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A strong FBvian points out the most ridiculous comment to surface in connection with l’affaire Martinez. I overlooked just how idiotic trustee Edwin Flores sounded last night:

Our FBvian writes:

I think the best indication of the problems at the front office of DISD can be found in Sarah Dodd’s quote in her story last night:

“DISD Trustee Edwin Flores says some rules are more important than others. “There are thousands of rules, how can we follow them all? Somebody is probably speeding right now. Sometimes somebody gets caught, somebody else doesn’t,” he said.

Really? That’s how we do things in DISD? “So there were rules on credit card purchases–how could I follow them all? Racial segregation? Those weren’t the rules I wanted to follow.” What BS. Martinez should be fired or reassigned, per policy. Hinojosa should be fired if he doesn’t step up and enforce the rules. And the voters in Flores’ district–myself included–should throw him out.