Around the time Eric and Tim were feeling each other up, I was in line outside, waiting for valet to bring back my car. The most amazing thing happened. One Lexus backed into another. Right in front of the owners of said vehicles. The valet driver of the car in front could not keep it, for whatever reason, from colliding with the one behind. (And really, it was more of a bump, maybe a slap, than a collision.) The valet manager started screaming at the driver immediately. “Why didn’t you put in park!” and such, while everyone else stood with mouths agape. The driver said, “The car doesn’t have park.” (Lexus owners, is that possible?)

The woman who owned the first car just got in and took off. A woman got behind the wheel of the second — damage to its front end non-existent from my vantage point, about 20 feet away — while a big guy with a bigger gut told the valet he wanted his money back. He got it — all $10 of it. After he slammed his car door, the valet manager seemed to berate the driver again, this time, from what I could make out, for returning the valet money.

Nothing says customer service like Ghostbar.


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