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One based on solid intel, the other not so much: 1) Mike started the weekend on Friday at the Old Monk. He was spotted by nearly the entire staff of D Magazine, sans Eric, who was busy dropping expensive electronics gear in faraway bathrooms (it’s true), and Nancy, who took her monkey paw into the field for more important pursuits. Mike was wearing a gimme cap and sitting with three unIDed gentlemen. The rest of the bar–including Laura, who kept threatening to walk by and “accidentally” stumble into his lap–pretended not to notice him. 2) Last night, while having an apres-dinner drink at the Central 214 bar, I overheard the bartendrix tell her co-worker, “I saw Mike Modano at Suite on Thursday. He was doing this.” She stuck her arms straight up in the air and kinda waved them back and forth slowly. Then she said, “Weird, huh?”

Update: More sightings after the jump.

From alert FBvians in the field. Says one:

He was at Suite Saturday night, in the super-VIP underground cave room. Wasn’t waving his hands in the air like he just don’t care, though.

Mayhap I misheard the bartendrix. She could have seen him Saturday and not Thursday, but that doesn’t explain the arms thing. From another:

He was also at Candle Room on Wednesday night from about 10:15-midnight. He was with at least one guy, possibly a bodyguard. He talked with some friends awhile, maybe had a drink or two. I know that was before the weekend, but apparently his injuries are not so severe! Gee, and the Stars are playing how??? Oh wait, they’ve dropped some games that should have been closer! If we had a bigger scorer and playmaker in the lineup, I think these games would have had different endings. Ahem, Modano…

And a question from a curious FBvian:

Has anyone seen him with his fiancee in Dallas? Is she living in Dallas now?