Kevin McCarthy on Rebecca Aguilar

Kevin McCarthy sent a note to Fox 4 today. I asked him if I could share it:

Dear Sir/Madam:

Twenty years ago, your station fired me for throwing Clarice Tinsley into a swimming pool.

Are you going to fire Rebecca Aguilar, her producer, and assignment editor for throwing a 70-year-old man under a bus?

Kevin McCarthy

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  • Doug

    God I love Kevin and miss his show. Wish he was back on the air every day

  • See 1986

  • JS

    I wasn’t in D in 1986 — someone tell the swimming pool story!

  • ToddyWalters

    OMG…I soooo totally remember when CT was thrown in the pool. I didn’t remember that it was Kevin McCarthy. I can’t watch her to this day that I don’t have the vision of her drenched like a rat and screaming like a banshee chicken (at least that’s how I imagined it!).

  • John B.

    Somebody invent a YouTube time machine please!!!!

  • That is perhaps the coolest comment anyone could have made. I love Kevin McCarthy for that!

  • Shane

    Go Kevin! Tim Rogers told me himself he thought Rebecca’s piece was a hack job.

  • IttyBittyWussy

    I can understand Aguilar doing such a stupid and ugly thing. Sometimes I do stupid and ugly things when I’m on the spot, and only realize they were stupid and ugly after I’ve had time later to reflect. BUT THAT’S WHY THE STATION HAS EDITORS AND PRODUCERS- to pull the story or at least re-do it. Aguilar should be fired over this but doubly so the editors/producers who let that pitiful-excuse-for-an-interview run.

  • Wow, reading this is like seeing your life pass before your eyes.

    – Disco dancing at the Gloria Gaynor concert at Oz…with my parents! I WILL SURVIVE!

    – Escorting Bob Lilly up to the podium to accept his Ring of Honor award.

    – Cheering on W.T. White High School to beat Carter for City Football Championship! Finally!

    – Giving Tom Landry the thumbs up while sitting next to him at the Northpark Cinema while watching Star Wars…or was it ET? Not sure, but I do remember his smile, yes, he actually did smile!! Some people weren’t so sure he had the muscles to do this particular facial expression (imagine that – way before Botox -he was a man of great vision).

    – Calling Harold Taft to see what the chances of rain, hail and tornadoes were for my outside wedding at the Ventura Estate…everything worked out fine…too bad the marriage didn’t.

    – Spending our wedding night (and one year anniversary) at the Mansion. I highly recommend it (the hotel, that is…not the guy) !

    – Watching Big D go round and round while eating in the restaurant in the ball at Reunion Tower.

    – Losing tons of inheritance money due to Republic Bank’s irresponsible banking policies. Wonder what it would be worth today, 26 years later? (I WILL SURVIVE!)

    – Watching the Cowboys beat the Minnesota Vikings in freezing weather, while wearing a Halliburton lighted helmet to turn on when we scored…the streaker got more press, though.

    – Shopping all starry-eyed after running into Charlie Waters while on a diaper run to Tom Thumb at 4:00 in the morning (on Forest Lane…across the street from the Cowboy’s former training field.) I’m sure he was trying to avoid being seen, but I got to see my secret crush, anyway!

    – Watching the new Cowboys…Troy, Emmit, Michael, etc. play from Ross Perot’s corporate sky box at Texas Stadium.

    – Doing the “Wave” with the kids while watching Nolan Ryan pitch a no-hitter at Ranger Stadium, back when it was called that.

    – Wondering why those people who tried to buy cocaine got off just because it was fake??? It’s not like they knew it was fake, they just wanted it… at any price…even wedding rings. (I WILL SURVIVE!)

    – I actually think I might have lasered that 300 lb. gorilla at some point in my career…laser hair removal! No, I take it back…it was one of those cavemen you see on Geico ads.

    – Seeing Mad Hot Ballroom and March of the Penguins with one of my youngest son at the Angelika.

    – The list goes on and on! It’s been a bumpy ride, but it sure was fun (well, most of it, anyway)! I WILL SURVIVE!

  • CT (no, not THAT CT)

    Somebody at Channel 4 PLEASE get some common sense and pull off reporters who make the news (Rebecca) and put on folks who do a darn fine job of reporting the news of the day (Kevin). Please.

  • see Stephen Edmondson’s 1986 link, as listed above (just in case you were wondering what I was referring to).

  • JL

    Well said, Mr. McCarthy, well said! Beyond her insensitive, imbecilic and downright ugly piece, how on earth could the producers and editors let this one air?

  • Doug

    KDFW is making the rounds on the Internets getting site’s like YouTube to take down the video.

    I got $20 says this gal will be back on the air after the Holidays.

  • Zephyr

    Yes, I remember the situation well. I had just moved to Dallas from Houston, thinking Dallas was a town that took itself much too seriously, when I read in that Last Bastion of Responsible Journalism, The Dallas Morning News, that Keven McCarthy, Channel Four Sportsdude, had thrown Clarice Tinsley, Channel Four Anchorwoman, into the pool. About five seconds later, we all learned where that term “Anchor” comes from. Bless you, Mr. McCarthy, for adding to our amusement, edification, and pocketbooks. I won the over-under bet on how long she could stay afloat.

  • Mike Ramsey

    A bit of the video is here:

    Google Video Link

  • majmmkd

    I want to see this video. I looked for it and it is nowhere. I also would love to see the Kevin McCarthy one.

  • Scott

    The credibility of channel four is at stake, if Aguilar is kept on staff, its like saying it is okay to confront and abuse an old man who did nothing to warrant it. Aguilar either knew the man was probably going to get no billed by the grand jury-and did not deserve this treatment, OR SHE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN.
    Aguilar is a disgrace to the profession of journalism, she should be fired.

  • Robert

    Aquilar displays the typical left wing mind set. Attack the defender, not the intruder.

  • George Trost

    Wonderful note Kev.

    If I remember correctly, Kevin did not “throw” her in the pool. It was a pool party, typical horseplay at a pool party.

    I may be wrong, but the big problem was Clarice was aquaphobic. Kevin did not know this.

  • Gwyon

    Not to be a snoot, but doesn’t “throwing someone under the bus” involve some measure of betrayal (e.g. Tony Romo threw his O-line under the bus)? Aguilar didn’t betray the old gunslinger; she ambushed him.

    But I digress.

  • Can her ass.

  • Clay

  • pst314

    “doesn’t ‘throwing someone under the bus’ involve some measure of betrayal?”

    You’ve got a point there. Most journalists don’t feel any real sense of loyalty or duty to ordinary citizens. Although they proclaim loudly how much they Care About People, they show great contempt for actual individual human beings. Aside from goofy ideologies, it’s all about their careers.

  • Allen

    When I saw the piece, I thought, wow, this reminds me of Becky Oliver. Well I think the word “ambush” is pretty strong – this is journalism folks. Think people are making too much of big deal here- move along.

  • Cincinnatus

    Remember to cross bodies of water to escape hard-hitting journalists.

  • johnmc

    Allen, actually you are wrong. News used to be about downtown corruption, crooks, and battles with those who oppose a civilized society. But no more. Now it is about shagging somebody in front of the camera regardless of the cost to the individual. You or I could be their next target.

    What goes for “Journalism” today is nothing more than video voyeurism with a 6 megawatt antenna.

  • Vanessa

    Are the rumors true? Is Kevin McCarthy going back to Fox 4?

    He has all the qualities, handsome, wonderful voice, beautiful wife and she’s not snotty, has a following and isn’t stupid!

  • Will

    Clarice Tinsley Is Still There????
    I Haven’t Watched Since Kevin Has Been Gone.
    What Happened With This Rebecca Gal? Y’all Gonna Blame Kevin For That Too?????

  • Cathy

    I remember when he was fired for that. What a prima donna she was to get him fired. She is the worst news caster on TV and I never watched her again after she had him fired.

  • Thanks Vanessa. You made my day! Thanks for the kind words about both of us.

  • Ryan

    Jon is right!
    Jon is right!

    PS….I still say can her ass and let LULAC sort out the pieces.

  • Ronnie

    Rebecca Aguilar was right to corner this murderer who has killed more once in recent memory.

  • Helo Pilot

    Whether the story ran or not – the fact of the matter is the QUESTION ‘Are you trigger happy’ was asked of this War Veteran. No redub, edit or censor could change the fact that she asked an ignorant question with a derogatory, skeptical tone.

    She asked a hurtful question – so hurtful that the gentleman could not contain his emotions. It doesn’t matter that the editors let this story air or not – she asked the question – no edit can erase that from the mind of the person who was asked.

    So she’s still a dirtbag for asking it – edit or not – airing or not. That my friends is why SHE, and no one else, is on leave – hopefully a permanent one.

  • I watched the video. I listened carefully and the impression I got is that this is the first time that the home and business owner had fired a weapon in many years. So what’s with “Ronnie” saying that this guy has “killed more thsn once in recent memory”?

  • Dean

    It’s Texas. People have guns and just about everybody uses them to protect themselves, which last I checked, wasn’t illegal.

    The story is a stupid one to cover anyway. Maybe someone should break into Aguilar’s house and see what she does.

  • I don’t know about you guys, but I think the more attention this Aguilar dust-up gets, the better it is for Second Amendment supporters.

    We should be thankful this man had the guts and the ammo to do what he did.

    How many times do we read in the DFW papers and hear on the TV news about another Second Amendment-protected gunowner (business or otherwise) shooting an intruder or a burglar?

    I’d definitely make this an example of just how effective gun ownership really is.

    Not only that, but this shows you how un-Becky Oliver Rebecca Aguilar really is.

  • jayce

    Ronnie you ignorant ass, or criminal….whichever….both those shootings were justified.
    Or were they your relatives?…or partners in crime? There is no defense for their actions, and no need to defend the old man’s…he did what everyone should do…take out the trash!

  • Hunter

    I saw the newscast and now I hear that LULAC is going to petition the station to reinstate her. Typical of that organization of racists and promoters of breaking the law ala the Farmers Branch thing. Aguilar is a dirtbag for treating him that way. Officially a douchebag in my book.

  • Barr

    Simply put, if it was a white male reporter who treated a female hispanic the same way, would there be any doubt that he would be permanently fired? The same should apply to Rebecca. Of course, it will not.

  • Kyle

    [quote]Ronnie @ October 19th, 2007 at 4:05 pm

    Rebecca Aguilar was right to corner this murderer who has killed more once in recent memory. [/quote]

    Ronnie, you are a complete IDIOT!!!
    Or, at least a double idiot because you posted that crap twice.

    The man has the right to defend himself and his property! He was well within the law in doing so!
    If faced with the same situation, I wouldn’t hesitate to kill someone breaking into my house. I WILL kill to protect my family and property!!!
    Stop being on the side of the criminal and think of the real victims out there!
    There are 2 less scumbag criminals out there because of one 70 year old man & his shotguns. He should get an award!

    Screw LULAC & screw Rrrrebekka AguiLIAR!

    She deserves to be FIRED! So does her editor, and anyone else at FOX that allowed that crap to be aired!

  • Truth Teller

    Ms. Agular has little respect from others in the media, although many of them don’t feel that she should have been pulled off of the air for this. My personal experience with her is that she is dishonest and while she may not deserve punishment for this she does deserve it for a career of disrespect to the media in general.

  • Truth Teller

    The video is one YouTube as of this evening. I just watched it. She was being a smart ass and that’s not what journalism is about. She needs a spanking.

  • X-15

    KDFW has no right to stop the posting of the video: it belongs to the universe after they send it over the public airwaves. Their “request” to stop posting it won’t stand up in court.

  • H Wallace

    I remember the Kevin/Clarice pool situation as it occurred when the station sent the News Show to far West Texas as a publicity stunt highlighting their “new” helicopter. It is amazing how being fired for something “studpid” can create such long term bitterness in a man of such talent and thoughtfulness as Kevin McCarthy. I would hope that after all he has endured in life that the anger would have by now been placed in a more productive perspective. Surely, journalism lacks credibility due to the financial pressures faced by News organizations. The truth is this story was “cleared” by not just the reporter, but the show’s Producer, story producer, and News Director. MONEY GOT THIS STORY AIRED, NOT REBECCA AGUILAR.
    Stop all this hypocracy and be consistent at least, suspend all those involved in the supposed “integrity” of this story! Don’t make the reporter the scapegoat, GET IT RIGHT!