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Tim, guess we were on the same path just now. But re the cell phone, let me share with anyone interested what happens if your cell phone is stolen. Hint: you’ll be buying a new one.

My cell phone was in the purse that got jacked yesterday. When my daughter figured out what had happened, she immediately called the cell phone and one of the IDIOTS answered. She told him that he and crew had been videotaped and were going to get caught, at which point he hung up. I tried calling the number after that but the phone seemed to have been turned off.

The police gave us a report number to get a replacement cell phone. I took it to Cingular’s shop at Casa Linda hoping to get a new phone. I was referred to the 800 corporate number, where I was told that I didn’t have “insurance” (whaaa?) on the phone, which would have run $4.95 a month had I either known about it or take it. Bottom line: best I could get was a discount that would still have cost me $150 for the same phone.

Another Cingular store had a Nokia basic for about $100, but one of the kind folks at Casa Linda told me about the “go” phones Cingular has at Wal-Mart. I picked up a Sony-Erikson, basic but just fine, for about $40, and Cingular simply re-activated my sim card from my current account (which keeps getting billed whether you have a phone or not). I was able to keep the same number, since the stolen phone sim card was immediately deactivated.

Now I’m back in cell business, although I have to figure out what all the little keys and shortcuts on this one do. I always love that. A lot.

But it could have been worse.