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The Quorum Report’s Harvey Kronberg has the scoop on why Pitts failed and Craddick prevailed. Read on:

1/9/07 7:35 pm
One linchpin folded and the hand collapsed

A serious candidate for speaker always claims they have it in the bag and this cycle was no different.

But events of the last few hours belie how close Jim Pitts came to unseating incumbent speaker Tom Craddick.

Throughout the weekend, our sources tell us the Craddick folks were working furiously to lock down their “floaters” but it was not a done deal. The Austin Club episode did not change that reality.

This reporter received a call from the Pitts team early this morning asking us to standby because they wanted to QR to announce a press conference that included five current chairmen including three Republicans and two Democrats who were ready to bolt.

But as we understood it, the deal between the five was all or none.

The five chairs would have been sufficient to put Pitts over the top, but more importantly, it would have brought a substantial number of other members on board who were ready to bolt.

One of the chairs asked for an additional hour before authorizing the presser. When he touched base again, he told Pitts he was off the program. With that one vote shift, the deal with other four chairmen collapsed and the linchpin for the final push over the finish line was done.

Copyright January 9, 2007 by Harvey Kronberg,, All rights are reserved