Today, I acquired Eric’s old MacBook. With the previously acquired Airport Extreme, the Rogers Homestead now, for the first time, has a wireless network. You might guess what this means. That’s right. A computer. In the living room. With the television. And a fast Internet connection. Let’s jump, just for fun:

9:25 — Jon Stewart is on KERA. WTF? This has nothing to do with Mavs v. Warriors. Why don’t I have cable?

9:26 — Ah, Gina Miller on TXA 21. Here we go.

9:55 — Mavs down by four at the first commercial break. You kidding me? That was a blocking foul on Harris? More red wine.

10:00 — I read a story today about where Avery gets his suits. Interesting. Except those damn $4,000 threads don’t seem to be doing squat against Nelly’s crazy-ass, fast-breaking, three-point-hoisting team. Mavs down by 8.

10:05 — Owen Wilson with Kate Hudson in the house? Nice. Love to see those two do some kunkling.

10:18 — Mavs not doing well. Golden State Cheerleaders, though? Discuss. To me, it seems like they’re doing okay.

10:21 — It’s pretty clear to me that the refs have decided this game will go to Golden State. Dirk was just thrown to the floor, where his privates were assaulted with a pneumatic hammer. The refs didn’t call it. So there it is. The Mavs will lose this game.

10:25 — Normally, listening to the local broadcast is a bad thing. (This game is on ESPN, too, right?) Mark Followill is good stuff.

11:05 — Really? The third quarter starts this late? Maybe we should have played the Heat instead of the Warriors (confused?). I probably need another glass of Modavi Cab/Sauv 2004, which was certainly not worth the $20 I paid for it, dammit. Not going to say it sucks, but you get the point.

11:20 — Mavs now shooting freethrows for remainder of third quarter (5:10). But they’re down by 17. WTF? Can’t blame the refs for this. Okay, now the weird admission: I feel like the Mavs can actually come back and win this one. No, really. Playoffs experience. Mark my words now: this game will end close.

11:25 — Josh Howard hit with a tech. Two straight Mavs turnovers. I change my mind. Mavs will lose the series. It was fun. See you next year, guys. SONOFABITCHWHATTHEHELLISGOINGONYOUBASKETBALLMENPLAYERS? Uh.

11:27 — Tech foul on Stackhouse. Hello? Baron Davis much?

11:34 — Has Don Nelson lost weight? He looks positively svelt. Or maybe that’s the wine.

11:50 — Sorry. Kinda lost interest. Mainly because Mavs suck. Or, because that’s a verboten word, they blow. Whatever. And I discovered a great new widget for my dashboard.

12:15 — Whenever Austin Croshere finishes the game, you know it’s a night that ends with hunting for new widgets rather than watching basketball.

12:22 — [gunshot] Dangit. Missed. See you at work Monday. But I’m not going to be happy about it.


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