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A law-practicing FBvian has had it with the Tollway. He vents:

After a one-month disaster that everyone who drives the Tollway to downtown saw coming, I wanted to feel good about NTTA’s decision to add zipcash to the Tollway, which has all but eliminated the traffic jams. Almost. For both days of zipcash (or whatever’s it’s called), there has been a trooper with his lights on, just sitting there in the service lane right as the Tollway reduces from three lanes to two, headed southbound in the morning. This causes everyone to slam on their brakes for no reason. I suppose they want people to slow down through the construction zone, but instead there is panicky braking creating danger and a traffic backup. They weren’t doing this with the trooper before the boneheaded Wycliff construction plan was implemented, so why now? It’s as if they’re so close to making full amends for their lousy plan, but can’t quite bring themselves to back off all the way and just let us drivers be happy. Kind of like “Yes you were right, and we were very, very wrong, but don’t forget we can still hose you anytime we feel like it.”

Please make it stop.