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The everywoman hamburger chef was in town last night, and a (former) car-selling FBvian was there. He files the following report:

In a nutshell, she was having a book signing at the Borders Books at 6 PM. Some people got there the night before. I mean, she’s REALLY cute and all, but I don’t know that I would camp out for 24 hours. But I digress.

CBS 11 (Home of Sarah Kunkle) was having a small private cocktail party for her and some advertisers at 5:30 at Cantina Laredo across the street. Unfortunately, her plane coming out of Seattle was late and she finally arrived at Borders at 6:20. The cocktail party got canceled but the drinks were free and the appetizers delicious.

They moved the private party to the back room of Borders. When she got there, she rushed in, said hi to the Channel 11 clients, we all got a picture with her. She is VERY cute, very bubbly, and very short. She also now has her hair extremely dark. No highlights like you normally see.

Cute moment of the night was when my wife and got up for our picture, I wasn’t sure if she wanted one of us on each side of her, or both to one side. The mystery was solved when she flashed that cute smile at me and said, “Alright, make a panini!” You’d expect no less.