The Sheriff (Race) Is Near

Lowell Cannaday, the Irving Republican who wants to put Sheriff Lupe Valdez out of Dallas County’s misery, is off to a running start with $40,000 fundraiser. I think. I have yet to properly diagram the first sentence of the press release that follows the jump.

DALLAS COUNTY — Dallas County sheriff candidate Lowell Cannaday has raised $40,000 for his first fundraising event to take place Monday evening, an amount he also reported in his quarterly campaign finance report filed earlier Monday.

“The outpouring of support from people across Dallas County has been tremendous,” said Cannaday.  “With our fundraising operation just beginning, I am humbled and honored to see such a positive response from the community.”

The fundraising surge parallels the level of grassroots support Cannaday has received in his first few weeks on the campaign trail.  More than 250 elected officials, business leaders, GOP party activists and interested taxpayers from nearly every community in Dallas County have endorsed Cannaday for sheriff.

“It gives me confidence that we’ll have the resources we need to restore leadership, experience and responsibility to the Dallas County sheriff’s office,” said Cannaday.

Cannaday, who previously served as chief of police and a city council member in Irving, was approached by local Republicans earlier this year to seek the office of Dallas County sheriff, based on his nearly four decades in law enforcement.


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