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My final thought on this for awhile: While the AP story about the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center studies saying that the rise in Klan activity is related to anti-immigrant campaigns does not say racism is a motivation (to use Trey’s term), it clearly suggests a perfectly logical correlation, which is not to say cause-effect. Correlations need to be investigated.

I am aware that the ideology of the anti-immigration campaigns, here and elsewhere, insists that racism is not involved (thus my reference to Lou Dobbs and Mark Davis). But that stipulates a major point of contention, since the question of racism as a component–as distinct from motivation–is advanced by many Latino organizations, including LULAC, MALDEF, etc.

The AP story about recent Klan growth (the Klan has always fed off immigrant bashing) at least indicates that racism, background or otherwise, cannot be utterly dismissed in conversations about illegal or undocumented immigration.