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I took my family to see the “Body Worlds” exhibit Sunday after church (because I’m so totally holy). If you plan to attend, follow the jump:

Buy your tickets online. Don’t just show up and expect to get in. The thing sells out almost every day, from what I heard. We got there at around 1:30 and got the last tickets for the day. As I was loitering on the front steps, waiting for our alloted viewing time, I saw one little girl leave in tears because she got there after they’d sold out. Shoulda seen how I taunted her.

Bring your money. $21 for adults. $13 for children. So not cheap.

Don’t bring your strollers. The exhibit is crazy-crowded. Strollers make navigation difficult.

Which brings me to my main point: the Museum of Nature and Science has gotten greedy with this exhibit. See here. I know it must cost a bunch to rent the exhibit from its owners. The museum has to make its money back. And when you’ve got a blockbuster going, squeezing everything you can out of it means you can afford to do other things the rest of the year. I understand. But if you’re going to charge me $21 to look at taxidermied people, with their muscles all flayed out like cheap brisket, I want to have uninterrupted time to stand and gawk and ponder.

Like: “All those nerves and blood vessels and muscles. Each of us. Just beneath the skin, we’re the same. And so wonderfully complicated that, having come from church, it’s hard to imagine it all just happened by chance. Except, of course, it did. Right?”

Not: “Son of bitch, I just hit that guy with my stroller. I wish that lady would move so I could see the lungs of the smoker. And, boy, all these halogen lights on the exhibits really heat up this place. I’m sweating. Do I stink?”

Seriously. It was way too crowded to be enjoyable. I felt claustrophobic and had to rush through in about 40 minutes, instead of the hour and half they recommend.

I asked The Boy what he thought of it. He’s 7. My sentiments pretty much follow his. He said, “It was good. But I didn’t like having to be patient with the people.”