Food Fight At Fearing’s

A loyal FrontBurnervian foodie with a fondness for Fearing’s reports that he/she went to the bar for a good time and a good old-fashioned hockey game broke out. Listen: 

Saturday night just before midnight at the Ritz Carlton bar a good ole Texas bar fight took place.Started in the bar and ended when the two guys crashed into one of the tables between the couches near the restooms. One smaller guy jumped on the back of a larger man, they wrestled, threw punches and were eventually broken apart. One gentleman sitting with his party on the couch was later seen with an ice pack to his head. 

Yea-Haw, ya’ll. The ‘80s are officially back. Quick, somebody call John Mariani.


  • Sarah Eveans

    I was there Saturday night too and walked in just as the fight was ending. Guy with ice pack sitting at bar, Ritz employees trying to clean up the mess, etc. No one would say what happened, but one of the managers said the fight broke out, predictably, over a woman.

  • k

    Probably been at the party in the Ritz ballroom that night and just wanted some decent food!

  • md

    heard it was Abthernabther -vs- Reoch in a battle for Tom Wolfe’s affection

  • Melosia

    I can confirm that the fight was NOT, in fact, over a woman. Rather, over a 30-something loser guy who kept groping women from the wedding party. Somebody had to set him straight.

  • jana

    so not true about this fight,melosia…fight was over a incident that had happened at the wedding reception at sambucas…..the person offended confronted the offender at the ritz bar and a family member jumped his back in defense…the person that got hurt was a girl with an ice pack on her knee….the next fight happened when 2 couples from the wedding reception was helping a passing out women in the bar and her date/husband/jerk accused one of the women helping that she shouldn’t help because she was fixing to have her baby,but she was not pregnant, so the husbands friend went to her defense and that is how that man ended up with the ice pack on his head….signed, mother of the bride

  • blah

    sounds like a classy reception. maybe next time y’all should book your next gathering at the local sizzler.

  • Bride

    Blah…… Hopefully you have learned in life that other people’s actions are not under your control. When alcohol is involved (really good alcohol by the way) things happen, so for you to make a judgement about my reception without knowing anything about it is just ignorant. You must have been the one with the ice pack on your head!!

  • Logan

    Class is knowing how to handle your alcohol…even if it is “really good alcohol.”

  • Bride

    Logan…I agree with you to some extent, but everyone makes mistakes, so don’t pass judgement on others too quickly. I am sure you have done something stupid or regretted something when you have drank, but if you have not… then that is great. I don’t believe making mistakes has anything to do with class. Have a great day!!

  • Barb

    Bride – we all regret things when we “have drank” and also when we have skipped our freshman English class. I’m just glad Dean Fearing didn’t end up with an ice pack on his head.