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Last month, we brought word of the American Airlines passengers, who, over Christmas, were stuck on a plane in Austin for eight hours. They’re asking for a Passengers Bill of Rights. Anyway, new details have emerged about the flight. Somewhere in hour five of the Mother of All Layovers, a woman in her 80s asked for a glass of water. American sold it to her for $4. Her seatmate recalls:

We were like, ‘They’re charging her?’

Another woman said, once they finally got off the plane:

There was nobody from American Airliners with any information.

She was given a toll free number and, after waiting on hold for two hours, was told she needed to see a ticket clerk.

An American spokesman says selling snacks after such a delay, “would be obviously inappropriate.” He adds that American has sent the passengers apologies and vouchers.

Update: A pr-working FBvian reminds me that the old woman did not ask for a water, but a snack. “Still, reprehensible!” the FBvian says.