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A game-attending FBvian has this recap of the halftime show, which he says is the worst he’s seen in 25 years. Good stuff:

I’ve been going to games for over 25 years, and I’ve seen no shortage of terrible halftimes. But this one was the worst of all, hands down.

The first problem was that the cheerleader Christmas “spectacle” thing started too late because they crammed the ridiculous annual Huggies baby crawling race in beforehand. Since the Christmas spectacle thing started too late, the players for both teams returned to the field well before the end of the show – maybe about halfway through. The Saints in particular had problems (I was sitting behind their bench) because there were about a zillion little girls taking part in the halftime in shifts, with the Saints’ sideline serving as the holding pen for each group of girls. So when the players returned to the field, they found their bench flooded with multitudes of young girls [ed: we should all have that problem, unless these girls were minors, in which case ignore that joke]. The chaos did create some comical moments, as the kickers/punters/QBS for both teams tried to find space on the field amidst all the dancing/gyrating to try and warm up. I’m not sure the choreography intended for large NFL players to be kicking and throwing in the middle of the thing. It’s not uncommon to see punters and kickers warming up around the conclusion of the halftime show, but this was pretty bad and disrespectful to the players.

The second problem was the pyrotechnics. It was completely unnecessary and there was too much. The cloud of smoke was so thick you couldn’t see the field at all for several minutes. Al Michaels was right – it was nonsense.

The final problem was that the show completely sucked a–.