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A very clever FrontBurnervian imagines how Byron Harris will edit our interview. Genius:

Harris: Is D’s Best Doctors scientific? Not in the least. Just ask D’s executive editor, Tim Rogers.

Tim: Scientific? I’ll leave that to those who work at a higher pay grade.

Harris: That’s right, the man behind the trusted list that many Dallas residents use to determine which medical provider they will entrust with the care of their family admits that it’s nothing more than a magazine money-making scheme.

Tim: Of course! That’s what we do! Sell magazines! Make money!

Harris: Rogers said he believes the system D magazine uses is, quote, “valid.” The magazine ballots from around 9 percent of the area’s 11,000 physicians, and then consults a panel of anonymous doctors who hand pick the winners. Winners that include some medical practitioners–such as podiatrists–that aren’t even doctors.

Tim: You’re saying we should call it “Best Doctors and Podiatrists in Dallas”? That’s kind of wordy for the cover, but I’ll consider it.

Harris: Wordy maybe, but at least accurate. And accuracy is what Preston Hollow resident Jane Smith wishes she had had.

Smith: That podiatrist didn’t even realize my son’s foot was covered in gangrene.

Harris: Byron Harris, Channel 8 news.