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As several FBvians have reported, and as seen by my very own eyes, Channel 5 has been teasing its “news” programs recently with deliberately mysterious questions asking “what is wrong” (or words to that effect) with weather guy David Finfrock. Leaving apart many of the larger possible answers, the teasers talk about his persistent on-air cough. Many of us, or at least me, were left wondering if Finfrock had some dire disease to be revealed, as promised by the station, on last night’s news. I was expecting to be all teary-eyed. Fortunately I was at Louie’s and missed it. But as our fair Laura reports this morning, having accidentally watched the revelation of David’s affliction–it was nothing more than cedar fever and a sinus infection. In other words, usual business for just about anyone in town this time of year who suffers from allergies. Seriously, that’s it. What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is going on over there? And why would the veteran Finfrock permit such a travesty? Are his ratings that low? Hype doesn’t even approach the build-up, nor revulsion the sense of being conned. O Sweeps Month, must we suffer so? (Answer: Yes. It is all good.)