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You know what the east side of Dallas is hungry for? Development. A Lake Highlands-residing FrontBurnervian notes that help is on the way, he still wants more, after the jump:

You guys near Casa Linda have it great compared to us Lake Highlands folk. Seen the shopping center at Walnut Hill and Audelia lately? It makes Casa Linda look like the West Village. At least Casa Linda has a Chili’s. And Alfonso’s is just down Buckner from there. The Lake Highlands Mi Cocina is packed every night because it’s the only nice place to eat in the neighborhood. The good news is a developer has finally committed to a Mockingbird Station-style development around a planned DART station at Walnut Hill and Skillman. With this and the renovation of Casa Linda, developers are finally recognizing that people with families and discretionary incomes don’t just live in the ‘burbs. It will be nice to see Northeast/East Dallas retail defined as something other than a dollar store.