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A helpful FrontBurnervian passes along this knowledge:

From what I know, the UD library plans are pretty spectacular and the main reason why they were able to stay in the competition for so long. It integrates the Trinity River up by California Crossing into the design, and utilizes the university’s large, raw land holdings. Interesting point, the university administration didn’t initiate the application process, that was done by some alumni who are architects and designed the plan on their own initiative and shipped it to the university. Not to say the admin. didn’t get entirely behind the process once it fell in their laps.

It is a shame UD is out of running. First of all, you wouldn’t have all this prof. bickering – they are mature enough to realize that something like the Hoover Institute on campus is a bonus no matter what political camp you fall into. Secondly, Irving-based UD’s site was, ironically, the only site actually in Dallas (which may be why Laura Miller through her support behind it). It sits on the boarder between Dallas and Irving and in proximity to a seedy strip of Northwest Highway in Dallas that could really use a face-lift, unlike the SMU site, which will be entirely in the Park Cities.