Leading Off

1. The money quote from this article on the downtown club Purgatory works as both drama and comedy:

Since the club opened, police reports show, patrons have been knocked unconscious, hit in the head with beer bottles, punched, kicked, slapped, scratched, choked until passing out, bitten on the thigh, beaten with a Glock pistol, hit with a flashlight, hit with a crowbar, hit with a small weight attached to a heavy chain, thrown headfirst into a parking meter, threatened with a handgun for groping women after drinking eight Incredible Hulk shots, pushed, Maced, Tasered, pulled by the hair and hit in the face with a high-heeled shoe.

2. DART is considering moving its Lake Highlands station.

3. The Press Club of Dallas has dropped its lawsuit against Elizabeth Albanese, because she couldn’t pay the organization back even if it won.


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11 responses to “Leading Off”

  1. Nathan says:

    Correction on item 2: The Walnut Hill Station is already in existence near the Presbyterian Hospital. The station under question is the not yet built Lake Highlands Station.

  2. Eric Celeste says:

    Corrected. Thanks.

  3. dave little says:

    i’d like to know what Marty Cortland thinks about this.

  4. Daniel says:

    And it only opened a few hours ago.

  5. “Incredible Hulk” = Hennessey + Hypnotic


    Who drinks 8 shots of anything, much less that?

  6. pak says:

    “Who drinks 8 shots of anything, much less that?”

    someone young and stupid

  7. Nathan says:

    Great minds think alike Eric.


    See “Just another night on the town.”

  8. Bill Kennedy says:

    The *proposed* Lake Highlands DART station — north of White Rock Trail — has been on the drawing boards with the *proposed* Lake Highlands Town Center (LHTC) for about 10 months now. As such, it has always been *proposed* to be sandwiched between the White Rock North school to the east and a parking facility for the LHTC to the west, with access via Walnut Hill lane.

    The DART meeting was to get White Rock Valley resident input and feedback. LHTC is already battling in the marketplace with a number of other new projects and redevlopment projects in the area for tenants and future residents(redev at Casa Linda, new Park Lane Place, redev at Walnut Hill and Central, redev across from Presby Hospital). If DART isn’t located where it is currently proposed, it could throw the whole LHTC mixed-use project fundamentals askew.

  9. Dallas Denizen says:

    A night in Purgatory: http://ghosttasers.ytmnd.com/

  10. Courtney says:

    I can understand why the Press Club is dropping the suit (I am one of your oddball readers who followed the whole saga despite not being a media member). But it still irks me that Albanese’s lawyer says she won’t be returning the awards b/c she thinks she won them fair and square. What good are her trophies now anyway? I just picture this woman, having lost everything, still clinging to some silly statuettes that she awarded to herself.

  11. j.d.w... says:

    I had one of these awards on my resume during a recent interview and the hiring VP laughed about it. I landed the gig, but subsequently decided it best to free up some space on my resume.

    If Albanese wants to keep hers, we shoudln’t give her a hard time about it. They may be all she’s left to cling to.