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The Film School at Unfair Park has posted a cool, memory-inducing item about the sets from Logan’s Run, the so-bad-it’s-good 1976 sci fi film about a futuristic society in which everyone over 30 (like, Farah Fawcett) gets zapped. So happens I was associate director of the nascent Texas Film Commission when the movie was shot, mostly in Dallas. Also there was the TFC’s second director, Diane Booker, who took over from Warren Skaaren, the founder of the TFC and later Austin-based screenwriter for Hollywood blockbusters like Top Gun and Beetlejuice, before he died far too young of cancer.

Diane and I (she’s now a judge in California) schlepped producer Saul David, director Michael Anderson, and the stars and crew around and negotiated several locations, from the old disco Oz to the Zale building to the Apparel Mart.

The most awkward part was helping find extras for the “Love Shop” scene at Oz.

Most naive was my trying to advise Anderson on what I considered plot lapses in the script (“Hmm,” he replied politely.)

Most I’m-sorry-to-be-amused was watching Byron, the production manager and budget-meister, squirming at a restaurant in the Fairmont over the menus for about a dozen people. His was the only one without prices. Yes, it was a very big tab.

Best line ever was actor Richard Jordan, flirting with babe-ish Diane, explaining that his father was Robert Jordan in For Whom The Bell Tolls.