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Yes, as Nancy said, I did have dinner last night at Bob’s. It was really the guys I was with that were salivating for steaks that led us to dine last-minute at Bob’s. A quick phone call assured us that the restaurant was indeed open for service, after being closed for two weeks. And although the back of the booth’s were covered by tablecloth’s instead of cushion’s, and the fresh scent of varnish was still in the air, you would never have known Bob’s was ever up in flames. Many familiar faces came out to support the re-opening of the Dallas hot-spot. Amongst the masses of meat-loving men (and a few women) were Bobby Minyard, Tristan Simon, Matt Martinez (which I hear, thanks to him and his public insurance adjusting firm Bob’s was able to recover from the damage of the fire so quickly), Kevin Summers, The Ticket’s Norm Hitzges (allegedly Rod’s old roommate), Blake Andrews, and Eddie Cervantes.
Food was good, service was superb, wine was flowing, and the scene was booming.
From the looks of it Bob’s is once again the happening place to be.