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Rod, I just hung up with a William Gheen, who is in charge of that website you and Wick reference below. I asked him to remove your article from their site. At which point he launched into a long-winded and tiresome jibber-jabbery about how his organization was at the leading edge of forming a repository of all content relevant to this “crisis” and how free speech and blah, blah, blah. I tried, as politely as I could, to tell him I wasn’t terribly interested. If they take your article–every word of it–and post it on their site, that ain’t free speech; it’s theft. William said he’d take my request under advisement. Then it got ugly.

“Listen, William, if you don’t take it down, I’ve got to get lawyers involved, which costs money, and that’ll piss me off,” I said. (Side note: my 1-year-old didn’t sleep well last night, and I’m cranky today.)

“Well, I can tell by your attitude that I’ll see you in court,” he said. Words to that effect. Not sure if he said “attitude” or not, but he definitely said something about seeing me in court.

“Fine,” I said. “Love you.” And then I hung up.

So that’s the first time this week I’ve told a strange man I love him right before I called our attorney to threaten that same man.