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From a St. Edwards parishioner in old East Dallas:


This Sunday during our 12:00p.m. mass the father (Father Jesus) gave us the devastating and sad news that on Christmas Day thieves had come onto the church property and stole I believe three outside air units (church had recently purchased) and then to top it off the thieves (perhaps the same ones) came back on New years day) and stole the others. The damage they did will cost the church about 15,000 dollars….
My heart was truly breaking as he gave us the sad news. Not just for the community and church members but for the thieves…to think that they are so lost that they can even disrespect the Creator of life. I felt sad for all . I am a confirmation teacher there at Saint Edwards and I know how hard the church has worked to get these aircondidioners. You see just this past summer there was no air-conditioning because they were so old and did not work they were replaced with the new ones that now have been taken. Please let our community know what has happened. The church is located in a low income area and many here even walk to church because of lack of transportation. But their heart has true love for the church…We are not to far from downtown so you may be familiar with our area. We are down the street from the Dart Garage area on Haskell. Here is the phone number of the Church office they may not be in today but you can leave a message for Father Jesus to get the exact details. St. Edwards: 214-8231291