tammydombeck.jpgLast night, to celebrate its awesomeness, DallasCEO threw a happy hour cocktail gathering party good time at Texas de Brazil. What? Did someone say free wine and rare meat? I was totally there. And so was Tammy Dombeck. Long-suffering FrontBurnervians know that I’ve had occasion to mention the gridlock buster in this space before, but last night was the first time I’d met her in person. I must say that Tammy was more delightful than I ever could have imagined. To every guy who has ever e-mailed me and asked how to get in touch with her: I still can’t help you, but keep trying, because it’s worth the effort. She’s giggly and engaging and very knowledgeable about traffic. I know, I know. How stupid is it to meet Tammy Dombeck and beat her down with traffic talk? That must happen to her all the time. She has to be sick of it. Nonetheless, that’s exactly what I did, with help from Adam. I think we spent 20 minutes suggesting clever new ways Tammy could tell her viewers that the traffic is bad. If you hear her on a future broadcast say, “If you’re planning to take 635 this morning, bring a book,” then just know Adam invented that. Eric took the picture you see here with his cell phone. I’ll treasure it forever.


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