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This e-mail just hit my inbox:

Talk about old timers! Last night I attended a private poker tourney (benefiting the Oak Hill Academy, private school for children with learning differences and/or ADD/ADHD) with the NHL Alumni Association at Park Place Maserati. If you’re up on Hockey Hall of Famers, you might recognize a few of these guys: Johnny Bower, Gerald Diduck, Dave Schultz, Reed Larsen, Pat Verbeck, Ron Duguay, Mark Napier. Before the start of the poker tournament they sang the national anthem (US anthem that is). Then someone broke out in a few bars of O Canada. There were a lot of maple leafs adorning jackets and lapels.

Oh my best friend will be so happy to know that hottie Ron Duguay is in town! And I’m sorry to admit that I could rattle off the number each one of those players wore. Johnny “The China Wall” Bower? He was a goalie who never wore a mask! Has anyone seen the best goalie ever to play for the the bleu, blanc et rouge? Maybe Jane Fonda can play me when they cast the movie On Frozen Pond and I can sucker kiss my favorite hero.