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The FrontBurner Nation is wise and helpful. After the jump, we learn much, including the fact that the Museum of Nature and Science didn’t have to rent the exhibit:

First, a law-practicing FBvian tackles the economics of staging such an exhibit:

If the exhibit is that crowded, it means that the museum is not charging enough. There is clearly a higher ticket price that would maximize revenue and provide a better viewing experience for those who choose to pay the higher price. If you’re concerned that higher prices would exclude lower-income people (who would rather spend their money on significantly higher-priced sporting events and cigarettes), then you could reserve one night per week and charge a lower price. Everyone wins.

To that I would add that I know plenty of rich people who smoke. (Think flaming, spinning bow tie.)

Next up is a Belo-employed FBvian who points out that the museum splits the take on ticket sales and souvenirs. The paper tells us so. In that light, I guess the museum is being even more greedy by pushing so many people through the exhibit. Murmur.

Next up is a picture-taking FBvian who confirms that the weekend is not the time to see the exhibit:

I was at the Science Place last week with my sons school, We went for the Magic School Bus. We were there most of the day. There was only one cashier open at the Body show and throughout the day I saw only a few people going in. I asked someone who works there when would be a good time to go and she said anytime during the week and to avoid the weekends at all costs. A friend of mine went on a Tuesday and she said it was not crowded at all, and she had a pleasant experience. Another buddy went on a Friday and had a good time, no crowd. It’s kinda like shopping at
NorthPark: if you want service, never go on the weekends.

But wait. There’s more. Another FBvian tells us that buying tickets online isn’t fool-proof:

I tried to go this weekend as well. I had bought tickets online, which I thought would help since you had to plan for every 15 minutes. [Ed: you buy a ticket for a specific time to view the exhibit.] I had my tickets, arrived on time, and it was still crowded. Apparently, they were letting people in even if they were late for their time. And buying the tickets online, that was nightmare. If you select one time and it is sold out, you can’t just select the next available time. You have to start over. So, I am not impressed with exhibit or the way it was handled. It was small, cramped, and definitely not worth $21.

Hang on! More! This fashionable eyewear-wearing FBvian says the show was wonderful:

Sent my in-laws over there last week with my 25 year old daughter. They said it was crowded but so awesome my daughter wants to return. They ought to take the smoker’s lungs to high schools. She said it was pretty scary. Do you think the pregnant woman will be good birth control?

Um. I guess you had to be there.