will rip anyone, say anything but when it is someone close to them they shut up. If it is a legal thing tell us that.

  • jackie

    Great website idea!

    I still just find it odd that, a.)NOBODY has seen him in a grocery store, resteraunt, gas station, nothing…..and b.) it’s like the Ticket is just hanging him out to dry. They won’t say anything to dispell these rumors and continue to sit back without saying a freaking word while his reputation is being tarnished….And let’s face it, marketing/public relations companies can issue a statement saying something without really saying anything.

    Gosh, what the heck did he do?

  • frog5

    anyone know how all of this came out? … what happened during the show where greggo was late and left after one segment ?

  • technicalfoul

    found an interesting site that Greggo had invested in a sports bar in the stock yards with his old boss Spencer Taylor. That is clearly a way for him to have fallen back into old habits such as speed and coke which was a dailey routine for the gang that worked “Players” in Arlington in the late 70’s early 80’s.

    As for the concert calender, it was ZZ-top. For the non compete; youmust not have been around when Hansen got fired at channel four and showed up at channel 8 in a matter of days. all you do with non-compete is wipe your arras.

    help me with the words to his fare well song.
    to the tune of “Freebird”

    Now that greggo has left us, things just won’t be the same.
    He got back into free basing and snorted his career right down the drain.
    I must say so long “Hardliine” before I miss my cocaine train.
    On this train you won’t complain
    once on board you won’t refrain
    it all, it all started with my pains
    help me Ryner I can’t change
    Oh Danny, Corby keep Rynes sain

    help me, help me, it’s cocaine
    No personel time, just the company line.

  • jackie

    Here’s the email reply from Cat at the Ticket:

    I’m sorry you missed it, but we have issued statements, both on the Hardline
    (3 times) and in the Dallas Morning News, Ft Worth Star Telegram and via the
    Dallas Observer Blog site.

    Greggo is taking personal time off. I expect that he will be back soon.

    Jeff Catlin
    Program Director
    Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket
    Operations Manager, Stimulating Talk 570 KLIF
    Cumulus Media Dallas, TX 214.526.7400

  • Ask the Catman if he will confirm or deny the coke rumor. Who else at the ticket is into drugs? Only three names came up, Danny, Corby and Dan. Have you ever thought about it? Danny is a shoe in, band life, admitted alcoholic all point to it. Corby probably tokes with Danny once a week just to be ‘cool’; and Dan… might not be coke, but he is on something, maybe paint? The Ticket won a Marconi then blew up the team. The good thing is that the only thing ultra cool Corby will now be broadcasting is “you want fries with that?” on the drive thru speaker at Whataburger.

  • That’s not the question!

    As for that email from Cat, Greggo has been gone for 4 weeks, and they have addressed it only three times? I don’t get to listen all day every day because of work, so are people like me hung out to dry concerning these announcements? I’ve listened to the Ticket for about 10 years now, and what drew me in was how much they tired to relate to the listener, by discussing their lives, families, etc. After this latest episode with Greggo, I feel very alienated by the station as a listener.

  • joel

    Jeez louise, The Ticket can not say if he is in rehab, it is against the law, as has been stated before.

    They may or may not have decided already if he will be fired, but you have to believe it is a good possibility.

    For those that say they will not due to money, I disagree, anyone can be replaced. Even Rhyner will leave someday and I would expect the Ticket to continue.

    They will still be rated tops in the aribtron without Greggo. Hopefully he will be ok but you cant save everyone

  • joel

    They did play the Hardline theme today though, but when Reinz came on he still called it the afternoon drive show, despite, “The hardline” being played in the background.

  • Doubt It

    Joel is right, anyone can be replaced, but I still think the station would do everything to get him well and get him back on the air. The Ticket will continue, but it will never be the same if the Hardline breaks up. Tap the breaks on “still be rated tops in the aribtron without Greggo” no one tuned into (or bought advertising) for the ryner corby show or ryner k-scott show.

  • Matt

    Well, whatever the situation, hopefully he’ll be back soon. Stay Hard, Greggo! Also, I must say I think Corby is doing a great job with old-man Rhyner.

  • smf04

    Greggo is at Timberlawn!!!

  • Tom

    I heard the Hardline theme today too, Rhyner just sounds generally pissed (more so than usual), He did still use the afternoon drive radio bit too.

  • Hazmat Uniform

    The played “cocaine” coming back from break around 4:50 or 5:00 today….again…

    Subliminal message? Maybe soooo…

  • wreck

    IF it is indeed “coke” then I highly doubt it was only “Vicodin” back when he went through rehab the first time. I think Greggo is smart enough not to pick up a Cocaine habit this late in life (especially having faced Detox for Vicodin only a few years ago.)My bet is it had to be coke the first time as well. JMO

  • wreck

    Haz — they played ANOTHER Cocaine song at 6:20.

  • okcowboy

    I talked to a friend who is in a prominant position in the Dallas radio market, he stated that the only reason that the station can not state what is going on is for legal reasons. The company privacy act does not allow for them to disclose the current issue. He does not have any exact info, but he did state that the station has been very mum about it.

  • Worry About Yourselves!!

    You know, you all should concern yourself with your lives and quit living through others.

    When the dust settles, the afternoons on the ticket will be most likely bad radio. Rhynes is going to be out of a job. Why else is he sounding so pissed?

    Look, you see how much weight the man has lost in a year? One word – Coke!!

    Who cares? The man will pay for his demons. What are you gonna do when you find out the truth?

    Praise him still for associating himself with drug dealing thugs that would kill your own mother’s for a dollar?

    You people are idiots!!!

  • POV

    WOW…How do I follow up “Worry’s” comments?

    I 100% agree with your comments dude. Every one of these blog sites practically think of this man as the second coming of Christ or something.

    In all actuality, he is nothing more than a low-life drug pusher who supports the thugs with their 22″ rims if he isn’t dealing the crap himself.

    I wont go as far as calling you all idiots, but pretty close.


  • littlegirlgreggo

    At this point, the HL is toying with you all with the Cocaine references…

  • AJ

    Hey Worry and POV, I dressed myself today. Well, see ya later!

  • wreck

    Hey, I don’t know if he IS or ISN’T on coke!
    The station’s silence is probably pretty telling after 4 weeks.
    If the HL really think he is gone for good — all the Greggo “drops” are in really poor taste.
    Either ignore it completely or tell us SOMETHING!

  • POV

    Hey AJ, good for you…

    Get up tomorrow and do it again, mate!


  • POV

    Hey Wreck,

    Solid point! Seriously, if the dude is free basing and you are playing freaking cocaine when you come back from break, it is poor taste.

    Also, tonight, the guy who won the Cowboy tickets, well they played the “Do you like your job?” drop to him and Rhynes was even egging the guy to answer to the drop.

    If it smells like crap and looks like crap, it is crap.

    I think the afternoon drive time boys are just mailing it in as we speak.

    They can freaking care less. Short timers.


  • wreck

    If I was Rynes,Danny and Corby — I’d be PO’ed at Greggo to no end. He didn’t just screw up his own life … he screwed them out of their livelyhood as well.

  • technicalfoul

    dunham and miller will live on, norm will always survive, but Bad radio is just that and has lived off people to lazy to turn the dial after norm and the hardline.

    this monkey is going to take a lot of people down.

  • technicalfoul

    ok, someone has to be taking care of his gay dog clyde.

  • original

    The Hardline has deteriorated in the last few years. As Corby has taken on a bigger role, Rhyner has seemed more dis-interested and Greggo has lacked fire and his usual wit. He has seemed very tenative in every conversation, acting like a freshman working out with the varsity. Corby can handle a contributing role, but he is not cutting it as a starter. As an original ticket listener, I find myself switching over to ESPN more and more.

  • Sprig

    With a stockpile of drops and recorded airtime, why can’t they keep on with a pseudo-Grego? Kind of “Weekend at Bernies” approach to radio …

  • AJ

    ESPN is a beating. Randy Galloway and Steve Dennis? If I don’t want to listen to the Hardline, I’ve got to listen to those two quacks? Galloway sounds like he downed a fifth prior to each show (nothing wrong with that; just sayin’) and Dennis might have the biggest ego for a guy that shouldn’t have any ego whatsoever.

  • Sprig

    … maybe Greggo and Daryl Reagh should switch nicknames.

  • Gene

    Greg’s been passive, withdrawn, and losing weight for a while now. Relapse into drug use shouldn’t be a surprise. We all revert to our familiar feel-good habits, and let’s face it — the Hammer seems to lead a pretty solitary life as far as we know. You rarely hear references to his personal life or relationships. My guess is that he’s a depressed addict, and against that, not even a great job and coworkers matter.

    Oh, and the local ESPN shows are barely tolerable. Galloway is fine, and Nate Newton has a little something, but the other SPARES (Brian Estridge, Joe Gum, Mike Taylor) drive me up the wall and are instant channel-changers. Jen Engel wasn’t bad.

  • L4G starter kit

    Some 40-something white guy P1 with disposable income should have a bunch of bumper stickers and/or T-shirts printed up with the slogan “Where’s Greggo?” & hand them out at Ticket remotes, Guys Nites Out, etc. Sort of like the “Sign Pudge” campaign a few years back.
    As for what passes for the Hardline these days…well, Greggo’s been gone for how many weeks now? And I still listen. I like Rhynes, freindly Kooby, sweet clean Grubes, and Dan Paul. I’d rather listen to them than that blowhard Russ Martin. He’s got a big bag o’ nothing.
    Stay hard, Greggo. Have good and get give.

  • technicalfoul

    the espn show to listen to is Mike Tirico and Scott Van Pelt 12-2. Informative, great guests, people who can do an interview without run on, answer the question yourself Bob Sturm interview style.

    After listening to D&M. Norm, and their opinions on local sports, this show gives you a National outlook.

  • L4G starter kit

    I’d like to see Mike Tirico and Scott Van Pelt try to pull off a segment of Ghetto Jeopardy or Gay Not Gay.

  • Greggo II

    L4G, why not combine the bumper sticker idea with the Web site idea, The bumper stickers would drive traffic to the Web site and maybe have some sort of contest or reward for confirmed sightings of the Hammer. At some point this would get local TV involved and again, something to force The Ticket’s hand to come clean on what’s happened to Sweet Greggo. Being the hockey nut that I am I’m going to label this suggestion exactly what it is, a power play!

    jim, JIM!

  • technicalfoul

    L4G, I don’t need BAD radio to tell me what’s gay or not, and they pulled Donavan in to save the show. If it’s yuck monkey listening you want you can buy software for your keyboard that makes all different fart sounds. Van Pelt has much street cred and does an increddible S.A. Smith impersonation.
    the best part of ESPN is no BOB Sturm and his boring self.

  • BAD Radio is genius. Homer call of the week and Gay, Not Gay are 2 of the best bits ever. If you prefer ESPN to thatm well then you’re a DW.

  • Debra

    Has anyone noticed Greggo in any advertising spots since he’s been gone. A lot of his radio plugs would be pre taped, but they aren’t playing any that I’ve heard. A sure sign that it’s drug related. An advertiser wouldn’t want to be associated in any way, if it came out drugs were the problem. Just a thought.

  • L4G starter kit

    GreggoII, thanks for the kudos. I like the idea about the Greggo bounty hunters & “confirmed sightings”

    and, T, well, uh, suffice to say, that uh, at the end of the day, well, uh, okay look, here’s the thing about Bobsturm, suffice to say that, um, well, in other words he is what you might call, by way of analogy, vis a vis suffice to say at the end of the day, um, basically nip nip wiener.

  • L4G starter kit

    Debra, just a day or 2 ago I heard a taped spot with Rhynes & Greggo shilling something (Texas Land & Cattle?). Those ads are still out there.

  • Reaper

    My spiritual advisor is a ER room nurse and just told me the aura of Greggo was admitted and pronounced dead about 15 minutes ago.

    End it. Move On.

  • Wheres greggo
  • Gene

    RE: the tribute

    Funny, but ultimately sad. Here’s a guy who had his dream job and (apparently) pissed it away. Every day that goes by is another nail in the coffin of his broadcasting career.

    At this point, though, his job may be the least of his concerns.

  • Jason

    my theory is Greggo is appearing in the upcoming “dallas” movie

  • Poor Greggo

    Well, and not only all the weight but other things….sold his house in arl and moved to an apt in Dallas. There are lots of signs of drug use that are pushed off as other things when the addict has the “control” they see. While others may question it, it is all still “ok” for the addict. My impression from all this and other boards out there is that Greggo didn’t agree with his addiction and they either told him, go into a program or your done with this station. I think that is why we are getting the “he is on personal” time and won’t comment any further on this stuff. THIS IS JUST MY OPINION.

  • wreck

    IF it is cocaine (this time)– I would bet big money it was ALSO cocaine back in ’04 when he claimed it was “Vicodin.”
    Someone who went through “detox” for Vicodin would not suddenly take up cocaine a few years later. –in my opinion

  • Poor Greggo

    How long has it been now? I really would think “something” would come out about all this if it truly wasn’t extrememly serious and legal issues were a big part of it. As long as they are playing drops and somewhat discussing him by saying “boy, I miss him”….that he is still a part of things and we will hear from him one day or at least hear about what has really happened soon. We just all have to have patience.

  • Ex-nookie girl

    I dated Greg back in 04, and it was certainly vicodin. I haven’t spoke to him since early 2005, but Greg has lots of demons. He’s blessed with a terrific job, but I think he’s been burned out for a while. I also know he has terrible sinus problems and some health issues. It could be sinus surgery or rehab again…but it’s him who will tell us when he wants the public to know.

    About this APARTMENT…it’s a extremely nice condo, not any old apartment. haha He was moving into a lifestyle he wanted to live, and get out of the burbs in Arlington and home up-keeping. He’s still got the lake house and condo in Colorado, so trust me, he’s not burning through any money unless it’s on his evolving appearance.

    If he’s getting clean in Rehab, the Ticket will welcome him back unless Greg wants to leave, and that may be the case.

    Love you Hammer…and miss you. Take care.

  • Concerned p1

    The Hammer has said for years that he had some upcoming surgery that would be required at some point. I thought it had something to do with his jaw or teeth issue.

    Stay hard Hammer!

  • Ribby Paultz

    Greggo is on special assignment work job for the Paultz Sport News Letter Paper. He’ll be back on your radio speaker soon.

  • jff


    Hardling was doing a remote at a bar in Addison, and when Danny asked “Where’s Greggo?” Rhyner went off mic. Danny asked if he’s taking a dump and Corby said “I hope that’s all he’s doing” or something to that effect. Basically I think Rhyner busted him coking it up.

    He has sounded like he has a cold for months.

  • jff

    Also –

    I bet Greg is claiming to own the name The Hardline. It may have gotten contentious.

  • Road Rage

    Didnt have time te read everyones comments, but in my personal opinion over the last couple of months greggo has had a serious sinus problem. He kept blaming allergies. You can only use this excuse for so long before people begin to notice. He is a coke head!!! Probably got busted and is in rehab to save his butt from the law and his job! Obviously the ticket is not too pleased with whats goin on. You can tell because not much sympathy is expressed when they talk about him. Just my opinion, but MARK IT.

  • Road Rage

    Now thats funny. Leaving a comment at the same time as jff saying the same thing and my name is jff. Is this a coincidence?

  • Roadside Couch

    I haven’t noticed Greggo being gone. He was slowly contributing less and less to the show over the last two years, so he is not missed. Rhyner runs the roost anyway. They should call the show “The Hard Rhyners”. I believe that’s what the Asians call it already.

  • Joey

    I hope Greggy is okay. I’m tired of this “Afternoon Drive”

  • scooter

    I heard that Greggo was seen leaving WBAP with Randy Galloway last Thursday. They might be considering “Sports at 6:00” again????

  • Norm

    Appreciate cha pal

  • Norm

    Hey Greggo…. ARE YOU GAY??

  • That’s not the question!

    Is this the fifth week? Why hasn’t anything come out in the local media already? This is getting quite ridiculous and tiresome. The situation needs to be addressed now.

  • ProgramDirector (insidethebunker)

    If Greggo was having surgery then the station would announce it. Any announcement about his health are federally protected under HEPA laws. They can only say he is on personal leave. Right now the station is scrambling as to what to do with afternoon drive. This is a tenuous situation because of the fact that The Ticket is now the “Official Station of the Dallas Cowboys”. Any negative press could have serious financial ramifications for The Station.

    The Hardline “The Show” has been in decline for about the last 3 years. It has been evident that Greggo has been adding less and less. His back porch witticisms have gotten more like the crazy uncle living in the basement. Rhyner just seems bored with the whole thing. Corby and Dan Paul were brought in to try and shore it up, but the “young kids” always bagging on the “Old Man” schtick has grown tiresome. They just simply are not funny. The dolphin laugh can only get you so far. This band aid approach to broadcasting simply is not working. Rhyner’s clout (dead or alive) will only be able to protect what’s left of the Hardline for only so long. Pretty soon ratings will take their toll.

    The Musers just signed a 5 year extension. They are now the anchor of the station. They will have their choice of any time slot. Norm, Bob and Dan all capable shows will go with the flow.

    Management at the ticket has worked hard to maintain the chemistry not only within the shows but between the shows as well. Keeping that which no other station has been able to recreate anywhere in the country is what management is most concerned with. There will be no replacement for the Hardline. You don’t replace a legend. What will happen is a reshuffling of programs time slots and perhaps promotion from within. If someone truly spectacular comes along (if lucky) then look for that show to ease in to that slot. No matter what there will be pain along the way.

    More to follow…

  • Rocco’s Other Liver

    I’m not a Day One listener, but I am a Week One listener. I have been a faithful P1, since before we were called P1’s. I’ve been to almost every Ticketstock, most GNO’s, and even a Morey Lowery road show or 2 back in the day. This station we all love, would not be the Mighty Marconi Winning Sportsradio 1310 the Ticket without us LOYAL FREAKIN’ P1’s. We love this station and feel more than connected to the staff. I hate to say this, THROW US A FRICKEN BONE HERE>. WHERE’S GREGGO??????

  • fortyliner

    I agree that greggo has added little over the last few years. he actually joked in WTDS a few weeks ago that they have all the drops they need…..they don’t need him. Rhyner is the soul of the station. I cannot imagine him on the station, but off afternoon drive. won’t happen. K scott is a zero. L4G would be great.

    The drug / coke rumors are the only ones that makes sense. also explains his mailing it in over the recent past. He screwed up a helluva gig, because in his best days he brought very little.

  • Galloway Sucks

    The Hardline or Afternoon Drive Show will be fine without Greggo. I will miss Greggo though. Nothing can be worse than listening to Galloway. I have tried several times to listen to him while The Hardline is doing music crap. He is horrible. He talks over his co-hosts, insults them, is rude and has so many friggin nicknames for people I don’t know who the hell he is talking about. The Ticket is safe as long as ESPN keeps throwing people like Galloway and Engel out there.

  • wreck

    Move The Musers to 3-7. They have “earned” it for having to get up every morning at 3am for 12 years. Leave BaD radio where it is. Let Norm do 5:30am to 8am (He loves that time slot anyways.) Finally, let Rhynes, Corby and K-Scott do 8am -12noon.

  • Sprig

    Wreck is right.

    … that would be the perfect line up — boy I miss Norm in the morning drive time.

    Does anyone else have an image of the Hammer listening to Ticket radio in bed like Shooter in “Hoosiers”?

  • FYI

    Interesting how Wikipedia already has greggo listed for KTCK


    Dunham and Miller a.k.a. The Gentle Musers – George Dunham, Craig “Junior” Miller and Gordon Keith, Producer Mike “Fernando” Fernandez, Board Operator “Big Strong” Jeremy Moran, Rich “Dick Hicks” Phillips with Ticket Tickers, and Barb Smith with traffic
    Norm Hitzges Show – Norm Hitzges, Producer Mark “Friedo” Friedman, Board Operator “Big Strong” Jeremy Moran, and Sean “Sea” Bass with Ticket Tickers
    BaD Radio. – Bob “The Sturminator” Sturm, Dan “Big Mac” McDowell, Donovan “Stink” Lewis, Producer Tom “Flakeboy” Gribble, Board Operator Michael “Grubes” Gruber, and Sean “Sea” Bass with Ticket Tickers. (Bob & Dan also do the ‘Dallas Stars Post-game Show’.)
    Why Today Doesn’t Suck – an extended crosstalk segment between BaD Radio and The Hardline. Also includes an unknown caller named Line 4 Guy.
    The Hardline – Mike Rhyner (the Old Gray Wolf), Greg “the Hammer” Williams (currently in rehab for vicodin addiction), Corby (Snake, Cobra) Davidson, Producer Danny (The Afternoon Cloud) Balis, Board Operator Michael “Grubes” Gruber, Ty Walker with Ticket Tickers, and Barb Smith with “Stick it up your tailpipe” traffic.
    The Ticket Top 10 from 7pm-9pm with host Chris House and Steve Carbone on tickers

  • Abnormal guy

    Does anyone know what each of the radio hosts are paid on the ticket? roughly?

  • Bob


  • Norm

    Aughhhhhhhhhh im so confussed Freido. Now who is missing on the Hardline?

  • Friedo

    Im paid well by Norm’s Playhouse

  • JR

    What in the Heck is going on here??

    Why are bloggers spending so much time and energy worrying where this egotistical drug addict is. WHO CARES!!!!

    If this is how he treats his fans of 13+ years of listening then adios mofo.

    Let it go,

  • Sultans of Stiffness

    I too am curious how much money in general these hosts make to support such a habit as say cocaine?

  • Obvious Man

    Cocaine is bad for you.

  • No Norm at Drive Time

    Please keep Norman out of the AM Drive. My commute is only a half-hour around 6:45-7:15, but if Norm is there, I’m punching out to music or some other station. When he fills in while the Musers are on vacation, I instantly become a P2 in the morning…and if there’s a good song on the radio when I get back in the car in the afternoon, I may not make it back to the Hardline…thanks, Norm!

    Best wishes, Greggo…I was by the channel for the Rocco/Gordon explosion, but I missed your final segment on the Hardline. God speed.

  • GW

    oops I farted

  • Greggo II

    Well at this point we are not going to be told what’s going on with Greggo. For legal reasons they obviously are unable to detail what is going on with The Hammer. I don’t expect to see him back on air this year so maybe he’ll return sometime in 2008. He’s been gone over a month now with no update on his status so that’s, that. Greggo has been the most unstable radio personality that I’ve listened to for as long as I can remember listening to radio. He’s always taking time off for sickness and seems to have little concern for his co-workers or the dedicated, sweet, clean P1. The guy has problems and he really needs to get help then maybe someday he’ll be able to enjoy a come back in sports radio somewhere else. I’m not sure it will be in the DFW market however.

    Just my 2 centz. Jeez, I miss the “Hey man, what’s up” rodeo and Big Dick’s P1 Wild A** circus. Don’t care too much for the current “It’s 7:00 in Texas” voice either. The other guy sounded 100 times better!

    Fire one up Greggo!!!

  • technicalfoul

    Dan Patrick? now that’s a good rumor

  • Enough Already

    It’s been long enough without an explanation. Greggo is a big reason why people listen to The Ticket. I understand his privacy, we don’t need specifics, just give us loyal P1’s a little idea of what’s going on.

  • Matt

    The DFW news and print media has to be the worst in the nation. How hard is it to scoop what the heck is going on with Greg? Do you think for a second if this was going on in New York we wouldn’t have known 3 weeks ago? Geez, the top rated radio program in a top 5 market and no one can get details? TMZ would have this in 2 minutes. You guys suck. Hey Observer hire me and I’ll give you a story in day or so.

  • Greggo II

    I’m not exactly sure how radio air time is allocated in our fair berg but advertising has got to be a major factor with a station’s ability to broadcast. It seems to me that The Ticket has so many sponsors to pay everyday and their sales staff must be one of the largest in talk radio. That being said I can totally understand why they refuse to disclose what happened to Greggo as it could potentially cause huge financial ramifications for the station. I remember the days when everything was out in the open for the P1 to hear but those days are long, long gone. Those also were the days when the on air personalities would broadcast for 30-45 minutes every hour. You’ll be lucky to hear 15-25 minutes of actual talk on the station now. I motion that they change the name to Sponsor Radio 1310, The Commercial.

    What happened to Sterling? Year Ones will know who I’m talking about. Remember Gordo and Jennifer actually doing sports talk?

  • Road Rash

    My My… how things have changed at The Little Ticket. The station becomes the Official Cowboy Station and wins a Marconi, Greggo’s disappearance becomes the biggest Dallas related mystery since “who shot JR,” and Rhyner, the self proclaimed president of the Anti-Cowboy Faction, heaps piles and piles of praise upon Cowboy football player men on a daily basis. What’s next??

  • fortyliner

    Greggo 2 – Sterling, are you talkig about that smoker voiced “sterling in north dallas”? I am pretty sure he is dead. I remember him on Norms KLIF show. He was an old back then.

    I remember back in the relatively early days (year 2-3) Hardline would charge 5k to do a remote. it has got to be much more now and they are very frequent. incomes for “the talent” george, gordon, Mike, Junior, and greg must have been north of 180k.

    just a guess.

  • Is that blood?

    Cut the ties with Greggo. An addict is an addict and can never be trusted. I had to work with one 10 years ago and all the end arounds that management pulled then are the same that the little ticket is pulling now. If he is getting help, good for him. But they need to just wash their hands of it and move on, and contact Wreck about the new lineup.

    I will say this, I do miss the Greggo from about 5 years ago, not this current version that is mow M.I.A.

  • wreck

    I sent my line-up suggestion to Cat. He said it would be a “demotion” to The Musers. (I bet they wouldn’t think so)

  • technicalfoul

    and where do you stick Dan Patrick in Wreks line-up? noon-3?

  • technicalfoul

    I was wrong!

    If you are in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, you will soon be able to get the Dan Patrick Show. The Ticket 1310AM and 104.1FM will be airing the show nightly from 9:00pm to 12:00 am. At this point the station is unsure when the show’s debut will take place. If you are in the area and you hear anything, let us know.

    The rest of the stations carrying the DP Show that we are aware of, can be found by clicking on the tab “Where to find the Dan Patrick Show“.

    BTW, if you are one of the lucky people who get work off today and are looking for something to listen to – the DP Show is on today. If you have already missed it, you can go to the podcast. Fewer vacation days may be one unintended benefit of Dan’s heading out on his own.

    And finally, if you are a veteran – Happy Veterans Day, and thank you.

  • wreck

    ****(By the way — he certainly didn’t refute that a line-up change was imminent)

  • Lester Roadhog Moran

    did anybody catch Corby yesterday afternoon go off about how in this day and age you couldn’t keep something underwrap for very long in regards to an NFL issue???? I wondered….WTF are they doing to us in regards to Greg???? Ironic I thought…….

  • mark

    the musers used to the afternoon drive 2-5 i think they asked for the morning show

  • mark

    what ever happend to wally lynn and leon simonds?What about mike fisher?

  • twishy

    uh…you might want to check a certain rehab facility in Buffalo Gap (outside of Abilene) there might be a Hammer sighting. Seriously, it’s a sad time for day 1 P1’s

  • fortyliner

    mark – musers were 2-5, which is not drive time. they got a bigtime promotion when sanity took over and skip brainlock got canned. chuck cooperstein used to be afernoon drive before hardline. hardline was 11 -2….remember the “11-2 attitude”? good times.

  • Preston Munchensonton

    I heard a promo today from George saying to listen at 6:10 in the morning when they will have Dan Patrick on with a big announcement.

  • jackie

    Yeah, I hear that The Ticket is picking up the Dan Patrick show as are about 15 other markets.

    BUT….It is going to be on from 9pm-12am from what I understand. I really liked his show on ESPN radio. That is, when HE was on which seemed like only once a week.

  • mark

    u also had curt meanfee and chris arnold after him. Anyone remeber w program that was hosted by a woman after the coperstien show? I cant remember her name

  • Preston Munchensonton

    Rhyner addressed Greggo’s abscence at the start of Monday’s show by saying ” Greg’s personal leave continues, and that is all I have to say about it”

  • Greggo II

    Hey Mark, wasn’t that the Sports Princess?

    Where’s Mike Johnson?!

  • wreck

    Will Dan Patrick apologize to BaD radio for stealing their schtick??

  • True

    Greggo is gay, that is no secret..

    He is addicted to vicodin, that is no secret.

    He is a known Coke user, that is no secret..

    The sum of all that is not good. Please go away and don’t come back.

  • Poor Greggo

    Here is an old blog about his vicodin addiciton:;f=8;t=001681

  • fortyliner

    mark – it was “the sports princess” ……what a beating. that was a crap timeslot with the old “ender” with followill and doogie and then the 2 black guys.

    I cant remember the woman’s name who was on skip’s show…….she was TEEERRRRIBBBBLLLLEE.

  • That’s not the question!

    If they can’t tell us where Greggo is because of legal ramifications, and it legality is tied to the change from “The Hardline” to “Afternoon Drive,” shouldn’t there be some legal issues concerning the continued use of Greggo drops? It really annoys me that they will use those, but won’t tell us where he is. This is a station that does not care about it’s listeners.

  • GW

    Good point

  • GW

    “Hey Rhynes can i come back? Dont you think five weeks in my room is enough”

    “I promise i’ll stop the nose candy and my back pain meds”


  • GW

    shut up!! less greggo—more me

  • grey wolf

    Hey thats my line…

  • i love grubes!

    Last time greggo went MIA, Grubes was the only one that answered my email,and told me what was really going on….

  • Apologize to all your fans out there

    I can understand the Company’s position to protect his privacy. In most large Companies if you go to them and ask for help you keep your job. If they test or catch you doing it you can be terminated. If they terminated him they could announce that they made a decision to go a different direction. If he is in rehab they cannot comment and he cannot release a statement. They need to do something fast because they are losing credability.

  • Abnormal guy

    How much do they pay Dunham and Miller?

  • kyle

    The real and only reason;
    Greggo is pulling a Greg Ellis. He is holding out for a new contract. This time is fall “sweeps” weeks. Hambonita is using the P.U.P designation to his advantage. He will be back after a more favorable contract is negotiated with Jerry and Cumulous. He mistakenly spent the first two weeks trying to play hardball with Sasquatch or Bigfoot or whatever the former parent suits are called. He is now on the right track and is at least talking to the corporate suits of the right damn company.

    Greggo is fine mentally though. I saw him this weekend in Cabo. He was hanging out with Newy and Babe at the Giggling Greggo! Babe was serving him a alchohol free margarita while Newey was applying lo-lo to greggo’s sun-burned buttocks. When I left them I heard Greggo say…. ” lets play some wise-county horseshoes”. “Who want’s to be the horse”?.. and “who wants to be the shoe?

    As I was checking out of the No-Tell Mo-Tell, I heard a loud scream from someone that sounded like Babe. I turned to see Clean-Sweet- Greggo and Babe giving the “Wedgie of a Lifetime” to Newey while he was bent over the buffet table, trying to finish off the last full cake at the buffet.

    Greggo is fine, and is going for a 4th MRI tomorrow Dr. Hugo Chavez is expected to give him the “Greengo-Light” to return by Monday. I now know what the meaning of “Stay- Hard” means, especially as it pertains to horse shoes.

  • big dick

    greggy where are you? im almost out of meds…call me if you’re up

  • Deepthroatinformer

    Anyone hear the discussion about razor blades last night? Corby said he only changed his once every two months, Rhynes said he changed his once a week. Corby talked about how expensive they were and that’s why they kept them locked up. Rynes said they kept them locked up to keep them away from drub users. Corby laughed and said drug users only neede a single blade. Then Rynes said “Well who told me that?” and Corby and Danny groaned/laughed and Rynes repeated “Well who told me that?” and they laughed and Corby said they needed to go to break and they were all laughing as they went to commercial. So would they joke like that if their long time collegue was in rehab? Or are they making fun of the cocaine rumor – fueling the fire – because they know it’s not true? Hmmmm….

  • joel

    Who knows, but I look forward to the mystery being solved and hope all come out of it well.

    I think this idea that some are thorwing out, that The Hardline will be moved to a different time slot, is not likely. As I think those saying this is the beginning of the end for The Ticket are also wrong.

    We shall see.

  • Ben- jammin’

    I have been a P1 since Day 1 and remember contributing many a time to “Fax Fodder”. Greggo is a very crucial peice to the Ticket’s success and I only wish him the best and hope and pray that he’s doing alright no matter what’s going on in his life. I just hope that the Cumulus folk know what an important part of the Ticket.

  • Apologize to all your fans out there

    Did anyone hear the Hardline plug during BAD radio today? The plug stopped suddenly and someone said oops.

    I get the feeling the Ticket is milking this thing for all its worth. They know they have created such a buzz that they are feeding it.

    If the rumor is true of a new line up with a network show mixed in I would conclude that the Ticket is jumping the shark.

  • Ben- jammin’

    I did hear that and thought that was a little peculiar. If the Ticket jumps the shark, then many P1’s might jump ship.

    Bring The Hammer back, Catman.

  • technicalfoul

    Here is the real Greggo answer. He has surfaced and has been spoken too! Nice job Richie.

  • Michael

    Checkout Richie Witt’s blog on the Dallas Observer webite.

  • Haze Grey

    It isn’t the Little Ticket like days of old. It’s more corporate but that is a natural metamorphosis. I miss the infancy days where Gordon worked on the HL, Side Show Bob was a field reporter the day after Thanksgiving from North Park Mall, Glenda and Amit called in, Dr. Matt said only floss the teeth you want to keep, the shock value drop was in and Side Show and Doug Sanders Not The Golfer sent funny but twisted faxes all the time. The Ticket and the P-1s are like parents and kids. Close when younger but more distant as they matured. I remember when there were regular callers, we all knew their names. Now if you aren’t on the Cumulus payroll, you will remain the anonymous caller if you ever get through. Our child has grown up so we have to accept change. Hopefully one of those kids hasn’t grown up to become Corey Haim. What the Ticket has can’t be duplicated and anything less that D&M and the HL intact is less of a station but it still beats anything out there. Here is hoping soon we hear them come back from a break and Hammer yelling Allright. Stay Afternoon Programming! Stay Hard sounds much better.

  • Haze Grey

    Last I heard, he was going for a plane ride with Millionaire Adventurer Steve Fossett.

  • WinStar Commuter

    Why would they jump the shark? Aren’t they the number 1 station? Didn’t they just beat us to death with the Marconi crap? Aren’t they the Cowboys Station? (BTW-the pregame show blows! Wally Lynn is great as ever on ESPN 103.3)

  • suck it

    Read Richie Whitt’s column today, it explains things

  • joel

    So now the question remains will Cumulas keep him or send him packing.

    My guess is they let him stay and give him a shot though he will be on probation and subject to random drug tests.

  • joel

    And will The Hardline talk about it today since Whitt has made things public and Greggo went on the record?

  • Flute

    A bit surprised if Greggo’s problems were related to cocaine. A co-worker of mine ran along side him for a while at a half marathon at White Rock lake last weekend (Nov 4th). I thought cokeheads only ran when police lights were behind them. He also happened to see Junior Miller at the event. Probably for support. I’m guessing painkillers again.

  • afro

    lets all get together tomorrow night and tell greggo stories. What do you say boys???

    Someone decide on a meeting place…..

  • Haze Grey

    If he won the marathon, I think that confirms meth.

  • wreck

    “A bit surprised if Greggo’s problems were related to cocaine. A co-worker of mine ran along side him for a while at a half marathon at White Rock lake last weekend (Nov 4th). I thought cokeheads only ran when police lights were behind them. He also happened to see Junior Miller at the event. Probably for support. I’m guessing painkillers again. ”

    Are you sure your co-worker wasn’t talking about Corby????

  • peepeepoopoo

    current news now!

  • The Fake Jerry Jones

    Not a ringing endorsement of Greggo’s return from Rhyner there… For those who missed it, They addressed it today. Basically just read the Whitt Article then basically said, “He said it, not us.” And, Rhyner closed with, “and that is all I have to say about him.”

  • The Fake Jerry Jones

    And… Rhyner said his return was still vary much up in the air

  • Poor Greggo
  • The Fake Jerry Jones


  • Abnormal guy

    I heard the whole thing on the ticket tonight…I heard in their voices that they do not miss GW at all and that they are somewhat angry at him.
    It does not suprise me that they bail on a friend in crisis.
    Compassion for our fellow man is so rare in Dallas!

  • wreck

    I am not surprised at all. I have to assume that this “problem” was very evident to them for At least the last few years. I also have to assume that Rhynes tried his damnedest to try to help him during that time. This was the final straw. Hammer did not just put his career in jeopardy — he probably put Rhynes’ career in peril too. “The Hardline” may be relegated to some “less-lucrative” time slot.

  • Sprig

    Greggo’s gonna spit some Beechnut in all of your eyes … cuz the Country Boy can survive !!!

  • Apologize to all your fans out there

    They have not bailed on a friend in crisis. Greggo created the crisis and bailed on them. They supported him the first time round, how many times do you let it slide? Ryner should be very pissed at him for putting the show in jeopardy.

  • Apologize to all your fans out there

    Oh, I forgot Ryner’s dead.

  • fortyliner

    rhyner could also be practicing a bit of tough love to make greggo feel like he needs to earn his way back. if so its a healthy thing. If he is sick of getting burned thats understandable too. Like apologize said, he is risking taking everyone under with a problem of his own making.

    I disagree that he is critical to the stations future success. Rhyner, George, and Gordon are. everyone else is a bit of a passenger. I think Dan is the only one with a smaller bag then greggo.

  • Day Oner

    Maybe Grego was high when he was trying to interview Chief Kunkle, you know what I mean? That wasn’t the question, do you know what I mean?

    Get well Grego, don’t listen to Fortyliner, Dan is an asswhip. He definately has the biggest bag at the station.

  • That’s not the question!

    The station and Gregg both owe listeners a sincere apology and explanation. Gregg needs to tell the whole story, preferably not on the air, cause I don’t want him back, but in the local media. The station needs to apologize and expalin why they deemed it necessary to remain so secretive and defensive, be it legality or station policy or whatever. The Ticket will survive, but will remain wounded, as they have done their best to alienate listeners over the last month.

  • Apologize to all your fans out there

    I feel like if they were going to fire him it would have been done by now and they would have issued a fluff statement. On the other hand they may not be able to fire him until he is out of rehab.

    Get well Captain Drug (I mean Hug)

  • wreck

    Ritchie Witt interviewed him at HOME. Greggo IS out of rehab. I still think a “demotion” in time slots will be the MINIMUM action by the station.

  • Flute

    “A bit surprised if Greggo’s problems were related to cocaine. A co-worker of mine ran along side him for a while at a half marathon at White Rock lake last weekend (Nov 4th). I thought cokeheads only ran when police lights were behind them. He also happened to see Junior Miller at the event. Probably for support. I’m guessing painkillers again.

    Are you sure your co-worker wasn’t talking about Corby????”

    Positive. We are both long time listeners and attendees at Ticket events. He did mention how skinny Greggo was, but I still am puzzled by the “Runnin’ version of the Husky Hugger”.

  • Y’all Are Crazy

    This is all ridiculous.
    Greggo will not be running any marathons – biking, maybe, but not running.
    Greggo WAS addicted to vicodin…would be surprised if coke is involved.
    Greggo lost weight intentionally because his doctor told him he had to for his health – I know the person who was his personal chef through his weight loss, and she was hired specifically so he could eat well and lose the weight.
    Greggo has a fabulous condo off Turtle Creek with great city views, and he moved there to eliminate the I-30 drive Arlington to work, not to be closer to the gay community. How do I know? That personal chef also helped in decorating the condo. No, she is not “ex-nookie girl” who posted above.
    Greggo has demons – none of our business what they are.
    The rest of the guys on the Hardline are as big a mess – just in different ways. Why do any of you listen to them anyway?

  • Jr

    You sure have a lot of answers….. makes you wonder……

  • Ognir Rats

    Check out the latest Guys Guide, no Greggo, just a stick fake Greggo next to a Ticket Chick

  • TicketKev

    Interesting on the absence of Greggo in the Guy’s Guide. Could be a couple things…

    1. They did the photo shoot while he’s been out


    2. He was too drugged up to make the shoot.

    I also think it was funny they had his animal picture as Big Foot. Can’t find Big Foot. Can’t find Greggo.

  • The truth about Greggo

    I can’t keep silent anymore. This is the truth. Greggo started a small business in Duncanville off of I-20. It’s a litle place called the Cherry Pit. He thought he’d get free ice cream sundaes, turns out it was a different kind of business. The cops have shut it down, and he’s been off air because of the legal battles.

  • bettin’ man

    What I heard through a relationship at the station is: Tune in Monday and he will be back. I am not a P1 but a regular listener and was not surprised to read all the comments posted regarding the percieved deteriorating “quality” of the show and Greg in particular. To me the friction between Greg and Mike has been palpable for way too long. When you’ve had the success and adulation these cats have had for as long a run as they’ve enjoyed, it has to be hard to keep the juices flowing. I sense a shakeup in the works to see if they’ve still got it. Should be more entertainment than we’ve gotten lately. Godspeed Greggo, whatever path you are on.

  • btxps

    Just back from cherry pit. No cops but there was Greggo dining on hat great great fruit.

  • Apologize to all your fans out there

    I heard that all of his pot fields were found over the summer and it has hurt his life style. In addition to his gig at the cherry pit I heard that Danny got him a job delivering pizzas on the weekend.

    This is only a rumor dreamed up by a concerned P1

  • Hammer

    radio-info sucks. The people that post there are a bunch of pretentious spares.

  • Andrew

    Alien abduction, obviously.

  • You mean he doesnt have a tennis shoe in his cheek????

  • Galloway is better

    1. Greggo’s HSO’s have been pretty pathetic for at least the last year. It seems he has to ask Mike what his opinion is before he can state his own and then he looks for affirmation from Mike. If he does not get Mike’s approval he changes his opinion.

    2. One of the funniest spots I’ve ever heard on the air was when Mike dropped his raisin by accident and as Corby and Danny were dieing over it, Gregg could only talk about Mike’s underwear. The guy doesn’t have a clue, hasn’t had one in a long time. The show is better without him.

    3. If he is gone from the ticket I can’t fathom any other major market station giving him a job, that would require talent or knowledge and I don’t think Greggo has either.

  • technicalfoul

    listen to the 5 miles of bad road pre-game show on ktck, then switch over to 103.3 and listen to good radio with Wally Lin, coach joe and Tony C. Sports Bore is only good for carrying Brent Hull jock strap.

  • technicalfoul

    I forgot to add: after he’s done sniffing it and sleep with it for a week.

  • GB is also posting that he’s going to be back today!

  • Galloway Sucks is failed

  • Galloway is better

    I liked Bob until I actually listed to the pre-game show, he needs to learn when to STFU and let someone else talk. Jeez I thought Dan was the one who thought he had to dominate every conversation, I see now that its Bob.

  • Galloway is better

    PS This morning D&H were talking about Greg Williams the football coach and one of the said “So thats were hes at”, obviously a reference to the hammer.

  • Galloway is better

    5:26 PM, Moday November 19th
    Mike said “Regarding the Greggo question I’ll answer this one more time because he asked us too. He is taking personal time off and the status of his return is uncertain”

  • TexasTech1989

    When and IF he does comeback, will Rhyner want him back? It seems there was getting to be more and more tension between these two. Doesn’t Rhyner carry quite a bit of weight at the station?

  • Jimbo

    ESPN radio is unlistenable. Its even more boring and stupid than ESPN TV. Greggo rocks. I like to eat.

  • technicalfoul

    Galloway is better, Bob is the biggest sports bore going. He is a blow hard that adds nothing. If you could buy him for what he is worth and sell him for what he thinks he’s worth you would never have to work again. Listen to him ask a question, oh wait he never does and what he thinks is a question he answers himself. D and M make fun of him all the time for his run on boredom. listening to him is like watching paint dry.

  • Galloway is better

    The next break return after Mike answered the question about Greggo, the lead in music was “Ends”, which has the line “he falls off track, starts smokin the crack”

    I doubt it was a coincidence.

    And to answer the above question, before they sold out to corporate America, Rhyner was the station. I’m sure he still has more than a little say in things.

  • jackie

    At times, listening to Bob can be a beating, I agree. His questioning gets to the point of embarrassment. He just goes on and on, but something about the chemistry of those 3 works…

    But good gosh, how in the WORLD can you say that Galloway is better?? He’s got NOTHING!! Absoloutley nothing. And listening to that totally over the top Texan accent and attitude he’s got…UGH! I’m all about Texas and LOVE TEXAS but he is just an embarrassment. All those guys do on ESPN is YELL at you. Other than Sean Salisbury who I caught on occasion, man, they’ve got nothing. The Nate Newton and Newy mix has to be the worst. I cringe even going past the dial.
    Just my opinion

  • technicalfoul

    jackie, I didn’t say Galloway was better, I was responding to galloway is better. anything in the metroplex after 12:00 is ugly sports radio. the next ratings book will show that. If I was a HL advertizer I would be asking for additional spots or money back. This is where the missing girl greggo hits the station where it counts. We don’t count as listeners, the station has proven that over the last few weeks. they think they can give us play by play of monkeys jerking off in the afternoon and we will listen. will this time the station has come all over themselves and it is their mess to clean up.

  • Apologize to all your fans out there

    If this was a missing Cowboy they would be ripping the OrganIzation for not telling us anything. How can they have not made a decision on his future yet?

  • Road Rage

    Greggo has been doing coke for months on the show. He had mentioned many times how he was having allergy problems, bs! The show keeps referencing allergy problems as an inside joke. This would only mean that greggos allergy problems stem from the mounds off cocaine he had been snorting in the bathrooms before getting busted. Why does he have to be so stingy?

  • Road Rage

    Galloway is a clown lover!

  • Road Rage

    Galloways moms a whore and Im not his pop!

  • Road Rage

    High five for jesus two for satan!

  • Galloway is better

    I didnt say ESPN was better, I said Galloway was better. I dont listen to 103.3 any other time of the day, especially the two national idiots in the morning, or the little ball of #[email protected]% that only has a job because ESPN made the locals hire a woman and apparently she was the best they could come up with.

    Speaking of ESPN, I wont be listening to the Ticket after 9:00 anymore because they now have that washed up anchor in their lineup. Ever since Dibble left Patricks show he has been stinking up the airwaves.

    Drop page radio was far more entertaining than Patrick will ever be.

  • Preston Munchensonton

    Well kids,,I think we can all come to the conclusion that we have seen/heard the last of “The Hammer”. Just my opinion. I think that if he was going to return,,we would have heard something by now. I tend to agree that the Hardline as we KNEW it,,is no more. Thanks for the memories guys. There were definately a bunch. I for one am interested in what the Observer Paper article will reveal (if anything). It will be interesting to see what the 3-7 drivetime slot will morphe into. I for one don’t see good things ahead, but that’s just my opinion.


    Maybe the references to ‘afternoon drive time’ is just their way of honoring Greggo – saying it won’t be the Hardline again til Greggo is back

  • Vince

    I saw Greggo on Dixon street in SOUTH DALLAS in a CRACK HOUSE, he was in a half torn Ticket shirt and he was in house shoes, he didnt know he was missing 🙁

  • Less Y’all

    GOD ALMIGHTY!!!! The only interesting contribution here is actual news on how Greggo is doing. Out of the hour it took me to read thru the entire page, more than anything, this is a forum for poser wanna be ticket talk show hosts to throw down some schtick. If I wanted to hear drops, I’ll tune in and listen to the pro’s. Bunch of Bags!

  • Less Y’all


  • Preston Munchensonton

    The long awaited Article on Greg Williams is here…….it will be interesting to see if what they say is true,,that he will be back on the air by the end of the month. After this lengthy separation,,I predict a divorce. But that’s just my opinion.

  • day 1 p-1 @ November 6th, 2007 at 2:45 pm

    He is in rehab for a bad cocaine prob and will not return

    in the know @ November 6th, 2007 at 3:03 pm

    day 1 p-1 has it correct. and the addiction is spot on! got it from the inside…


  • texas_snowman

    Wasn’t Greggo in the compound for a week? I wonder how much dope he smuggled in there to feel secure for the duration?…Hell, he could’ve got the whole damn Ticket lineup busted. Can’t you just see Norm in handcuffs? Hey Ticket..cut this guy WILL recover.

  • long time listener

    Considering what Mr. Williams has contributed to the Dallas radio scene over the past 14 + years I am going to be welcoming him back to the air with open arms when he deems he is ready. Yes, he will have to endure some abusive callers and coworkers but I believe that he is up to the challenge.

    Eff the idiots who think that everyone has to be pure and innocent to be on the air.

  • technicalfoul

    hey “long time” they don’t take callers any more remember. How do you welcome someone back that walked out on you (according to RW)
    do you start off the show with a tip toe opening “today we’d like to welcome back the Hammer” “Hammer, tell us what you’ve been up too lately” “OK, enough of this and let’s go immediately to what’s on my mind”
    “I took your fat ass as a no talent Randy Galloway flunkie and gave you the opportunity of your life. We turned that into 14 yrs. of some good times and successful radio, but today, We don’t know who you are or what you want to be?” “are you the Boyd country bumpkin cooking meth out of your trailer, have you bought into the cocain and boob job myth of Dallas, or are you sweet Huggy?” “we could go on and on with the jokes, but the only joke I see is the joke you made of yourself, your friends, co workers and especially me” “it make me sick to even look at you, so get your snorted up ass out of here.”

  • long time listener

    What business is it of ours to comment on his workplace relationships. He and his coworkers will have to work out the issues. Undoubtedly he will have to endure the questions and comments from the listeners, rightfully so. Yes, he does owe the listeners an explanation and it is their perogative as to whether they accept the explanation.
    If the listeners find it too difficult to accept his situation then maybe they should move on down the dial.

  • technicalfoul

    dude, your dense and drank the kool aid. Can you not hear the tension in the voices on air. You expect them to roll out the red carpet. your living in a fantasy world if you think he just hops on the air and act like nothing happend. He will never take a caller or take a question on the issue. How does the saying go? “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”

  • P1 Danny

    Reiner just stated on the radio (11/26 @ 4pm) they’re going to discuss “what’s been going on this past month or so”. He mentioned they are going to discuss “what’s in front of us and not what’s behind us”. Damnit, it’s final…Greggo’s out.

  • jackie

    Yeap, P1 Danny, I heard it too….I have stayed pretty committed to hoping that Greggo would be back, but based on all that Rhyner just said, it doesn’t sound like he will be back at all. Sooo freaking sad.

    Especially when he said “where we are trying to take the show from here”. That pretty much sealed it for me.

    For ya’ll who missed it, they are getting ready to finally put it all out in the open. Any day now, when they can figure out exactly what is going to happen to the show now.

    Notice that he did introduce today as The Hardline…

  • P1 Danny

    Jackie you nailed it. I got a bit pumped when Rhyner actually used the term “The Hardline”…twice. Oh well, outta my control. I have it on from 8am to 6pm every day – all day. The BIG GUY will be missed, but his absence won’t keep me from not being a listener.

  • Luke

    The thing that frustrates and angers me about this whole situation is the lack of openness as to why they couldn’t say anything. I‘m not talking about the details of what happened to Greg. I just wanted an explanation of why they couldn’t talk about it. If Mike had said in the beginning what he said today, it would have eased everything. I understand legal ramifications requiring them not to give any details. They could have said that station management ordered them not to say anything until some legalities had been resolved. That would have satisfied everyone. Instead Mike repeatedly and arrogantly said “that’s all I have to say about it’. If this had happened at another station, they would have all over them for not being more open.

  • jackie-Question for Ya’ll

    Based on the article with Greg, it sounded a little like he wanted to come back to work and soon..

    Do you think it was Rhyner who said no? Do you think he kicked him off?

    My GOSH, can they be ANY MORE FREAKING OBVIOUS with these drops today????

  • P1 Webb Down South

    Or at least BAD RADIO

  • Cig

    Good. He was really getting lame. Now if we can get rid of the punk Dan, we’ll be in great shape.

  • xavier galvan

    I have been a P1 since day 1 and and an avid Hardline listener. Until today. Change the name from the Hardline to the Limpline. The milking of the “where’s Greggo?” story has officially become old and dead. You can only stroke something for so long before you finally give up and face the fact that ain’t nuthin’ good is gonna come out any more. It was nice while it lasted. Sorry, Dan Patrick-even you can’t save this sinking ship.

  • jackie


    Hammer Still Missing From Tool Box

    Mon Nov 26, 2007 at 02:27:48 PM

    As some of our Friends clearly need their daily Greg “Hammer” Williams update, here ’tis:

    Despite speculation here and elsewhere that Williams would be returning to KTCK-AM’s “The Hardline” this afternoon at 3, that will not be the case. “He’s not in the building today,” Ticket program director Jeff Catlin told Unfair Park moments ago. And when asked if Williams would be returning this week, as Richie Whitt wrote last week in his terrific column on the subject, Catlin said, “I don’t know, and that’s the truth.”

    Which means, for now, this still makes the perfect Christmas present. –Robert Wilonsky

    An update, courtesy Richie Whitt: Minutes ago on “The Afternoon Drive-Time Sports Update Smorgasboard Un-Hardline Show,” host Mike Rhyner made an announcement essentially about an upcoming announcement.

    “Now that it’s out there,” Mike said, referring to last week’s column in the paper version of Unfair Park, “we can talk about it.” But — you knew that was coming, didn’t ya? — that on-air discussion won’t happen until, in Rhyner’s words, “we have a definitive resolution.”

    “When we do address it,” he said, “we’ll focus more on what’s in front of us rather than what’s gone on with this show in the past.”

    Talking to Greggo and station sources last week it sure sounded like The Hammer would at some point be back on the air, possibly as early as this week. But with Rhyner now talking about the future, it’s sounding more and more like Williams is past tense.

  • Scooter

    Could this possibly be a ‘Paul is Dead’ scenario? This isn’t some well orchestrated prank is it?

  • Sultans of Stiffness

    I’m just tired of this. Bring back the Cat Man and get this overwith. Greg is OUT. Contribute something Rhyner. Other than just agreeing with everything the Cobra says.

  • P1 Danny

    Finally, after 7 weeks the Hardline acknowledges a P1’s letter regarding the staff’s lack of sports talk and Greggo. Some guy wrote the entire staff and nailed what he wrote as far as how the show has turned into a bath (downhill) and how Rhyner has “mailed it in”, and touched on Greggo’s absence as well. The Hardline simply made fun of it… I’m becoming turned off with the “we’re way too above you P1 listeners to acutally care about what you think” attitude.

  • puffpuffgive

    Mike’s pissed, mess with a man’s money, he gets pissed. And this thing is going nowhere without hambonita (not that it hadn’t already jumped the shark and really was going anywhere) but I’m sure Mike was counting on a few more years out of this thing. Thought Mike’s comments on Guys Guide – the last 2 questions – were pretty telling. Hold a good thought for Huggy, I enjoyed all the years, it was a great show, but this thing is heading for a 3 room apartment in the sky..

  • TheOpossumGregScared

    It amazes me that one guy from Wise County can get so many people talking about him just by doing nothing. Maybe he’s sick, maybe rehab, maybe contract related, maybe something nobody has thought of yet. Greg knows and he will let us know when it is time. As for the rest of The 1310 STAY HARD!!! You have your reasons for not saying anything. Maybe Greg asked you not to. I don’t know. If he did, good for you for respecting his wishes. There is a time to poke fun and accuse and a time not to. The 1310 is a family. From The Cat to the promotions and sales. If my brother or sister had a problem of any kind, the last thing I would do is broadcast it all over the air. If they asked me not to then that’s the way it is.PERIOD
    TO THE HAMMER: Come back if you want to. You can.

  • TheOpossumGregScaredNeedsToRead

    TheOpossumGregScared, Greg’s already come out and said it was a drug/rehab situation in an interview with the Observer.

  • matt

    Who cares? I am amazed so many people listen to sports talk radio that is 2% sports and 98% crap…boo hoo greggo is a coke head, WHO CARES!!!

  • I CARE, MATT!!

    Sorry Matt, but I CARE! I am a stay at home mom is who driven crazy by my 2 wonderful little babies! I swear to you that having The Ticket on in the house during the day helps me to stay sane, young and motivated to continuing exercising!!! No kidding. The way they talk about women pushes me harder and harder every day!! These guys keep me “fresh” and it breaks my heart that one of them is down right now and horribly addicted to drugs.
    Just my 2 cents…..

  • TheOpossumGregScared

    TheOpossumGregScared has more to his entry than just the reason for not being there. Read the rest of it.

  • TheOpossumGregScaredNeedsToRead

    Nah, didn’t feel like reading the rest when it was apparent TheOpposumGregScared was still unaware of the current status of the situation. TheOpposumGregScared did type a lot of words up there, I see, and should be commended for the effort however.

  • Greggo II

    I tried to read as many of the posts possible before adding this one so please excuse me if I’m reposting. I think the really intriguing question about the Hammer’s absence is more who is controlling the situation than when or if he’ll return. Is the Rhyner keeping the Hambonita away? Is Ticket/Cumulus management holding all the cards? Is it Greggo himself throwing all of the good, clean, sweet P1s under the bus? I actually do agree that keeping the listeners in the dark regarding the situation is the correct position that the station should take. They are now the official Dallas Cowboys station, Jub Jub is VOTS in his spare time and the list of sponsors and time slots owed to them is beginning to rival the number of burgers sold by McDonald’s. It’s difficult to just turn on the station and actually hear one of the hosts talking and not some over the top car commercial blasting through the radio. The station has to protect their business partners in order to stay on the air and most is probably not interested in having their ads run on Rehab Radio. If you look at it purely from a business perspective then what’s going on with Afternoon Drive Time Programming makes complete sense. I know that we all love and miss Greggo but money rules and the bottom line must be maintained at all costs. You know, “follow the money.”

    “Well, yea”

  • puffpuffgive

    Greggo II – as for who is controlling his absence and ‘keeping the Hambonita away’ I suspect it’s as strait forward as this is a company, the guy is in drug rehab, and HR dictates a certain protocol. Hold a good thought for Huggy, hopefully he gets healthy and is able to change his ways – regardless if he returns or not. He sure seems like a good dude..

  • Preston Munchensonton

    We were told Hammer would be back by the end of the Month of November from Ritchie “Twit’s” article. Didn’t happen. Well Friday was November 30th…..end of the month….end of the pay period…..END OF THE HAMMER. My prediction is that Monday December 3, we will be notified that the Hammer is no more,,,and onward it goes.

    Just my opinion.

  • Rocky

    i agree with opossumgregscared, he very well might be the smartest man ever. he makes a very, very, very, very, valiad point. i wish i could make points so very, very, very, very valiad. did i spell very right? or is it vary? i met opossumgregscared would know how to spell very. or is it vary? oh shoot i just dont know wich it is. please dont dimiss my entry becaus i dont know how to spell very. or vary, wich ever the case may be. now i am not sure i spelled wich correctly. oh my i wish i never started writting this! does writting have one t or two ts? crap, i look like such a uneducated bafoon! oh well, nobodys perfect right? well in closing i would like to say come on back hammer whenever u can. Stay Hard, Keep Jammin, and we’ll see ya, because you never know.

  • TheOpossumGregScared

    Thanks Rocky. At least somebody out there agrees with me. You sound smart yourself. What are you doing next Friday night?

  • p1 Barney

    just announced on the ticket that greggo will not be back. corby seemed jubilant..

    I wonder if it will take 8 weeks to see where he shows up??

  • Hey Barney….

    DANG IT!!!!! I missed the announcement! I can’t freaking believe I missed it…

    What did they say, can you summarize? Are they going to go over it again?

    Thank you! 🙂

  • to hell with all you p****** greggo is the biggest a****** on the ticket..the hypocracy of it all…**** greggo and the harley he rode up on

  • Apologize to all your fans out there

    We will miss you Captain Drug

  • pash

    Can anyone else confirm that the announcement was made, and give any more details about what was said?

  • harry

    Last week-either thu or fri- mike said an announcement concerning greggo will come next week, probably thur or fri. i believe p1 barney is jacking around, as i was listening and don’t remember hearing anything. besides, i think it will be much more than just an announcement, but probably a couple of segments minimum. i think this board would have been lit up if there wasn an announcement.

  • Crash

    The Hardline web site is still up and Hardline ads are still being run.

  • joe

    Mike is a skeleton of himself without the Hammer. No one to talk baseball with. Corby seems like a good guy, but his sports knowledge is average. Listening to him would be like listening to a neighbor. He doesn’t tell you anything you don’t already know. His gimmick was the bits he would do.

  • Totally Agree

    Thanks Harry, those were my thoughts exactly. I only missed about 20 minutes of the show yesterday and when I started thinking about it last night, there is no way they would have dropped that kind of a bomb and then moved right on. I don’t think anything was said.

    Plus, there is nothing on any other board about it.

  • puffpuffgive

    3 hours and 20 minutes of Cubra Community Quick hits, Entertainment news, etc and a 10 minute what’s on Mikes Mind mail it in is getting brutal. I drifted yesterday…actually fell over to the FM side for a few. I feel so dirty

  • Scooter

    After the RW Observer article confirmed what we were all thinking and the inevitibility of a Hardline shakeup, let’s use the upcoming wife swap as experimenting with all new show lineups. For example let’s move Sweet Jub to 3-7 and Corby to morning drive for a new and improved Rant every morning. let’s find a way to get Ben and Skin more involved. And for the love of God kick Dick Hicks to the curb.

  • dick hicks

    hateful bastard

  • ex-closet friend

    I think the next frontburner story about greggo should be “The coming out of Greg Williams”

    Im shocked his closet gayness has been keep so secret…

    Well its no secret to me…..

  • Scooter

    Everyone’s in denial – the greggo shipped has sailed and it’s never coming back. The real question is what will the Hardline morph into? As much as Snake and The Cloud try, Rhyner needs an peer to go back and forth with on the occasional sports point. Instead of a little red shoe ranger-like approach pf adding spare parts here and there and hoping things get marginally better – let’s do a Jimmy and tear the whole thing down and start from scratch. And please shoot Dick Hicks.

  • Lester Roadhog Moran

    Greg screwed up. Hope he has been re-evaluating his life choices and discovering some self discipline. All that said, after all this time, I forgive him and welcome him back.I don’t believe he should have to lose everything he’s worked for to learn this particular lesson? Stay Hard……ole Roadhog.

  • Lakeweird P1

    They keep referencing Greggo on the show so I have to believe he’s coming back. I like Greg and I hope he turns to the Ticket. Besides, imagine the fun they (Mike, Danny, etc..) will have at his expense if/when he does return. It will be a train wreck and nobody can keep their eyes (or ears) off a train wreck.

  • Lakeweird P1

    Looks like I was wrong. Appears the Happy Hammer is no more. Too bad. How bout them boobs!!

  • P1 Kenny

    I heard he was spotted trying out to be the new Quiet Riot frontman…..He also applied for the GM of the Dallas Stars but they decided to promote from within….I gotta poop!!!

  • harley

    Hey Roadhead, How can you forgive him and welcome him back so quick for his careless acts. He could careless about you the listener or the ticket!! He only cares about himself…

    what a drama queen……..

  • Lester Roadhog Moran

    harley……just an opinion.

    allright, mighty fine!

  • California Hardline Listener

    I fear that The Hammer may very well be gone. In listening today during emmy talk they were playing the Doogie “Come On” drop and Danny made the comment that The Ticket should start paying him royalties…at which point Corby said “he’s not the only one we’ll be paying royalties to”…Rynes starting laughing and they quickly got off it and acted like it didn’t happen….

    Could this spell doom for Greggo????

  • Good,Strong P1….
    Good Sweet Greggo is probably gone and I am worried about the whole Hardline program. Cumulus (the corp owner of KTCK) bought our 610am here in Houston.We had a morning program that was very similar to HL. They picked up their “s” and left the station just a week after they celebrated their 15 year anniversary!
    Now they are on another station after being without a home for 6 months or so. On their new station they go on and on about how much they hated working for Cumulus.
    I have been listening to Mike for over a decade and we email alot. He is not happy right now and I dont think it is all directed at The Hammer.
    Dont be surprised boys……I’m telling you…..we may not lose just The Hammer!

  • Totally Agree

    Anyone have a link to the new RW article? My brother just told me that it was printed today and says that the Hammer and 1310 got into a huge altercation last week and he isn’t coming back. 1310 is buying him out of his contract…It’s official as it’s in print. They didn’t want him back and he is PISSED.

    Brother said it’s all in Richie’s new article


    Lawyers. That’s the latest update on the continuing saga of host Greg Williams and KTCK-AM (1310, The Ticket). The wind has drastically changed directions since I wrote in my November 22 column that “The Hammer” would be back on the air at The Ticket.

    At the time, Williams was determined to exorcise his drug demons and re-claim his spot on the afternoon show “The Hardline.” And, at the time, station management was receptive — or, at least, legally obligated to accept his return. Now? Don’t count on it.

    After Thanksgiving, there was a volatile face-to-face meeting between Williams and co-workers. And, recently, Williams and station management have down-shifted from not being able to say too much to not being able to say anything at all. Which means only one thing: lawyers.

    My theory is that the involved parties are negotiating a departure rather than a return — and that this could drag out for weeks, likely into the new year. Co-host Mike Rhyner most recently addressed the situation on-air on November 26 when he hinted at the show’s future being dramatically altered from its past. “Now that it’s out there,” Mike said, “we can talk about it. But we have to wait until we have a definitive resolution on this thing. When we do address it, we’ll focus more on what’s in front of us rather than what’s gone on with this show in the past.”

    This morning we received another subtle, yet seemingly definitive clue about Hammer’s life-support status when he wasn’t included in The Ticket’s annual “White Elephant” cross-dressing of hosts and shifts, set for next Wednesday. Afterward, morning hosts George Dunham and Craig Miller teased us with the promise of a phone call from a long-time Ticket voice upset at his exclusion. Hammer? Fake Greggo? Nope, just this guy. –Richie Whitt

    Category: Media, Sports

  • P1 Chic

    “My theory is that the involved parties are negotiating a departure rather than a return”

    That Theory Cannot Be Proven…..

    copy and paste above to get to latest RW article

  • Scooter

    For the love of all that is good – shake up the afternoon lineup and breathe some much needed life into the presentation…

  • Mike

    Day one P-1…..The hardline is terrrrrible without the “HAMMER” Mike is lost and Cobra is out of his league….The spiral has begun !!

  • You know,….the funny thing is that I think Danny has emerged as the most “engaging” host on the show. He has a natural dry sense of humor and I think he reminds me of the Wolf of old. Cobby is definitely an endless self-promoter. Mike’s interplay with him during his many senseless verbal forays is forced to say the least. He always tended to talk down the “Hammer” I thought….did not show him very much respect. I could see how Greg would want to get away from what the show has morphed into. (The Cobby Comedy Hour) Not that it really matters,….but he (Cobby) has never answered a single email that I have sent him. Mike has answered each one…though they are usually one or two word responses…..Oh well. Might as well go jump the creek in my Trans Am!!

  • Brent

    Hey I heard a promo on Bob & Dan’s show promoting the Hardline as Mike Rhyner and his youck monkey Corbie. As they came back from break Dan said “wow” and seemed suprised. No mention of Greggo.

  • I heard it too

    Yeap, I heard it too….It was the first time I’ve heard it without Greggo. It really doesn’t get more official than that.


  • Jeff

    As much as I like Greggo, no one part is greater than the whole. The Ticket will move on without him and still remain as successful.

    The only person that cannot be replaced up there is Gordo. He is involved in so much up there. From fake characters to creating other “bits”

  • Jeff

    On another note…..

    Although Mike comes across a little rough and non-personable, he is actually VERY friendly and represents everything that is good about Dallas radio. With him still in the mix, the Hardline will survive.

    Ryner is Eddie Van Halen and Greggo is David Lee Roth.

    It’s now time to find our “Hardline Sammy Hagar”!

    I guess with this illustration, it means that Greggo will return in about 25 years.

  • ………uhhhh…… I dont want to be negative here but……today blew…..expeshully the hardline,…..(with the exception of gordon you are greatness….corby,…get a grip–could you laugh any harder at your own jokes?) Sad, Sad, Sad…

    Oh Lord,….in the name of all that is good and sacred,……please fix the Hammer and make this all go away….just a bad dream….

  • greatness

    Gordon’s ticker at 5:10 was the funniest thing I ever heard. He was making up sports scores for every sport including the rangers and astros, saying things like “the rangers win the AL west today losing to the the A’s which helps the mavericks improve to 8 and 10” etc… No matter what happens at the little ticket, I’ll always listen to hear the great gordo!


    I agree Greatness! It’s like he just kept getting himself more and more confused going on and ended up in a tailspin! (I know it’s just a bit, but it was classic!)

    I thought overall today was great! I definitley missed the Hammer, but all in all it was VERY entertaining….

    By the way, I actually believed Rhyner when he said he didn’t know how Greggo was doing. He sounded totally legit. VERY sad

  • harry painter

    the greggo drops have stopped. they can’t replay the bob knight gold. whats the ticket coming to. its right wing censorship

  • Scooter

    well said big harry painter If the Ticket and Hardline in particular can’t push the proverbial envelope then just go to the network and Guy Sports. Less Norm. More me.

  • Ugh!!! don’t you know Mike is missing Hammer to talk to about baseball. Now he has to talk to Corby, who doesn’t care or know anything about baseball. At least Danny is into baseball. Boy I feel for Mike and the us the P1s. Are there any other forums like this that aren’t to bad w/ language and pop-ups ? Poor Mike

  • puffpuffgive

    Noticed on Friday they are all starting to reference ‘I guess so cause we suck now’ type comments. Guess all the email and blogs start to wear on you after a while. I guess some P1’s just assumed they’d be number 1 the rest of their lives, and anything less earns them the email about how ‘they suck now’. From my perspective, they caught lightning in a bottle, and absolutely were the best out there for quite some time, and I enjoyed the hell out of it. And I don’t mean that they got lucky, I think they all worked their asses off and time is just taking it’s course. So thanks to the HL and little Ticket for all those great memories…I think that Marconi is about 5 years late. If you would have told me a few months ago that at the middle of December the Cowboys would be 12-1…I probably wouldn’t have agreed. If you would have told me a few months ago that Mike the Hammer was strung out on Cocaine and would walk out in the middle of a broadcast and never return and pretty much single handidly end the HL, I sure as hell wouldn’t have believed that! So before anyone types up another ‘you suck’ email for Mike or Corby or whoever…give em some time to work through this

  • technicalfoul

    times up. they suck

  • Well Said Puff Puff

    Very well put, I agree with pretty much everything you said. I just think that it has been long enough and this ship is sinking fast. I would have liked to see someone more permanent in their by now and some kind of direction with this show.
    I just don’t think Corby is strong enough to be a co-host yet. At least not for this show. They need someone a little more like Rhyner. Corby is a good 3rd wheel, but he and Mike are just too different in totally different times of their lives.

    Again, I just think their should be more closure by now. Trying out new co-hosts, letting the P1’s give some opinions or votes, something. Hell, audition some P1’s and throw them in with Rhyner for a broadcast or 2 just too spice it up until something permanent is in place.

    I don’t think they suck totally just yet, but for the love of all that is good in this world, right this ship fast.

  • Good point. Cobby was brought in originally to break up what someone at the top probably thought was becoming a stale formula. They say people like Rome doing alot of celebrity gossip stuff and points of interest on the periphery of the world of sports and tried to duplicate that by bringing a “yuck monkey”. BAD did alot of this type of thing before and it looked like a winning formula. And it was,…obviously for a long time. But Cobby is now forced into a role that he is not going to grow into. He has made a name for himself by making a fool of himself. That is my opinion only though,….I am 42 now and have been listening to them since I was in my late twentys. Maybe I would think differently if I were “young” again.
    We miss you Hammer!!

  • puffpuffgive

    Probably in a Human Resource/Lawyer nightmare. But agreed, they do need to do something quick for the love of all that is good! Also, probably not the best forum for this, but a public service warning: that ‘bus’ from Cool River to the Cowboys game is really a white 8 passenger van with about 17 people smashed in it that runs about 1 1/2 hours late. If you do it once, you’ll never do it again. I promise.

  • Scooter

    Time’s up Hammer. If you’re clean and want to come on home then please do so. if you’re clean but don’t want to return then quit hiding behind lawyers and just resign. Quit being a victim – Lord knows you would have torched anyone else pulling this stunt.

  • Preston Munchensonton

    It’s over. We all know it. I don’t think we will hear any type of announcement from “The Little Ticket” about this. Greg is gone, and not to return again. It is a shame. Many of us have listened for years and enjoyed “The Hammer”. But he screwed the pooch. He had it all, and snorted it, or smoked it all up. Now he has a “big bag of nothing” which he will carry around for years to come. Too bad,,,sooooo sad. Bet you wish you had a do-over huh Greg?

  • ………….man,…….the guys the ticket runs out there these days!……..donnnydont and richhiccups in for bad radio………
    Okay, let’s take two guys that suck alone and put ’em together. rich has the radio personality of a station id and donny has the delivery of a parent speaking to a three year old. (by the way,…donny…”very” is pronounced: “vairee”…not “veeby”)
    I say Mark Followell as the New Hammer. Any other suggestions for his replacement?

  • P1 Danny

    Greggo spotted! He’s was on TV the last couple of days…as Michigan’s new head coach. Nice gig Hammer, I won’t tell.

    For the record, due to all this, ESPN radio’s not bad and growing on me. Morning guys are good, I turn it to the Ticket now when that stupid old man named Gallager comes on at 3pm. Nice accent old focker.

  • guess its all dying down now….all the intrigue, all the shock,……and, after all the worry and anger,…..we are left with the reality that,…….now The Hardline is just another spare sports talkshow….too bad….oh well,…that’s life……..


    5:10 TODAY! Rhyner said he is talking about it TODAY at 5:10 and to pass it on. There is yet another update coming…..

  • New Richie Whitt, Today

    As the latest step in the messy divorce between former host Greg Williams and The Hardline, the Hammer’s attorneys have slapped the station with a nice little cease and desist. (Remind me some day to tell you about the time I got one from baseball super-agent Scott Boras. The things are nasty.) What’s it mean?

    Firstly, as I wrote recently, it’s a done deal that Williams has uttered his last back-porch country witticism on the station. Secondly, The Ticket can no longer use Williams’ name on the air. No more of his commercial spots. No more mentioning his name during a segment. No more — God help us — Greggo drops.

    Sad that our area’s most innovative and addicting sports talk show had to end. Even sadder that it has to end like this. Williams, as detailed last month, recently lost a battle to drug addiction. With his Ticket bridges burned and nothing left but to negotiate a contract buyout, Hammer is already willing and able to move on.

    Radio industry sources told me this week that Williams met with ESPN’s local radio affiliate and is also involved in preliminary talks with Live 105.3 FM about an on-air role, possibly hosting his own show.

    Couple of hurdles: Hammer would have to convince The Ticket to waive the “non-compete” clause in his contract in order to work in this market this soon. And ESPN — despite being in all sorts of upheaval — apparently said, “No thanks.”

    While Hammer searches for a new gig, and Hardline-er Mike Rhyner searches for a new sidekick, one thing’s for sure: Dallas sports talk radio will sound much different in 2008. Too early to tell exactly what it’ll all mean. The smart money says Hammer will miss The Ticket much more than The Ticket will miss the Hammer. Right? Not that station-wide, small-picture trend numbers are definitive, but in Arbitron radio ratings released Tuesday, The Ticket dipped from a 3.0 to a 2.8 in the Fall 2 period for listeners 12-and-up, while ESPN surged from 1.4 to 1.9. Are those tweaks due to the start of the Mavs’ season on ESPN, the end of The Hammer Era on The Ticket or neither? Since you can no longer stay hard, stay tuned. –Richie Whitt

    Category: Media, Sports

  • New Richie Whitt, Today

    Sorry Greg, but you can’t carry a show by yourself. Just ain’t happening…But in the words of another P1, I too would love to hear his side of the story…..About how he pissed the greatest job ever down the drain.

  • Mr Armageddon

    Bayoucity is obviously in the rehab room next to Greggo. I’ll miss Greggo too, but to say that “he” was the Hardline is out n out stupid. The chemistry is what made up the Hardline and while Greggo is a big part of that, it will not end the most popular talk show. ESPN telling Greggo NO,NO,NO is a big indicator of Greggo’s value out there. As much as I hate it too, Greggo did this to himself. It sucks, but it’s true. And Donny Doo is the only reason listening to Bad Radio is now bearable. Dan’s constant crying and fake bullying is tired. Donnie brings to them a legitimate yuck monkey and he has good sports points as well(though I don’t really listen to him for that.) Stop hatin!

  • Jason from Haslet

    I miss Greggo he seemed like a brother to me. I hope in some way it can all come back together. I guess it’s true that we should remember the good times and we were all spoiled with the Greatest show on the radio. I am still not sure I like Danny but he is growing on me.

  • puffpuffgive

    Well that was nice of Mike and Corby to give us an update, sounds like Mike is really excited about moving on, sounds like they’ve been dealing with Hammer’s addiction for some time. Unless you have an addict in your family, you just dont have any idea the emotions and the swings you go through. It’s very painful. And let’s face it, this thing was pretty much like a family. So we can all wait for the stories later..maybe years from now…but the bottom line from here anyway is, yep, Mike, we’ll give you guys another chance, of course. And while it’s easy to get pissed at Hammer for screwing this thing up, he’s an addict and that’s kind of just the way they roll. And for the folks sending hate mail about HL ‘turning thier backs on Hammer in time of need’, it’s just not that easy folks. You can do everything in the world and more for the guy, an addict just doesn’t care. And again, unless you’ve been there – which unfortunatly I have – it’s hard to explain.

  • Mike Did a Great Job Today

    I thought Rhyner did a really good job today of saying something without really saying anything. He is a stand up guy, not saying anything bad about Greggo or the situation. You can tell he’s pissed, and he could have really torn Greggo to pieces without really saying it directly about Greggo, but he didn’t .
    I feel kinda bad for him. The way he sounded at times would make you think that he lost his best friend. Really Sad….

    It sounds like Greggo had a lot more to do with NOT coming back. I can’t imagine him walking back into those offices after this mess he has caused, and barking orders and demands. But somehow, I think he did something of the sort.

  • Question

    Why would Greggo choose to leak this to the press? What did he have to gain by doing that?

    I would think he would have wanted this kept VERY quiet until his return.

    This whole thing just doesn’t make sense

  • Do you like your job?

    Anyone else think Greg should go over to NPR?

  • hambonita

    first off this lineup has been rather thin lately with that old bag of bones stammering and that slithety snake reminding everyone that the world revolves around him.i miss greggo.he must have done something pretty bad for all of this to happen.are you telling me i’ll never hear”do you like being chief of police”or”how big are your boobs”again? this station will never be the same again it will just be.tis is a horrible loss.

  • anticorb

    What to do? I guess it’s official! The one tru bright light of local radio has been snuffed out. Countless days I would spend at Starbucks, Border’s,and various other places,chuckling as I listened thru my headset. I would record hardline on cassette and listen later on days I had to work.Oh so sad…my lack of a life…as well as dismantling my show!!Eventhough I eventually grew to tolerate him, I think the decline started when Corby came aboard. Greggo & Rynes, and occasional Gordo bit, were nothing short of genius. Gordo goes to mornings for apparent ratings boost, and they bring in this no-talent windbag!! This guy sucks the life out of any show. If I have to listen to one more BORING college buddy story…I SWEAR TO GOD!!!! Please bring back my Greggo…PLEASE!

  • Amen, anticorb,…that’s all I’m tryin to say…I am down here in the hellhole called Houston and I have to stream HL to get it….I mean I really WORK to listen,…most of you are lucky in that you can just turn on your car radio and listen away,….I am from Arlington, graduated from UTA and have listened to HL eversince ’94. I did not even give a crap about sports until I heard The Hammer and The Old Crotchety Wolf! I know more about those guys than I do about most of my family members.
    So I have a right to stand up and call it like I see it….and what I see/hear is a self-serving frat boy taking over a show that I love(d). He is the opposite of what the show is(WAS) all about and if he weren’t so good at sucking up he would have been run a long time ago! Cobby, you spare,…YOU SUCK!!!

  • Sputnik

    The show is tired an needs to be put out to pasture. AM1 show – Musers – is good, sometimes great. Norm – is well, norm, and is really god for his 120. Mid-day, BaD Radio is rocking – and Donny’doo is a great add! The Hard Line? How’a’boot the Tired Line! Oof-Da! SUCKS!

  • Greggo II

    Acaller to Cowboys Phoneage was abruptly cut off when he tried bringing up Greggo today. Mike seemed very disgusted by the attempted on air question and simply said that the question was discussed a few days ago and that was all that they were going to say about it. The Hardline is no more and now they are just mailing it in everyday while just turning a cold shoulder to the good, clean, sweet P1. And why do they keep calling it the Hardline when it isn’t? What are they doing? Why not just announce that the show will be going another direction next year beginning Wednesday January 2 and just be done with it? Surly they have a plan for next year sans Greggo, right? What a total spare fest.

  • bigsteve

    The Ticket needs to blow up the Hardline and start fresh, with two new co-anchors and new yuck monkey.

    Rynes needs to be a behind the scenes guy, starting now. Perhaps add Corby to BAD Radio.

    Stay Hard

  • anticorb

    You know…the more airtime Corby receives,the more he’s exposed as the unlistenable fraud he is. The once enjoyable bantering repartee has deminished into a daily wriggley wrestling fest!Hell!! It’s no wonder our hero is on drugs! If I had to work with Corby everyday, I’d be on something too…like an unstable footstool with a noose around my friggin neck!! I never understood why Hardline,being anchor of Ticket,needed a third wheel. Especially this goofball!Bad decision coach…bad decision!! I’m not saying Corby doesnt have a place at the Ticket…unfortunatly,it’s probably washing dishes in commisary. All together now…LESS CORBY!!!!!

  • anticorb

    Oh…and by thy way..MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  • Chris

    Less SPARBY for sure, WAY too much Corby for sure, we need a new hardline for 2008

    Corby brings NOTHING to the listening table, I could fill in better myself!

    Maybe it is time for Rhyner to be behind the scenes?

    Good luck Greggo you are missed!


  • puffpuffgive

    Mike addressed all this a couple of days ago, they’re going to try and fix it, but hands are tied legally right now. HR and lawyers got this thing mucked up – well Greg doing drugs to the point he wasn’t reliable and couldn’t do a show mucked it up. But once they get the legal stuff out of the way I assume we’ll see some new direction. Corby’s not it, he was just sitting there when the seat went vacant and has been filling in until they get a more permanent replacement. A 30 minute mix, 10 minutes of ‘what’s on Mike’s mind’ and 3 1/2 hours of entertainment news and community quick hits ain’t gonna get it and they know that. On another note, when Mike addressed the situation before they all left for xmas, did anyone else catch wind that it looks like Huggy is really making a mess of this thing now legally? And we have all heard Greg when Mike is out sick and has to do the show by himself, not so good buddy. Not a solo act. Come on Greg…don’t you think you’ve done enough damage, now bringing in the lawyers? Wrecked the show (read: other peoples livlihood Greg not just yours) and now you bring lawyers in to get what ever last dollars you can from the thing? Mike has to be livid..

  • Scooter

    I give Wolf a lot of latitude in this matter…It’s a messy situation not of his doing and doesn’t appear to be getting any better. In reflective moments he has think that the best gig, the most financially rewarding, the biggest sphere of influence he’ll ever have is long gone simply because the guy in the next seat can’t keep his nose clean.

    Bigger picture – I wonder is Ticket mgmt is thinking its gravy days are over…

  • anticorb

    As strange as it may sound,I personally feel this could still be salvaged. It needs to be settled before to much more time lapses. It’s going to take sitting down and discussing whats best for everybody.I realize this is not groundbreaking news here,but I feel Greggo probably NEEDS the Ticket& Ticket needs Greggo! The Norm drops are already getting old. The humor, being what it is on the show,could probably work thru it.After enough time passes,can you just imagine the bits that could come from this?! Greggo needs to right his own personal ship, Rhynes & co ,albeit undersevingly, need to do a little pride ajustment…. oh..and eh…security needs to briskly escort Corby thru nearest exit and LOCK DOOR!!!!

  • Hopefully, after dry dock, and maybe with a little more cooling down time things can get worked out. I, for one, would absolutely like to see the old regime back in place (could I have used any more cliche’s in that sentence?). …..Even my stuff is getting tired………..”Mark!”
    …….less me………

  • puffpuffgive

    When Mike said he’s all for second chances…but when it gets to 4th or 5th…that says to me this thing (actually Mike said this) is a lot bigger than we know or really should now about and it just isn’t salvageable. Mike really takes the high road here, wishing the best for ‘all’ parties including Greg. And if it comes across like I’m kissing Mike’s ass so be it…he’s actually my least favorite of the ticket on air guys. But I loved him on the Zoo!

  • P1 Gene

    Day 1 the little ticket began as the renegade, irreverant, all sports/guy talk, anti-establishment station that few gave a chance to survive. Survive and thrive it has, to the point that it has become the establishment, heck Norm moved over and they are the Cowboys’ flagship. The Hardline, Rhyner and Williams had been together for what.. 13 years, how many radio partnerships last that long? All things must pass and it’s time to get back to the cutting edge presentations where it all began. It’s not a bad thing to shake things up a bit, maybe take sports talk to the next level.
    Rhyner is an icon in Dallas radio, as part of the Zoo and the Hardline, kind of like if George Harrison after the Beatles, had started up a band that became bigger than the Beatles.
    Rhyner and the Hardline are going to be fine, I’m not quite as sure ‘a country boy will survive”.

  • Mike

    I thought the Ham_ _ r could not be mentioned ……Rhines better check those cool river spots buddy !!!

  • It’s real easy to bag on Cobby through all of this. Remember he didn’t ask to be put in the other chair! I am not saying I am the biggest fan. Corby has had alot put on his plate. He probably never kept up with every sport going on, because he only needed to focus on the yuck monkey stuff. But as a Longhorn guy you know I get tired of hearing about the OU games. All I am saying is he wasn’t meant to talk every sport there is out there. You have to admit he hasn’t been horrible. He has done his job! That is to fill in until they replace Greggo and he can go back to what he does best. Cut the guy a little slack. He knows more about sports than you and I do. He has his dream job and he isn’t snorting it away! Keep up the good work Corb!……..(make the check payable to cash!)……Oh yeah, thanks for not completely bagging on my Horns!

  • whatupplayer

    Anyone around here recall 20 years ago when one of the only media brightspots, CH 8 News, lost anchor Iola Johnson? Breaking barriers, showing style, setting a fast pace, she was as articulate as she was attractive, and made a heck of a counterbalance to the all white male on air staff. But Iola blew herself up, inexplicably, with a not so private heavy duty addiction to coke.

    This was way back in the day: no HIPPA, no big-company drying out assistance, no lawyers tripping over each other, and certainly no blogs to permit actually-interested & sickened viewers to exchange news & comment (in fact there was a complete vacuum for news on what happened to her career).

    It just seems that with drugs so very old school and seemingly only a problem for the less fortunate, that the Hammer successfully crossed those eco-barriers and achieved the same fate with the same drug as Iola….neither never understood how fortunate they were that veiwer/listner (making considerably less money, and working considerably more hours) actually cared about the words coming out of their mouth, to paraphrase Chris Tucker in Rush Hour.

    So be it. We are officially over the Hammer (or ought to be)in a new year & era, he has wrecked out The Little Ticket, affected countless co workers (possible sending the Old Gray Wolf to total obscurity & unemployment) and in 20 years (like Iola) will be scrounging around the Metroplex as a used to be broadcast hack, calling traffic or writing a column in the Observer or living with his mom in Boyd: broke, fat, tatted up, toothless and manufacturing meth in her garage.

    Glory days. He has already seen them.

  • Greggo II

    Crap, Dick Hicks just said someone would be back on the Ticket this afternoon at 3:00 but he said it so quickly that I missed it. Did he say Greggo?

  • Greggo II

    Dang, strike my last entry. Wade Phillips will be on at 3:00, not Greggo. DOH!

  • DICKHicksHater

    I’d gladly give up a week off the end of my life if Dick Hicks never quacked into a 1310 microphone again…

    More Orphanage. Less Dick.

  • Mike

    Why in the world is Greggo still on the webpage for the cowboy postgame show ?????

  • Did anyone hear the musers refer to the kunklenater as the comish, the #1 cop this morning? Then the management phone rang. …and they were saying that the phrase could not be said anymore on the air and they were asking each other if that phrase is copywrited…funny

  • Rolando

    Why all the bashing on Corby? I almost drove off the road from laughing the first time I heard him do the fart game. Danny’s good too. The show will be fine, although I will miss the Greggo drops.

  • Where did you see “greggo’s likeness”?Greggo has been off the post game banner at the top of the webpage for weeks now.
    I agree with “HIcks'” critics. He must have some inside connections there,…as does Donny Dont. They both would be great somewhere else. Donny especially on a Sat morning kids show.
    Corby is Mike’s little lapdog. He is there solely for Mike’s entertainment. But overall a no-talent hack.

  • TJM

    Bayoucity P1 – the Greggo pic on the banner was just removed within this past week. I checked last week and it was still there. I did check again tonight and it has been changed.

  • TJM

    However….the Hardline page still has Greg’s picture all over it. I figured that would have been changed out as well.


    Greg is a nice guy but its easy to tell that he got hooked up with the wrong people and started to do coke and suck cock

  • anticorb

    Sounds like you might have experience there gloryhole….

  • anticorb

    Rolando…I was amused first time I heard fart game too. It’s those other 529 times that SUCKED!


    Anticorb >> Friction is Friction, to each their own

  • greggo’s gay lover

    Leave him alone…

    Greggo is a great catcher but needs a litle help on his pitching

  • Sorry, man my bad….about the pix. Gloryhole,…that’s messed up man,….I just spewed coffee all over my effen laptop!
    But you are probably right,….I heard the two go together….I guess after you “blow” your whole paycheck on blow there’s nuttin’ else left to do to get your score………….? Sad,…sad,….sad.
    Stay Hard,…literally……!!

  • CCMChuck

    I don’t know what is up with Greggo, but wish him well. If its a rehab issue, let him get the treatment he needs. I, as a P1, don’t like being left in the dark on the future of the Hard Line. For those that have been in the metroplex for a while, Stevens and Pruitt (formally at KEGL) broke up their Houston show recently, and one of them now has a new partner, named– Greggo. Haven’t heard the show, so don’t know if this is our Greggo, but food for thought. Whatever is up, how you are well, Hugs.

  • anticorb

    I hope Greggo stays in Dallas. If he gets another gig, I’ll certainly give it a listen.

  • Chuck,…….what do you mean, “I don’t know what’s up with Greggo”…..?
    And you claim to be a P1!! Pull your head out dude!!

  • I just heard from a buddy of mine who works at KTCK parttime on weekends that the “Major Announcement” coming up this Thursday is that Greg Williams will be returning to The Hardline. Evidently he has been in the building since the weekend getting caught up on everything. Supposedly Mike flew in last Friday and they had a six hour meeting.

  • anticorb

    Please tell me Corby’s not involved.

  • RaffyPalmeirosMustache

    this is too good too be true so obviously it’s just speculation. Is there any way they can welcome Hammer back? Maybe Hammer is finding out there’s no market for rampant cokehead unless your last name is Irvin or Big Newt.

  • harry painter

    do you actually think they are going to annouce on Norm’s show that Greggo is coming back to the hardline?! i think the “insider” may have been out with greggo.

  • Harry Davis
  • Greggo II

    I didn’t care for management’s decision to leave Ticket sparedom in place by putting The Throwdown on yesterday to start the first full week of the new year. What a total mail-it-in, give up, throw the P1 under the bus choice.

  • harry painter

    any guesses on what the announcement will be? is the rangers radio contract up? stars? mavericks? or will the new lineup be coming out?

  • Greggo II

    Yea, must be Greggo returning to the Ticket after all. The current teaser that they’re running starts out with “We would like to apologize to all of our fans by asking that they listen to the Ticket on Thursday for a major announcement.” That is a direct Greggo reference from days past so they wouldn’t be using that unless the Hammer is coming back! Long Live Greggo!!

  • squeezeplay

    Greggo ain’t coming back. They’re gonna announce the ticketstock lineup. They do this every year.

  • anticorb

    Just turned on the ticket. There was Corby telling some boring-ass buddy travel story. This guy is a bigger ass-whip than Dull Hansuck!!!!

  • HardlineP1

    Lets do some math here, most rehab will take people 90 days. Greg the A** Williams has been gone for about that, right? If ktck is going to do this the right way, I do believe they could do what they did in 2004, when Greggo came out of rehab. Make it public but this time don’t do it on the Hardline (been there done that) let Norm do the interview!

  • mark

    norm usally does the feel good interviews too. so it would make sense

  • gonzo

    Greggo is gonzo guys. let it go.

    anticorb, you sure do listen to corby a lot.

  • HardlineP1

    Squeezeplay, Quick question: Why would they announce the Ticketstock lineup on the least listened to show on the Ticket? If it’s that big, I do believe it would be on the morning show.

  • squeezeplay

    HardlineP1… you just answered your own question. They are building this up to be a huge announcement to get as many people listening as possible. Makes sense to try to drive people to a show that needs listeners. Don’t you think?

  • RR P1

    The Snake: Ok, Corby isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree, but the guy has done a really good job taking up a task he never asked for. I miss Greggo too but he hasn’t offered as much to the show for 6 months as Corby’s done in a month and a half. So stand back burrito.

  • Wocka Wock

    I have been thinking that perhaps it is some sort of Hardline announcement as well. My reasoning: 1) I’ve not heard any sort of tease by any hosts before/after the ad spot, so I think they are just being “hands-off”.
    2) If this is a Greggo announcement (pro or con), and all the show hosts were to be on together to talk about it, it would seem like the noon-ish time would be the most convenient to gather everyone.
    I’ll be tuned in!

  • Former listener

    RR P1: Corby isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree? WTF??

    Corby is highly intelligent. If you were, you would realize that.

    My ranking of ticket hosts in order of intelligence:

    1. Gordon
    2. Norm and Corby
    3. Greggo
    4. Mike and Danny
    5. George
    6. Dan
    7. Craig
    8. Bob

  • RR P1

    Hey Former Guy,

    I was paying Corby a compliment. You talk about smart, obviously you can’t read. By the way your ranking is ridiculous.

  • Greggo’s Starfish

    I’m so sick of Mike Rhyner’s bit(Rhyners Dead). I heard him tell a caller today if he mentioned “Rhyner” again he would cut him off. You would think that after 30+ years in radio he would have a better bit than telling people that “Rhyner’s Dead”…..

    What a give up!!!

  • P1 Jimmy

    I also heard “Rhyner” tell that caller not to say it again. I agree, what a self centered, arrogant, piece of shit!!

  • I have known Bob S. for a very long time and putting him at the bottom of any list ranking intelligence is asinine! This guy could have been anything he wanted to…, lawyer,…..anything,….but he has had a passion for sports all his life. As far as dedication goes, you will not find another KTCK host with more than Bob.
    I would rank Bob and Norm at the top of my list.

  • Greggo II

    Norm will have someone on his show today at 11:00 who is said to be a major part of the 3:00 announcement. Looks like we won’t have to wait for the Softline show to see what they’re planning. And I agree that RHYNER has become an arrogant A** who is just about the worst “host” on the station. That Alvin voice was the end of my patience with the Old Gray Wolf.

  • Greggo II

    Yep, just a Ticketstock schedule announcement with Nolan Ryan as the headliner.

  • Harry Davis

    F the ticket!!!! Playing that up like it was a greggo announcement!!! BS!!!

  • Are you effen’ kidding me………..? TicketSuk……….? THAT is the major announcement?
    Once again,….the P1 gets spit in the face. Why are we putting up with this “S”………? We are just doormats for them,……….

  • Mikey

    gonna take a little break from the ticket for a while.

  • freedo’s bedpost goat

    I’ll be by the channel at 5:15pm.

  • Norman in Sachse

    I thought I heard Norm say that there would be an announcement about Greg Williams on The Hardline today at 5:15.

  • P1Danny

    For those who missed it. The Hardline will discuss/announcement on Greg Williams at 5:15pm tonight (Thursday).

  • Lester Roadhog Moran

    More Greggo….less Snake!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • St Louis Brad

    Wow… all the hate for The Ticket. What a surprise. Maybe you should try ESPN and listen to Michael Irvin talk, and trust me, you’ll be BEGGING for the Ticket again. And don’t be mad about the announcement today – they do this every year. Nobody ever said it was “Greggo” Related.


    Get a life folks. I have never seen a bigger bunch of self-important crybabies in my life. The Ticket does not owe you a thing and you do not owe them anything. It is just a radio station with Talk Hosts who have very inflated egos themselves. What is sad is the fact for a “So-Called Sports Talk Station” most of them know very little about sports, including Greggo.

  • harry painter

    i don’t think the ticket wanted it to come across as a greggo announcement. i think we all perceived/wanted it to be/begging for it to be…..about greggo. and i wouldn’t be surprised if the hardline still doesn’t have a definite answer tonight. remember lawyers and the courts are involved

  • Mikey

    @ BOO HOO, actually they do owe their listeners. We’re their customers. Just as i owe the customers of my business to offer them the best service. The difference is we are the consumers, we’re doing them a favor by choosing their station over others.

    I’m not “crying” cause they’re not bringing back Greggo, but it’s not The Ticket without sweet greggo there. That’s just a fact. Maybe Greggo’s not even himself anymore, in which case that explanation would be appreciated and is “owed” to the listener because they chose to be a radio filled w/ personalities, and when one isn’t coming back people need to know why.

  • freedo’s bedpost goat

    To BOO HOO. You are making the same complaint that writers to this blog are…this is just a forum of folks that want to discuss the matter for what it is. So why don’t you drink your own can of “shut the f’ up”. If we listen because of the personalities, for whatever reason, we can comment on that…if you don’t like it, take another drink.


    Mikey, you are not buying a product from them, you are JUST LISTENING. Therefore, they do not owe you a thing. They are just a radio station, if you do not like how you are being treated by them then simply quit listening.


    Freedo’s Bedpost Goat,

    That is the type of uneducated, ignorant reply I would expect from a crybaby like you.

  • Mikey

    BooHoo, put 2 and 2 together, there’s no reason i should have to explain this. When people stop listening, their ratings go down. When the ratings dip, they dont get as many advertising dollars. A person changing the channel to something other than 1310 is exactly the same thing as someone walking out of Target to go buy something at Wal-Mart.

    I’m not saying I’m off to ESPN radio, cause i have no intention of doing that those guys are terrible, and I’m sure my deep love for BaD radio will overcome w/e happens with ole’ Sweet Clean Greggo. But people need to take it easy with the whole “if you dont like it change the channel” idea, cause people are already doing that as their numbers are down and ESPN’s are up.



    Really ? I did not know that. Thanks so much for clarifying that. Man, maybe someday I can be as smart as you P1s. You are mixing apples and oranges, why don’t you do your own addition.But it is obvious we do not agree, therefore, I will leave this blog alone and let you all continue your rants and ravings.

  • freedo’s bedpost goat

    Look, BOO HOO produced an ignorant reply and cannot see the similarity in his comment to what we are doing in this blog. Neither can he rationalize any comments towards his. Read his first statement, “Get a life folks”. Dude, get your own life, if you don’t like what’s here, don’t comment. Much like the Ticket, if you don’t like it, don’t listen. If you think they don’t know sports or are self-important, I tend to think that they have found a working balance of sports knowledge and sports talk, Waahlah! SportsRadio! (and you have seen a bigger bunch of self-important crybabies before, just look in the mirror)


    Will do. Like I stated, sure wish I was as smart as you guys. Maybe some day. Its been fun.

  • HardlineP1

    If it will bring Greggo back the same as he was, the same blubbering retard he was the few months before he took off. I will kick in a few rails of Utah powder. I would do anything to cut Snakes are time in half!

  • The “Real” Insider

    Gay Greggo is about to be named as the co-host of the Hardline, starring Mike “dumbass, dead Rhyner, Corby “Blowhard,Self procalimed snake” Davidson and the only funny one, Big Dumb Drunk Danny.

    Stay by the channel for another earth shattering, major announcement on the Ticket

  • Mikey

    later on BOOHOO, no hard feelings, we’re all lovers of the great Ticket. I’m sure they’ll do what’s best, w/e that is.

  • Greggo II

    Hey, Mikey is right. We ARE customers of the Ticket. Like all of thos D&M Leasing, Texas, Boothe Laser Center and Bob Thoms Ford commercials that the station rolls 24/7 are not trying to sell to all of us? Heck YES they are!!! This station does owe us all an explination but it’s not like they’ll ever give us one. Heck, BAD radio even took a shot at all of us today when they made fun of the station’s “major announcement” teasers and how it would just po all of us bloggers with how nothing of an announcement that they really are. Maybe the on-air “talent” doesn’t read these posts but the producers and interns must! You want sports entertainment with real life experience then get an XM radio and listen to Phil Esposito on Home Ice 204 everyday during the Weakline. Espo is a riot!

  • whatwereyoulisteningto

    Did you ever think that the whole time you guys were by the channel waiting for the big 11:10 announcement, you weren’t sampling the new show the competition rolled out at 11?

  • Amy

    If the Ticket doesn’t care about the P1 then they are crazy. Without listeners the advertisers leave……no $$ means no jobs for the self-loving hosts. If you don’t like what you are hearing then turn it off and stay away from Ticketstock. Would be interesting if attendance there was way down this year.

  • Apologize to all your fans out there

    He resigned, now here is a commercial of how great we are. Boring!!!



  • puffpuffgive

    dang…missed it, what did Mike just say, anything meaningful or just more of the ‘move on down the dial if you don’t like us’…

  • Brentmeister

    It was a very decent announcement. It is over… They explained why nothing could be said due to legal wrangling that had become ugly. It appears that some sort of an agreement has been reached. Mike went on to say how sad the whole thing was. Greggo has been part of their lives and our lives as listeners. Mike had some nice things to say about Greggo and how it all started on a cold winter day many years ago.

    I’ll continue to listen in the mornings and try to listen in the afternoons. Corby is trying, but the chemistry is just so very different. Perhaps it will grow on me, but for now it will have to be small doses. Hang in there P1’s… I’ll admit that I was holding out hope that Greg would come back and we could go back to the afternoon drive as normal. But it is over and very sad for many reasons…

  • puffpuffgive

    Hopefully they’ll put it on the podcast. Yea, it’s a tough listen now, I’ll keep flying by, hopefully they put something together. Peace out

  • clarence murphy

    They have removed Greggo from the website completely. Even the Disgruntled Bikini Girl page has him blacked out of those pictures. Maybe they had to do that for legal reasons, but it seems pretty extreme.
    I’ll miss ya Sweet Greggo, 13 years is a long time. I hope you get well, but I’ll keep on listening and stayin’ hard.

  • yes,…..that was it exactly,… does not appear that mike, corby, or danny will miss him at all,….really kind of a crappy send off if you ask me,….yeah he worked and yeah we’ll miss him,….guess reality is not funny afterall boys….
    they poke fun at everybody else but when they are the ones under scrutiny they piss their jorts….very “vag” if you ask me

    effallovem,….i know greggo had problems but all of us j/o’s do,…any of you that are perfect can, as the nj conman puts it,……”suck it!”

    WE STILL LUV YA HAMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ( see you down the dial)

  • Mikey

    BaD radio owns all anyway.

    “Stay Hard, keep jammin’, and we’ll see ya.”

    no you wont.

  • Apologize to all your fans out there
  • anticorb

    Danny nailed it. In a strange way this is kind of like a divorce. The hardline has been such a huge afternoon enjoyment for so long. I’ve been with’em from day one. I guess it was selfish to assume that me and hardline would grow old together. My favorite radio show of all time…bar none! They will bring in new people but it’s never going to be the same. R.I.P my beloved Hardline…..STAY HARD!

  • St Louis Brad

    No… the “HeadLine” will never be the same. If pearls of wisdom like “Do You Like Your Gig?” questions come from abuse of drugs and alcohol, then I suggest that during “Why Today Doesn’t Suck” everybody do a couple lines, a couple shots, and a kick in the nuts and see what greatness can be produced.

  • stevens&pruitt

    As a P1, I am glad this day finally came.

    The Hardline was at its best when it was on in the early afternoon. When it went to the prime drive time, the show was meaningless for me. I hope they replace what’s left of it with someone that really does talk sports with anyone but the Musers. Hell, I would settle for Skip Bayless or the Higher Authority again.

    Sport stations should be sports, leave the off-the-wall comedy and crud to other radio stations.

    I never was a Greggo fan, but get well.

  • Former listener

    I would like to take back my previous post in which I ranked ticket hosts on their intelligence. It was not based on anything in particular and has no validity.

    Is there any way to delete a previous post?
    Let me know if there is. I would delete that one, and this one.


    Hank Williams Jr said it best—a country boy will survive——–stay hard greggo


    Just saw Hammer last night at JRs. I think he is still on the BLOW. Updates to follow

  • LT

    the hardline is now limp.

  • anticorb

    I got it!!! How about the “Lame-Line”?

  • anticorb

    How does Greggo & Galloway sound?

  • …….that sounds fantastic a-c,…….an alky and a crackhead together,……they could call it the “rehab line”
    In stead of “stay hard!” they can say “stay in rehab”.

  • d-head dave

    I’ve noticed those unfair park frauds won’t post anything negative about currant hardline, but they bash the hell out of Greggo. We’ll see where the hardline is in six months!

  • anticorb

    Oh Corby…my little Corby! Where will you end up now that you don’t have shirtails of hardline to ride?…..give ole corbs the reign….step back and watch it circle the drain!!! whoo-whoo!!


  • A. Harry Bush

    Q. ……ya gotta be essing me,……..who is this donovan guy?
    A. A SPARE……
    what has happened here? donovan mentioned affirmative action himself today. in fact, his exact words were: “Thank God for AA!!”
    That makes sense as there is no way he got where he is on talent alone.

  • Oliver Klosov

    I dont think you care for Donovan if I were to make an assumption.
    But I will agree with you that his humor does seem a bit forced. It is almost like someone else is writting his material for him.
    To quote the great Big Mac:”Ya got NUTHIN!”

  • Michael Schirmer

    Is there any update on Greggo?

  • Greggo II

    The station seems to be paving the way for Greggo’s return. They are doing Greggo drops again now and actually using his voice during the Hardline presentation as if he’s already back. Yesterday when the Hardline intro began it was the usual intro of “This is the Hardline, I would be Mike Rhyner” and then followed up by “And I would be Greg Williams” at which point I officially said “Oh YEA!!!!.”

    The show as really never the same without him so it’s good to see that he may be back with us again from 3 to 7. GO GREGGO!!!!!

  • anticorb

    Probably wishful thinking there greggoII! Too much damage has been done. The up-side is I’m getting things done now instead of listening to a stupid radio show.

  • anticorb

    The truth is, I don’t think Greggo will ever find same chemistry either!

  • Greggo II

    Yep, Good Point! The Ticket as it used to be is long gone. The on air “talent” now is just filler for the sponsor spots which seem to run for at least 40 minutes every hour now.