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Hello, Web-surfing FrontBurnervians. Over the past few days, we’ve been having an internal discussion about what sites to add to our soon-be-launched (at-long-last) blogroll. You know, the sidebar of blogs you see on blogs that link to blogs the bloggers on that blog occasionally visit. Before we finalize our list, I thought we should ask you, the kind and patient FrontBurnervians, what blogs should be on our ‘roll. Let us know in the comments the blog, the link, and a one- or two-sentence explanation as to why it’s blogroll-worthy. Stipulation: It must be Dallas-related. Bring it.


  • By all means, include Alister K. Abthernabther’s blog. Brilliantly written satire and commentary on local and state news. Thanks to FrontBurner for bringing Mr. Abthernabther to our attention. We are not worthy……….

  • — the most comprehensive Dallas-based site benefiting animals and the people who love them … it’s a “pet place for people” encompassing not just the rescue and shelter community but people who might just be looking for a dog or cat or wondering about animal issues from michael vick to the Texas Legislature, from spaying and neutering to teaching your dog to answer the office phone….

  • PegasusNews is the best way to keep appraised of local news, web-wise.

    To help it start up, I’d put on the KERA Arts + Culture blog. always has something interesting to say about local music.

    Keep an eye on for some news about local artspaces.

    And would it be crass to plug my own (, which occasionally talks about local stuff…if by “local”, you mean “Denton”, and by “stuff”, you mean “college-related stories”? 🙂

  • JKR
    – a cool group of people who are up on any real estate moves and city issues.

  • Mike

    If I had a blog it would look something like this one.

  • Dallas Progresss Why? It’s all about Dallas. Plus we’re friends on Facebook. Isn’t that enough? lol

    Pegasus News – the best Dallas focused music site in the city

  • Rebecca

    Larry James Urban Daily –

    Addresses local issues that impact a segment of the population not often reported on.

  • Kirk

    Since a couple of Scott’s series have ended up as cover pieces for D, people should see what he’d up to on an ongoing basis.

  • Hope
    Ed Bark is THE Dallas-Fort Worth TV critic with his insightful reviews of local television news and network programming. Who else but Uncle Barky watches all 4 local 10pm news shows daily during the 19-day SWEEPS period and lives to write about it?

  • Help if I provided the link. We suck at the Interweb.

  • Hashmark is supposed to be about the entire NFL but it’s mostly about the Cowboys since it’s written by DMN-ex Matt Mosley.

    DMN Cowboys blog is good too:

  • is a place where the left and the right meet to become ambidextrous. With contributors as eclectic as Sandra Bernhard, Julie Brown, Jerri Manthey, Jeff Gannon, Michael “Brownie” Brown, Buck Angel and Arnold Wayne Jones. A place to get your political pop on.

    Don’t hate us because you hate us!

    Jack Jett

  • Michael W

    Gordon Keith – I HAVE to check everyday. Only to piss off Tim

  • MD

    I say for those of us who insist that Dallas music still has a pulse, and also to see what Crain would be doing today if he hadn’t turned his Peter Pan Syndrome into a Ron Kirk Syndrome. It also provides a comprehensive list of places that you absolutely will not run into Wick Allison or any of the other schmucks on UT-SW’s list.

  • Stacy – a friend tipped me off to this one today… looks like an amusing younger view of dallas.

  • Local ladies talking about sports: — Not regularly updated, but the snark is solid, as is the undying love for all things Mavs. — I’m not a fan of the whole “Panty Creamer of the Week” feature, but the rest is good. Zac, didn’t you give these girls props in Esquire?

  • MD

    OH, Sam. Good to see you visiting from the Northwest.


    go there to see Sam unleash his Fat Man and Little Boy on the local music scene and you can wax nostalgic for the days when The Observer music editor didn’t have a misplaced “N”, but rather a whole slew of misplaced consonants, Eastern Bloc style.

    I’d have recommended you earlier, but I think your vitriol may scare some FB readers, so I sent them to the completely innocuous “comments” section of weshotjr instead.

  • CastleHills

    What’s wrong with you people? How could you leave out…

  • I wholeheartedly second DFWU’s nomination. For over a decade. its been a great source for everything happening in Dallas.

    Personally, I can’t imagine life without it. In addition to a seemingly unlimited source of entertainment, DFWU has also been largely responsible for my professional success by evolving into a very effective networking tool thru the years – gaining strength daily with members representing every arena – from the suburbs to City Hall. Local media figures and more, DFWU is where its at.


    Lastly, for those seeking a more visual online experience, visit

    This is an up-to-date photography blog featuring all things urban in Dallas. Nightlife, development/construction updates, cityscapes, skylines and more.

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