The Real Problem With the Whole Anti-Saggy Pants Campaign

A detail-oriented FrontBurnervian has a bone to pick with the “Pullem’ Up” billboards. (If you haven’t seen them yet, you can see them here.) Heck, it’s not even that much of a detail, now that I think about it:

Look, I know advertising takes grammatical license. Believe me, I’m as guilty as the next ad guy. But there’s a limit. I’d like to tell the creators of the “Pullem’ Up” campaign where they should stick their apostrophe. An apostrophe is commonly used to indicate omitted characters. Just what characters did they omit after “em”? It’s not just wrong, it’s embarrassing. If this is an example of their grammar skills, it appears they told some poor English teacher where to stick HER apostrophe a long time ago.

In’deed. For similar transgressions, check out this site. (And Tip o’ the Hat to the kind FrontBurnervian who passed along that link.)


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