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If you haven’t been keeping up with l’affair Gheen, search this site for his name. Essentially, though, to get you up to speed: he posted Rod’s entire story on his site. I called him and asked him to remove it. The conversation didn’t go well. And I told him I loved him–which caused him to wonder on his site whether saying “love you” was some sort of liberal catchprase, like “Talk to the hand.” I am not making this up.

Okay, so here’s the letter our lawyers sent him. Those of you waiting for Don Templin’s snarkiness might be disappointed. Instead, Jeffrey Becker wrote the note. What it lacks in snark it makes up for with sheer educationosity. I, for instance, learned something about “spoliation of evidence.” Nice!

And here’s Gheen’s response:

Mr. Becker:

Please inform DMagazine and your exceptionally rude client Tim that we will be removing most of the article contents from our site.

Also, be advised that your letter’s description of our legal position in this matter and the precedent case involving the Free Republic website is way off the mark from our actual legal position in this matter. While I would enjoy an opportunity to correct you in court, the time and resources involved are just not cost effective.

What we have decided to do is to retain some of the contents of the article for our website fully cited with our rebuttal to the article and the hostile reaction of D Magazine to our placement of the material on our website.

We have the right as Americans to issue our full opinion of D Magazine and this article and while your clients will not be very appreciative of our opinions on this matter, they will soon be viewed by a very large audience.

Please thank them for us as we do appreciate their recent efforts to illustrate for us things that we feel indicate their political positions by the threatening, rude, and antagonistic way they have handled this matter.

We have a clearer picture of the political views and demeanor of those we are dealing with and will now consider them political adversaries on this issue worthy of our attentions.

Should you decide to proceed with your legal challenges once we make our changes to the content on the site we have already decided to make, then we will divert our time and money to making the legal example we are prepared to make in this incident.


William Gheen