This one will be quick because I’m on my way to catch a plane, but I had to tell everyone about The Porch, Consilient Restaurant’s (Hibiscus, Cuba Libre, Fireside Pies) newest place on Henderson Avenue. Step one: Go there. This weekend. They open tomorrow. Step two: Order a blueberry martini, or a Blue Moon on tap. Third: Settle in. The Porch feels comfortable, yet casual, like a great neighborhood spot you’ll want to visit all the time. And visit, you will. Follow the jump for seriously drool-worthy menu items.

Please, order the brisket sandwich appetizers. The meat is tender, and the coleslaw cuts it just right. Also, order the hot crab and artichoke dip (rich and addictive), the fish and chips (surprisingly light because of the tempura batter, and made with halibut), and the mac and cheese and ham casserole (could be better than mac and cheese at Hibiscus). Cocktails are made from fresh fruit, and Tristan tells us they will even be making their own grenadine. My favorite dessert was the pecan pie tart with cinnamon ice cream, and Stephanie liked the chocolate pudding. Tristan, thank you. That was wonderful, and I’ll be back as soon as I get back from VA.


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