A couple of months ago, there was a story about a scrawled message found on a desk in a classroom at SMU. It said someone was going to “shoot up” SMU and it had a date: “8-6-07.” While many would think that meant August 8, 2007–and everyone would hope that it’s a hoax–the school is not taking any chances, sending parents of kids attending camps the following alert that the scrawler might be European and intended tomorrow, June 8.

Dear Parents,

Our first week of camp is coming to a close and we’ve had a great time! The campers seem to really be enjoying themselves.

I wanted to write to make you all aware of a security alert that has been issued by the SMU Police Department. Please find the full alert posted below. We will be altering our schedule for Friday, June 8, as an additional security measure. The campers will remain inside of the building all day. Please be aware that the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports has 16 security cameras outside and inside of the building. Our front desk is constantly staffed and the staff has been informed to be especially aware of any suspicious activity tomorrow.

We believe that with our small counselor to camper ratio and these security precautions we will be able to have a safe, fun day at camp. If you do not feel comfortable you do have the option to keep your child at home for the day.

Campus Alert

Emergency Notification Regarding June 8 and August 6

As an extra precaution, SMU is sharing the following information with the campus community.

On April 23, 2007, in a classroom on campus, a message was found scrawled on a desk saying someone was going to “shoot up” SMU on “8-6-07,” numbers that could refer either to August 6 (8-6) or June 8 (6-8), if the numbers are transposed, as is the custom abroad.  Although an investigation revealed no more specifics, and the actual threat level is considered low, SMU is providing this information as a precaution. Scheduled activities will proceed as usual, although campus and local law enforcement measures will be enhanced.

Following are some precautions that should be taken under any circumstances as part of one’s normal routine, but we issue this reminder in view of the current situation:

1.      Be especially vigilant of your surroundings

2.      Report any suspicious persons or activity immediately

3.      Report a sighting of any weapon immediately

4.      Report people wearing clothing not consistent with weather conditions

5.      Be aware of unfamiliar persons in or visitors to your office/lab, etc.

6.      Be prepared: Take time out to familiarize yourself with building evacuation plans/routes

SMU POLICE 214-768-3333 or 911

In the case of an emergency situation in a campus building or outdoor area, the campus would be notified through assigned building managers, bulk voice-mail and e-mail, and loudspeaker if necessary.


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