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State Fair of Texas

Dallas Has Business to Settle with the State Fair of Texas

| 4 hours ago

I’m going to steal and modify a metaphor that Jim Schutze uses in his column today about the latest shenanigans involving Fair Park and the State Fair of Texas:

Imagine you own a business and you rent an office in a building. Every month you pay rent, and the cost of that rent includes a portion of the building’s overall common area operating expenses, a pretty standard condition in commercial office leases. But what if you decide you didn’t want to pay your portion of the operating expenses? What if, in fact, over the course of a ten-year lease, you never paid those operating expenses? What do you think the landlord would do?

Simple: you’d get kicked out of your space — and probably a lot sooner than the time it took to rack up ten years-worth of unpaid rent. And after you got evicted, you’d probably get sued by the landlord, who, understandably, would want the back rent you failed to pay as part of the terms of the lease.

Now let’s translate that situation to Fair Park and the State Fair.

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D CEO Named Country’s Top Regional Business Magazine … Again

| 7 hours ago

For the fifth straight year, D CEO has been named the best regional business magazine in the country. The D Magazine Partners publication snagged the honor again on Saturday at Dallas’ Fairmont Hotel, where the national Alliance of Area Business Publishers met for its annual summer conference and gave its Editorial Excellence Awards to newspaper and magazine business periodicals. D CEO won a total of seven, including four gold awards.

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Real Estate

Is Dallas’ Housing Market Cooling Off?

| 8 hours ago

They are workers relocating from Southern California, following employers like Toyota and Jacobs Engineering. They are college graduates moving from the Midwest to start careers in what is, reportedly, the country’s best city in which to find work. They are highly skilled immigrants from India capitalizing on a demand for tech workers. They are people from the East Coast who are simply tired of schlepping through slush every winter. They keep coming to Dallas, waves and waves of them, all looking for places to live. Looking and buying and boosting prices.

Almost 800,000 people have come to the Dallas area since 2010, more people than live in Washington, D.C. Almost 86,000 moved here last year alone. Add the deaths and births, and last year the Dallas area’s population increased by 143,000. That made Dallas the No. 1 place in the nation for population growth in 2016.

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Local Government

Anna Casey Dominates Another Dallas Election

| 9 hours ago

Anna Casey, the longtime Dallas-area political consultant, looked at the group of City Council candidates assembled before her in Councilman Philip Kingston’s house, near Lower Greenville. She told them that she saw greatness in each. “As you guys know, you’re all my candidates. Everyone in here is my candidate,” she said. It was spring, before the May election, and Casey was addressing four incumbents (Kingston, Scott Griggs, Mark Clayton, and Adam Medrano) and three challengers (Candy Evans, Omar Narvaez, and Dominique Torres). “And I wouldn’t pick you if I didn’t see a winner in you, if I didn’t see that visionary leadership that you can and have brought or will bring to the city.”

Then Casey made a slight pivot, toward herself. “And, you know, quite frankly, there’s some things that I believe in,” she told the group. “I would like to see a Dallas—I grew up in Dallas, this is my hometown—I would like to see a Dallas for its people, governance that’s enlightened, and for us to be the greatest place in Texas, one of the greatest places in the world.” Although light on specifics, she concluded that it was this shared vision that made this group one worth belonging to. “We’re a natural team.”

In this past election, much was written about the “shadowy Super PAC” (D Magazine’s words) named For Our Community, which is overseen by another longtime Dallas-area political consultant, Mari Woodlief. The attention was understandable. FOC raised nearly $200,000 and spent heavily trying to unseat Kingston, failing spectacularly. I wrote about Woodlief and FOC in August 2015 (“The Most Powerful Woman in Dallas Politics”) and said in that piece that Woodlief’s power-brokering raised three important questions: who is she, why is she so powerful, and why do so many people think this is a bad thing?

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Local News

Leading Off (6/26/17)

| 11 hours ago

Driver Killed In Road Rage Incident in Arlington. Dylan Spaid, 19, had just picked up his girlfriend and gotten onto I-20. Police say a dark sedan pulled alongside and fired through its passenger-side window. Spaid died at the hospital. The shooter is still at large.

Man Missing After Boat Capsizes at White Rock Lake. A man and woman were on the water Sunday afternoon when their boat flipped. A patrol boat pulled the woman to safety but the man never came up. The search was suspended at sundown and will resume this morning.

FC Dallas Earns Draw in Texas Derby. Maxi Urruti bagged the equalizer early in the second half as FCD drew with the Houston Dynamo for the second time in a month. The rubber match is August 23.

Mavs Decline Dirk Nowitzki’s 2017-18 Option. But that’s only so they can clear some room to sign free agents and then re-up Dirk to a new two-year deal. I SEE YOU NEVER RETIRING, BIG GERMAN.

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Sports & Leisure

Get Excited About New Mavs Point Guard Dennis Smith Jr.

| 3 days ago


Prior to last night’s NBA draft, I was a bit concerned that the Mavericks would end up taking Lauri Markkanen, a 7-foot three-point specialist from Arizona. But he was gone when No. 9 rolled around, snapped up for whatever reason by the Bulls. My biggest fear, however, was that the team would end up with Luke Kennard, a guard from Duke who looks like he has tweeted at least once, “But why can’t *I* say it?”

All potential crises were averted when the Mavs drafted the best-case scenario for that spot in the draft: NC State point guard Dennis Smith Jr. He is an electrifying scorer with an NBA record 48-inch vertical leap. That is all of my analysis at this point. Watch all of these YouTube clips instead.

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