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Since we have now endured three stories from Belo about the Dallas Country Club, and Fingers of Fury misspelling it as the “Kountry Klub” (how cute), and Don Hill using the “controversy” to his political advantage, let us take a breather and examine the evidence. I just don’t see this as a big deal. Kneeland Youngblood will in all likelihood get in. The story that started the hype admitted as much in the fifth paragraph. Darrell Jordan has nothing to do with the application process, so why do we care about his membership in the DCC?

The fact that the DCC has no black members has, in my mind, more to do with black leaders in this city not wanting to hang out with honky back-slappers than it does with racism. If I were Ron Kirk–and I wish I were, I’ve seen the man’s house–the DCC would hold little appeal for me. You deal with these people all day. Why play golf with them on the weekend?

Lastly, Jordan belongs to a club. The club is not a church or a political party. It does not define Jordan’s worldview.