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Tired of the topic yet? I’m not because you, the FB Nation, keeps it alive. Several more people getting my virtual back on Lincoln Center on Northwest Highway being top spot for worst lot. Several viable contenders after the jump.

From a supportive FrontBurnervian:

You’re right, Adam — that’s definitely Top 5. When I go there now, I don’t even mess with it. I just head for the West side of the lot, which trickles over into parking for that small office building, and park there and hoof it to wherever I’m headed. It’s legal, and it saves me the stress of dealing with all that you wrote about. Or, if I’m going to Cheesecake Factory or another restaurant there, I nut it up and pay for valet.

From a list-making FrontBurnervian:

1. Casa View , too narrow, lots of traffic, people backing out, going to fast
2. Tom Thumb/ mockingbird and Abrams, weird angles, not enough spaces, lctsj (luxury car two space jerks)
3. lbj freeway


Considering novices, intermediates, Type A drivers, late travelers, taxi drivers, and shuttle buses, as well as configuration and placing info signs only at the very forks in the roads……I’d say DFW beats everything. I’ve been driving out there all my life and still get lost or forced in a wrong direction at least 20% of the time.

Ah, but infrequent use for some of us keeps it low on the list.

A close second is the parking lot at Knox and Central for Pei-wei.

Yep. Pot Belly, too.

No way is the Medallion Target parking lot as bad as the Crate & Barrel, Chilis, Pottery Barn parking lot over on Knox! I’ll agree that the post-remodel checkout situation isn’t the greatest, but at least you don’t have to cram your car into a tiny little space. Plus, there are plenty of spaces on the NW Highway side, assuming you’re not too lazy to walk a little bit.

BTW, do parking garages count? If so, the garage at West Village is awful. When I drove my little Honda Civic, I had a hard time fitting into the spaces there. And the two-way traffic up and down those ramps is an accident waiting to happen.

Parking garages is a whole separate headache. Maybe we’ll focus our efforts on them next week.

For sheer danger and frustration, there’s nothing like the garage beneath the Trammell Crow building on Ross.


Lakewood Shopping Center. Across from Lakewood CC. The parking lot that backs up to Carrabba’s Restaurant and my beloved Yoga Power.

It. Is. Awful.

I’ll hafta trust you on that.

I’m a little late but I’d like to throw in the North Dallas Tollway. Since construction has started on the entrance at Wycliffe, it is now a complete parking lot. Plus you have to pay.

Another good’un.

Thanks, everyone.