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Today’s forecast-bashing is right on. It happens every year–even multiple times in a year–and yet the TV weather people get away with it. Why? Because a little abuse is the only downside to what has to be the cushiest job on the planet. Consider the following: to be a TV weatherman,
1. You do not have to have any knowledge or opinions of your own. All you do is wake up in the morning and log on here and download your forecast from the experts. Let your fancy graphics do the rest.
2. You do not have to be good-looking, unless you’re a woman (in which case it helps to be a smokin’ hot babe).
3. You certainly don’t need much personality, or a good wardrobe.
4. You get to be wrong ALL THE TIME and still keep your job.

Finally, do you ever see a weatherman quit? Ever? No. These guys know they have achieved employment nirvana, and are laughing all the way to the bank. “Ice storm?” Gimme a break.