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Our God-fearing buddy Rod Dreher is no longer the editor of the Sunday Points section in the News. Below, he explains how and why it happened. (Seriously? Sixty-hour weeks?)

[It was] a mutually agreed-upon move to make my life saner. There’s a reason you never see me at the Monk, or anywhere else on weekday evenings: I’m at work. I was putting in 10- to 12-hour days, every single day, and had been doing so since we launched the section. I was getting to see my kids for about an hour in the evenings before their bedtime. And it was grinding me down.

In early December, Julie [his wife] said to me that she asked our oldest if he wanted to go out for soccer next year, and he said yes–but then she realized that I could never, ever come to practice or help out in any way, because I was always at the office. Here I was the guy who wrote a book about how we should do our best to arrange our lives to put family and friends first, not job, and I was–a hypocrite. I was getting creeped out by hearing “Cat’s in the Cradle” playing in the soundtrack of my head.

Besides which, I wasn’t getting to do much writing, which is what I’m best at.

So Keven [Ann Willey, editorial page editor], Viewpoints editor Sharon Grigsby, and I worked out an arrangement last week. The Points section will continue under Sharon’s leadership (she’s still doing Viewpoints), with me having a lot of input on the content of the section, though make no mistake, it will be her section. I’ll have a regular column in Points, and will be doing longer pieces for the section, as well as writing more editorials. Best of all, I’m getting home now in time actually to have a family life, and to start doing things at my church and in the community if I want to. I loved editing the Points section, but those kids of mine have to come first. Seriously, I’m really fortunate to work for Keven, who was willing to accommodate me.

It’s predictable, I guess, given the anxious atmosphere over here for people to assume that there was some sort of conspiracy afoot that made its move, and I’ve fallen out of favor, yadda yadda. [I’d heard Rod was “bounced” and asked if the move was voluntary.] Nothing could be further from the truth. I appreciate you asking me about it. And you have to stand me a Chimay one of these days soon.

I had to look up that usage of “stand.” Rod is fancy. Comes from working in New York, I guess. Anyway, yes, soon. Chimay TK.