Re: Which Local High School

Some private-school-knowing FrontBurnervians had much to add yesterday to the discussion of private schools. One industrious FrontBurnervian in particular did his homework. Their opinions after the jump.

An update of the original:

Bush — somewhat intelligent, but relies heavily on the advice of others and has pathetic public speaking skills —– definitely ESD

Cheney — extremely intelligent, prefers to stay quiet and behind the scenes ——- Cistercian

Rove —- smart and shrewd, pulls the strings behind the curtains ——— St. Mark’s

Gonzales —- takes advantage of the system, gets caught but is covered by friends —– Jesuit

Clinton —- polished, talented and always looking for a fresh piece of tail —– HP

Hillary —– an uppity female who thinks she owns the world, then uses her husband to climb the ladder ——- Hockaday

Reno —- more working class than Hillary ——– Ursuline

Gore —- goody-too-shoes who portends to be hip to the latest social causes —- Greenhill

Some St. Mark’s vs ESD comments:

Dick Cheney and Karl Rove are Marksmen, but Georgie is the quintessential ESD boy. I knew scores of him, and even scored from him, during my days there. (In fairness, times have changed since I went to ESD, but in my day it was “Land o’the Gentleman’s C.”) Then again, at least we had skirts on campus.


By way of that last quote, are you sure you want to give the headmaster on
Merrell Road the satisfaction? Not saying much for St. Marks if you do.

And, finally, one wonders where’s the love for HP:

I have to agree. I don’t know what the guys beef against St. Marks is but I do know it is a Catholic School. [It isn’t. —Ed.] The Bushes are VERY Protestant. And since all these guys are technically ‘public servants, ‘ I would think Highland Park would be a more appropriate school to have attended.

I dunno, I guess with the writers description of a “certain sense of entitlement’ and snootiness, I as an HP alum was feeling a little left out of the conversation and felt the need to defend the fine Bubbles’ reputation.


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